The Gulf Had Another Large Oil Leak, Did You Hear About It?


If I told you there was another major oil leak that just happened from another pipe in the Gulf of Mexico, again, how many of you actually heard about it? I certainly didn’t until just a few days ago and everyone I have talked to since had no idea as well.

The spill in question started more than a month ago. As has been reported, to date, the oil spill released “90,000 gallons of oil coming from a Shell flow line and taking up over 13 miles of of ocean off of Louisiana” – that they can actually track. Get this, “the leak was first noticed by a helicopter on May 12” and as recently as just two weeks ago, “not yet fully been contained.

In statements about the matter, Michael Brune, the Sierra Club’s executive director, the company responsible for the leaks said that oil spills are “par for the course” in this line of work – thus to be expected. He was also quoted as expressing his disregard for care in the matter saying that “we have allowed the region to be perpetually treated as a sacrifice zone.” Profits to him, like many, outweigh any damage they are doing to the environment.

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  1. thanks for sharing…I hadn’t seen this. What I wish we had information on was ALL the election contributions by the oligarchs…to whom, how much, how was it distributed (like through a charity so it can be hidden). I’d like to know everytime these oligarchs (here and foreign) pay our government to have a law written for them to their profit and the workers of the world detriment. I’d like to know of every American who is part of the Panama Papers. I’m 73 yo grandma, helping to raise my grandchildren, and not tech savvy. I’d also like to see all the income tax reports for every major financial institution and company. I read 83 Lies and Retirement Heist…it’s devastating what these corporations and financial institutions are doing to everyday workers and retirees.


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