Granny Babysitter Avoids Jail Despite Horrific Video Showing Her Batter Boy

In another case of child abuse, a babysitter was caught on film savagely dropping, slapping and yanking a 21 month-old baby boy, but has so far avoided jail.
Glenda Hammons, 81, was handed five years deferred adjudication at the start of this month. In other words, there will be no jail sentence or criminal record if she sticks to the terms of her probation.
The Texan mother of the child is said to be devastated at the light sentencing. Wishing to remain anonymous, she told KWTX:
“They told us she won’t even have to tell anybody ever.
“It won’t be like she’s a convicted felon, it won’t be like anyone will ever know she hurt our baby.”
The father of the toddler added:
“We knew she was an old lady, we knew, ya know, the way people looked at her was going to be different than it was.

But we thought with the video evidence, with the fact that it was pretty much an open and shut case, that (the punishment) would be more severe.”
The sickening footage showed Hammons dropping the toddler around two-feet onto the floor of her home. She is also seen hoisting the toddler into the air by one of his feet before dragging him across the room. The footage also showed her slapping the child across the back of his neck.
Hammons gave no clear reason why she injured the youngster in such a way.
The prosecutor’s spokesman, Tom Needham, said the light sentence was agreed by a jury and that she would unlikely be convicted to prison if she faced trial.
Needham stated that due to the boy not suffering any visible injuries or sustained permanent damage to his health, the level of prosecution was limited.
 However, Hammons may still face harsher sentencing, with a judge set to formally determine appropriate punishments in a scheduled hearing for August 21.


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