Graphic Photos: Naked Teacher tries to Rape Student at a High School in China


In a bizarre incident, a 30-year-old teacher stripped naked and tried to rape a female student in broad daylight, in full view of at least six other shocked students. According to Chinese media, Hou, a laboratory caretaker at Taiping Middle School in South China’s Guangxi province, tried to force himself on a teenage girl during the lunch break. As the victim screamed for help, other teachers intervened and freed the terrified girl. After the incident, the police were called; Hou was detained and was sent to the hospital for treatment. The traumatized student suffered no physical injuries.

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The Publicity Department of Lingshan County said Hou has a suspected mental illness and received treatment in 2011 for psychotic episodes, however after two years he was declared fit to return to work.

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    • human nature. When something this bizarre happens, people don’t tend to react straight away. People are confused and not sure what to do. At least people were not standing around filming it on their phones..

    • u think that they look veiwers they loo k like television to them that man is forcing her to do it it is just a school girl

  1. From the pictures, it doesn’t look as if anyone tried to stop him. People (probably students) are standing around looking, but not one get close. Surely it took more than a few seconds for him to pull off all his clothes and get naked. You would think that people would have tried to stop him

    • Pfft these gooks are a new breed as if they want to stop a top story to tell their friends its disgusting its wrong honestly these people can be the nicest of people but alot of them are messed up in the head and have no idea of what real life is, hideing behind hello kitty.

    • By looking at the position all the people are in, the pictures are in a less than one minute time frame. In all fairness, it would have shocked the shit out of me and would have taken a couple minutes to process what was going on. It doesn’t show a long enough range of time to say no one tried to help.

    • Its called the bystander effect or something. It is natural for us to not want to interfere for our own safety, but if one person manages to break out of that state, others will also realise and then join in. So if you every encounter a situation like this, could be a snatch thief, a bully, anything, act and it will all be different

      • Not at all!! What a spineless gay bullshit answer! Just smack him over the head with a baseball bat or similar!

  2. i don’t see the news in this. happend in less then 3 minutes. and he is just a ill man, and needs treatment. no need to send pictures all over the internet, this attention seeking form hq to get more viewers. disappointed to see anonhq seeking more clicks for a story not worth mentioning. get the real deal and real information on the table (internet) thats worth mentioning. wealth distrubuting, financial sector scandals, human right issues.ect. greeting supporter of knowlegde. spread information that matters.

  3. Obviously no one here thought about the laws in China. Mostly all males, look at the pictures, all males. I would say desire to reproduce, or blur ball, seriously.

  4. Am I the only one noticing that the bottom 2 pics are exactly the same. And why is everyone wearing the same clothes? This pic don’t look like all it’s cracked up to be. It’s only showing 2 time lines and it looks photo shopped!!!

    • Really??? “Why is everyone wearing the same clothes?” That’s your ‘concerned’ question? That’s what tips you off?…

      …it’s a school! Most schools nowadays have uniforms or dress codes. I’m more concerned about the rebellious dude in the red shirt and what his punishment might be.

  5. It’s probably something as simple as the pupil (might even be a lad) stole something from the locker room while the naked guy was in the shower and was chased out. Looks like the naked guy is trying to retrieve something rather than a sexual assault taking place.


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