Hamburger Chef, Jamie Oliver: “McDonald’s Burgers Are For Dogs, Not For Humans.”


The British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has proven that a McDonald’s burger is meant for dogs and not for human beings, mostly due to the preparation process.

The media personality, known for his food-focused television shows, cookbooks and more recently his global campaign for better food, has been battling one of the leading fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s, for using chemicals and fats unfit for human consumption in preparing their burgers.

McDonald’s has finally agreed to change its process of preparing these burgers, but let me ask you this, did you hear any of the mainstream media making noise over this great change Oliver has brought about? Well as usual, the media is simply protecting its selfish advertising interests, so why would they dare bite the hand that feeds them? (Pun intended.)

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In the past, Oliver has repeatedly explained to the public in documentaries, television shows and interviews that the fatty parts of the beef are ‘washed’ in ammonium hydroxide and used in the filling of the burger. Because of this method used by McDonald’s, the food is unfit for human consumption and Oliver confidently described it as, “a product that would be sold in the cheapest way for dogs, and after this process, is being given to human beings.”

Health experts say the ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health and could cause serious complications in humans. Oliver coined this method used by McDonald’s as ‘the pink slime process’ and asked, “Why would any sensible human being put meat filled with ammonia in the mouths of their children?”

Apart from the issue of using ammonium hydroxide, the actual meat that is used is also said to be of very low quality.

In one of his colorful demonstrations, Oliver shows children how nuggets are made. After selecting the best parts of the chicken, the remains (fat, skin and internal organs) are then processed for these fried foods.

Due to this activism by Oliver, McDonald’s Franchise Officer in Latin America, Arcos Dorados, has said such a procedure is not practiced in their region. The same, it should be noted, applies to the product in Ireland and the UK, where they use meat from local suppliers. In the United States, Burger King and Taco Bell had already abandoned the use of ammonia in their products.

The food industry uses ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent in meats, which has even allowed McDonald’s to use otherwise low-quality meat in addition to the harmful chemical. The most frightening part is that lots of people in the US do not know that this chemical is in their food, as they keep patronizing the establishment out of ignorance.

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Whether McDonald’s has indeed stopped using said chemical or not, and since there is no effective regulation to monitor their activities for the public good, you will have to be your own judge to avoid eating foods that could send you to the hospital one day.


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      • Seriously? I’m sick of you grammar bullies trying to make people feel bad about themselves. No ine paid you to edit their paper. If that’s what your true calling is, get off your high horse and go become an English teacher.

        • ^ ome* lol and sorry, if you cant spell isn’t or one or island, then you should feel bad for yourself, because you are fucking stupid.

          • As an ex-teacher, I see,and receive, many posts from former students. I always point out grammatical errors they make, together with spelling and punctuation , in the hope of continuing to improve their communication skills. However, always “privately” NEVER in an open forum. Hopefully, “Anon” will try to improve.

          • Perhaps they are entering their comment via a phone or a tablet. As someone with big thumbs can attest to, this can be a daunting process in terms of correct spelling. Of course, this does not make up for using the incorrect words such as “then” when you mean to say “than.”

        • Anon deserves to have every part of himself and his incredibly narrow minded and dim witted comment scrutinised. He not only does deserve his grammar and spelling to be corrected but deserves a slap to. One that I would happily give him myself being an ‘Island Monkey’……

          • cam, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander…..
            (used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from): They came to the house

            to an excessive extent or degree; beyond what is desirable, fitting, or right: too sick to travel.

          • I can’t believe the majority of the comments are regarding his (I assume it’s a he, it’s usually us males who come out with crap) grammar, as opposed to the point he ignorantly and almost painfully makes. Poor grammar is more than excusable, being a small-minded, ignorant bell-end shouldn’t be.

        • Oh the irony……! Assume you meant no-one rather than no ine…..! Yeah grammar bullies so much worse than McD poisoning people….so go get yourself another 5 Big Macs little (probably big) lady….

        • So just ignore the guy who calls British people “iland monkeys” who don’t have cooking skills. The spelling and grammar of a person often indicates how smart they are. If you can’t spell the word island, you don’t get to make stupid remarks about the entire population of a country.

          • The way people are talking about other is also an indicator about their intelligence. And you guys who get easily provocated by things like this actually aren’t smarter than ppl who can’t spell correctly. Not everyone is born in UK or other english tongued Countrys and not everyone is speaking perfect english, im sure you arent perfect in that language either, im german and im sure i cant speak german 100% correctly.

            Fact: you aren’t smarter just ’cause you can spell 2 words correctly. Keep your “Statistic” in your mind and don’t fck ppl up with that dumbness.

          • Yeah…I don’t think grammar is the most important thing to take from this article. How about McDonald’s putting ammonia in food!! How about the “pink slime” process to create food mostly consumed by kids? Could there be a link between this and rising occurrences of cancer in children??

        • The fact that you can even say that in defense for someone who so ignorantly states that it’s impossible for a certain group of people to have a high level of cooking because of where they’re from is just asinine and embarrassing.

        • Shut the hell up with defending the “anon” person when they clearly just insulted the whole of the UK. Get off your high horse and read the situation better you socially retarded twat.

        • Tracey, just because you didn’t think a proper education was important when you had the chance, stop whining about it when others are more educated than you are!

        • Tracey, grammar and spelling are obvious indicators, not only of intellect and education, but of how much time and effort you’ve put in to making your point. If you can’t be bothered to proof read what you’ve written, not just for grammar and spelling, but to ensure you didn’t say something illogical or stupid, why would you expect other people to read your thoughts?

          Why would you expect someone who may have a college degree and likely spends his time thinking about high level topics to read your scratch, written with the intellect, grammar or maturity of a seven-year-old? We have better things to do than read poorly written verbal ejaculate.

        • Yes, but what is your intension to post statements?
          I guess you want to share something with people and
          if they cant understand you because you spell your
          words you fell asleep on the keyboard none will
          and if there are people like me with english as not
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          and if nobody understands you, your words are worthless

        • If you’re going to take the piss out of someone or a country at least spell properly. It’s like when you you’re taking a piss out of someone face to face and you stutter. GAME OVER

        • Hey you stupid jerks, the article was about Burgers. Bunch of dumb a– people. Rob whom is an Ex teacher not former, means he probably got fired in a McDonalds for groping an old lady in a wheelchair.

        • Firstly, I personally think Jamie Oliver is fat-tongued mockney twat, cheerfully taking money to slap his ugly face on substandard products to exploit the buying public and doing anything and everything to remain in the public eye – which is what has happened here; but please, don’t assume he represents British people in general.

          Secondly, when you say ‘high level cooking’ I’m assuming you are referring to a degree of expertise rather than the elevation at which food is prepared, but whichever the case, I can assure you that British people are generally excellent judges of creative cuisine and are regularly dined and sated to a standard that most Americans cannot hope to be, despite the pleasure Americans take in denigrating British cuisine; but then a little dog often yaps at its betters.

          McDonalds burgers are appalling. There is no excuse for it. The burger has a long history that began with the Tartars popping a hunk of meat under their horse’s saddle to both cook and cure it throughout the day’s riding, thus preparing their meal without the need of a campfire, the smoke from which would alert enemies to their presence. After being adopted by Germanic tribes who modified it using seasoning and chopped meat (which also led to the sausage), it became more popular and moved further West. It is, in fact, a British cookery book printed before the United States was even conceived that first describes a recipe for the burger as we know it today. It isn’t until the earlier part of the nineteenth century that it was recorded in America, being a popular starter in upmarket New York restaurants. It wasn’t until the Spirit of St Louis where it was reduced to being sold as street food, that it was slapped between two slices of French baguette so that customers did not need a plate to eat their snack which would then also have to be washed up, and the idea was so popular that the burger in a bun was born, and a little over two decades later franchised restaurants began the slow, torturous route to the type of burger that McDonalds now sells today.

          Being a British person who clearly has greater knowledge of the subject matter than you (and, for the record, resents being arrogantly characterised as an island monkey by someone who, judging by the attitude, ignorance, and quality of prose above, is obviously intensely intellectually stunted and yet holds himself in great esteem for some reason that I fear will never be adequately quantified), let me assure you that the British were enjoying burgers for hundreds of years before Americans had ever heard of them, and, whilst McDonalds certainly has a foothold in the UK just as it does elsewhere, we are perfectly capable of discerning between McDonalds burgers and real food, regardless of the altitude at which we choose to prepare our meaty goodness.

          • I agree with almost everything you expose about the history and criticism of McDonald’s products, but as well as all of you are offended because someone, maybe a stupid kid called all British people “island monkeys” (a childish and pathetic insult) I’m just jaded of read and listen every English speaker using the name of a continent like demonym of the inhabitants of the United States of America.

            I’m Chilean and my country is in America, so I am also an American.
            That is a real idiomatic insult to the dozens of countries who shape what you once called the “New World”.

            Please, if people in USA don’t even know how to called themselves because they have no identity, at least you, as Europeans should avoid the ignorance they promote without even noticing.

            Cheers and good luck.

        • Yes, seriously. Adopting a superior attitude to an entire nation whilst displaying arrogance, ignorance, and an inability to express themselves adequately in their mother tongue makes them fair game for abuse and ridicule, don’t you think? I also don’t consider it bullying to point out that someone who can’t spell, and has no concept of grammar or syntax or even where to use capital letters should probably not be choosing the written word as a medium to promulgate small-minded, ignorant, xenophobic prejudices.

          And for the record, I *am* an English teacher, I *don’t* ride a horse, but I’m not sure why teaching English couldn’t be done from horseback if required, and I don’t think that being mounted on a horse or not should prevent me expressing my knowledge on a subject, regardless of whether I am being properly remunerated. It didn’t stop you either, did it?

        • “Grammar bullies” the latest excuse for lame-brains like yourself who obviously did not pay attention in school.

        • So you can make as many negative comments as you like about “island monkeys” ( by the way I think you’re a bit of a twat ) … Yet anyone who picks up on your appalling spelling is a bully? You certainly have your shot together correctly don’t you …..

      • Well you are fogetting that not everyone’s native language is english. Can you spell a foreign language perfectly fine without any grammar or spelling mistakes? Stop acting like everyone is obligated to master your language.

      • i love how this one comment has sparked some real hate and bias comments…. all over a grammer/spelling mistake… we are human we make mistakes… there will always be someone to try and correct you… even if you are the right one… so what… i fell the negativity on this comment is giving us a real look into what the people who are posting the negative thoughts are really like… anyway have a good day and more poewer to jamie oliver

          • I think you’re missing the point.

            I am British, and as such, this person, who is obviously a fuckwit, chose to insult my intellect (and any number of my other faculties) by calling me a monkey.

            He’s invited disgust, abuse and ridicule as a result.

      • Grammar nazi’s on the web WILL PUNISH YOU…!!!! bad spelling produces terrorists……. Being racist to the British people, apparently that is not a problem… yer racist pig kunt

    • Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you do. You are all learners,doers ,teachers. Yours one very happy island monkey[ never had a nick name,i quite like it]

    • Your grammar is exactly the level I would expect from a low-level worker in one of those McDonald’s processing farms.

    • Anon good morning you should be more smooth & diplomatic when talking about other peoples home lands. The chemical thing is an eye opener for me. I’m an Aussie but it hit me we could be as you say Island people to. Have a great day mate. And Rob your spot on with the error statement. And Anon NO problems with your statement it is good to hear all views as it helps our minds.

    • Hahaha everyone is soooo angry hdjfhdgshebdnxi

      Great Jamie! Thank you for trying to raise awareness for unhealthy food and processing methods:) And thank you anon for shining some light on this news!

    • This article is not true. Maybe it’s used in franchised stores but I work for macdonalds (uk) and we do not add any chemicals to beef.

    • his name was anon will..?
      you all came from england in the beginning we came we saw and took over ,????… and put dots and question marks where i want ,,,…???…BOB HARRIS

    • As far as us Brits are concerned he is a fucking expert/god for what he did with mcdonalds chicken shit nuggets over here, you carry on eating crap you fat American fuckers! he tried to help your schools to stop eating all that crap but couldn’t get a foot in the doorway because your of retarded school sysytem and thick as shit politics (not saying cameron is any better just for the record) and live in your own stupid little bubble

    • People from the UK are better off then us in the USA were all fighting and this country is going down the shitter really quick
      and the people in the UK are Sipping there tea relaxing and no worries

    • Anon: My ex wife and son are from Japan. Does this make them iland monkeys too? As for the cooking skills of English people, or English from the British isles, it can’t be any worse than your atrocious grammar and lack of manners.

    • He is an excellent chef! If you don’t like him, it’s another thing.. But don’t you dare to talk about Jamie Oliver like this!!! By the way, i’m a chef too! And neither to my dogs Jamie!

  1. Anonymous: You should make a concerted effort to pressure McDonald’s and Burger King to offer a vegie patty option on whole wheat to their menus. This change is long overdue. These corporations have disfigured, marred and blotted the landscape of the U.S. and the world. They must give back to the health of the populations they have exploited for too long. AnonOpps McMenu Change

      • its not the point, its not about ‘veggie’ or ‘meat’ or what ever they say there giving you, that food like product, is chemicals, which are toxic, and will kill you. its not about calories or fat, its poison, you would live longer if you ate a roast dinner every day, (“but oh no, the tv told me calories and carbs are bad, we should stay away and live on man made lab food”)

      • DDOS or DOS means denial of service, which is kind of like clogging a toilet. If everything is all jammed together it doesn’t flush correctly right? well something that doesn’t receive a wireless or wired connection (or “piping”) can’t really be jammed. Maybe if you take out the “free wifi” which you can only use by paying for food (lol)

    • Never going to happen. The vegans already hate the company for their use of cruelly treated animals. There’s no way that community would ever support McD. It would be a waste of time and money as far as McD is concerned. Plus they have no way of keepin the veggie burger away from the meat. You can’t cook them the same place. Cross-contamination.

      • 1. “The vegans already hate the company for their use of cruelly treated animals. There’s no way that community would ever support McD.”
        True but irrelevant. The vegan community is minuscule compared to the lumber meat-eating knuckle-walkers that patronize fast food restaurants until the wee hours. They would benefit greatly from a vegetarian options at McD. Even a brief respite from the endless pink slime they gorge on would be of great benefit to their health. Not to mention children of low-income families that eat many meals at fast food places.
        2.”Plus they have no way of keepin the veggie burger away from the meat. You can’t cook them the same place. Cross-contamination.”
        I’m not sure about this. How do they keep their salads away from the filthy meat? It seems like they could adapt or extrapolate a method from their salad compartments for vegie burgers. Would it really be a huge restructuring expense?

        • No, unless it was completely cold prep, they would have to add a whole new hood vent, unless they cooked them in the microwave Or some crazy steamer type contraption.

          And lumber meat eating knuckle draggers….. can you be more biased? You act like the need for protein is new, and inturn terrible. Your comment is no less terrible than the guy calling british ppl “iland monkeys”

        • They can not even get normal food right. Do you really want em fucking up a veg burger? I do see your point however. Vegans should have just as much right to die by food poisoning /nods.

        • I’ve been eating at McDonald’s (and other fast food outlets) since I was a kid over 50 years ago, and at least as of the time of this writing, I am not dead, not obese, and apparently none the worse for it in any other respect. Nor, as far as I am aware, have I ever walked on my knuckles. My mother, who was also not averse to the occasional fast food burger, lived to the age of 86 and passed away from causes totally unrelated to diet. Ammonium hydroxide, assuming it’s actually present in the meat in higher than trace amounts, may not be good for you, but it would seem its deadliness has been somewhat exaggerated.

          But enough “polite” sarcasm. If you want to avoid McDonald’s, or any other fast food establishment, fine. Do so. But please stop treating those of us who aren’t terrified by the idea of an occasional Big Mac as though we’re ignorant rubes who have no clue what we’re putting into our bodies. Your biased remarks reveal you to be no better than the “lumber meat-eating knuckle-walkers” you seem to despise so much.

      • That’s just it. The “actual problems” are that they are slowly poisoning the public to death. Putting a healthy veggie option would be a boon to humanity. Pathetic but true. Think of all the garbage they sell to children and young adults?

    • Burger King has offered a veggie patty for years… There’s no telling what kind of chemicals and preservatives are in those either… The issue here is corporate greed, human laziness and ignorance. People are too worried about media bullshit and consumerism to pay attention to what’s really going on and that’s exactly how the man wants it. Stare at the shiny shit while you kill yourselves making them rich.

  2. He is right in the description,but I do not think it’s nice to say that poisonous food should be fed to dogs,or suggested as dog food.He would be more correct to suggest it should be fed to peadophiles,rapists or even cockroaches….

    • It’s a poor choice of words in the title.
      In the middle part of the article Mr. Oliver is qouted.
      He said that the meat is of a quality fit for dogs (most likely meaning it contains too much microbes that pose a thread to humans. Dogs have a different digestion system) and after the chemical washing they use it for their burgers.
      So he’s not saying the chemicaly washed meat is for dogs.

    • In Fact the things you said are as racist as the dog-thing. How about, this meat should be fed to the ppl who want to eat it :3


  3. I don’t eat McDonalds as I don’t have a gall bladder and have developed IBS. I am also a zoologist and I don’t appreciate people giving their pets human foods. It’s not alright. When I worked at Five Guys, this wan came in every week and ordered two double cheeseburgers for her dog. I wanted to punch her…

  4. The problem isn’t fast food, the problem is human ignorance. Humans need to burn off all those calories but do they? No they don’t, they sit on their stupid asses and think they can eat what ever they want and however much they want. Learn to adjust your diets by your activity levels and stop being stupid and playing the blame game because it ultimately come down to the idiots that keep consuming. Why are humans so stupid with all the information they need at their finger tips?

  5. He is right. These food items are nothing but beautified and good flavored junk. Sorry, McD lovers, but that is the sole truth. If people, who after viewing this, still dare to eat them, may God add a tea spoon worth of intelligence and conscience in them so that they do not spoil the invaluable lives of their loved ones atleast…

    • I would have to take issue with “good flavoured”. To me, their burgers are like eating cardboard! They are so MASSIVELY overcooked, I would describe them as inedible. Anyone who likes their meat pink and juicy is wasting their time going to a burger joint like McDs

    • I like it, and i dont care how its made. its tasty to me so i will continue eating it 🙂 i will die sometimes anyways.

      there is a sond: My Way.

  6. I have worked in a full service restaurant for 10 years, and people that ask for special items to whipped up, or insist their burger be with no meat and with a wheat bun, why don’t you either A) stay home and make your own “veggie” burger 2) go to a restaurant that offers that option C) open your own restaurant that has these offerings D) stop going to McDonalds and insisting they change their menu to appease one person. If you don’t like McDonald’s, don’t eat there.

    • I have to say that your reasoning leaves something to be desired. The idea here is that part of the reason the populace is so fat and ignorant is because they don’t have healthy options to choose from. Many people are forced through economic necessity to eat at fast food restaurants out of necessity and often. Healthy vegetarian options are not usually a heavy burden on restaurants. If they are it is because of cynical food distributors and producers who make money out of the vested interests of meat cartels. Your “one person” is a straw man. In point of fact we are talking about thousands and thousands of people who would benefit from vegetarian options at fast-food places.

      • and also thousands and thousands of people just lvoe to eat meat, like me for example. i dont care about my healthy, i haVe nomral weigth and i will die anyways xD sounds childish but that’s my way. People decide their life by their own, if they want to eat and fast food restaurants they do. if they dont want they dont. it’s easy to eat cheap and healthy, but if you dont want to, dont do it. easy thing.

  7. I won’t disagree with any of the basic facts above, having seen things while delivering to Otto & Sons (primary meat processor for McDonalds, look it up) that make this story look rather appetizing, but there should be one minor clarification; Taco Bell uses the EXACT same beef based products as McDonald’s, from the same companies, processed on the same machines at the same places. Anyone who tries to say TB uses better product is trying to sell you a burrito.

  8. I work at McDonald’s and this is the kind of shit that really pisses me off. This is not how mc nuggets are made. Fucking retard.

    • Just because you work at McChokenpukes does not give you access on how McNuggets are made. They are already made when they are delivered to McDs, so how the hell would you know?

  9. Forget about the ignorant cuss who can’t spell island or isle, he’s an obvious wanker anyway and yet the vast majority of comments revolved around his pea brained comments. This was about McDonalds…and yes – ANYONE that still eats that crap is ignorant. It isn’t even food people…it WAS food when it was still living but at this point it is a chemical ‘equivalent’ to food…but it is NOT food.

  10. And why should Dogs it what Human should’nt?
    Makes me think that Oliver is a stupid asshole. Humans aren’t more worthy than animals.
    In fact Dogs are worthier than human. (I’m no vegeterian, i love meat but i would also eat human flesh / meat, human are the dirt of earth, me also)

    • I forgot to say: why shouldnt we eat every part of an animal? this chick died for that so why shouldnt we use its sacrifice at all? IF you do it like that mcdonalds, im really proud of you. you use every single part of the animals and its still tasty as hell ! xE

  11. I wouldn’t even feed my dogs this crap. I cant bring myself to eat from someplace that serves more beef products daily then there are cows on the planet. I mean seriously, if you break it down and look around at all the other places serving beef products all the other fast food, diners, grocery stores, this shit doesn’t add up.

    • yeah it adds up is you see the amount of cows a day slaughtered. About 100,000 cows a day slaughtered in the USA, and get this about 21 million chickens a day pay just to feed people who cant kill or grow for themselves.

      • 21,000,000 chickens all fed high protein diet of growth hormones in a room of artificial daylight some life for animal that’s bred for food I’m not a veggie I love meats n veg but stuff that is proper grown.
        Let’s face it even veg is force grown out of season now just to feed our over populated country’s that the government feels free to fill up with freeloaders !

  12. The cops will kill you on the spot for no reason with one Bullet, at least Mcdonalds doing it slowly lol. You better go after all supermarkets if your going after MCD, many terrible things in every supermarket in the USA but no one complaining because most dont want to grow and slaughter their own food is the problem so they buy what they can and dont complain.

  13. If ammonium hydroxide was really as bad as people like Jamie Oliver claim it to be, the food industry would be out of business, as ammonium hydroxide is found naturally in most foods in levels that can far exceed the levels induced by treating beef with it. Meat can be treated with ammonium hydroxide in gas form to adjust its pH level, thus the anti-microbial effects. By narrowing the range of options that are available to the food industry for keeping their products safe by bashing the more arbitrary ones (like ammonium hydroxide), the public paves the way for sloppy alternatives and a mutual appeasement mindset that encourages companies to over-react to fallible public gossip and consumers to pat themselves on the back whenever they nag an industry standard out of town (valid or not).

  14. he is wrong, I had a dog that would not eat any McD food… a country dog, who would eat anything she found dead or alive but would not eat at McD’s. Old road kill would be better for her. We messed this world up, it is us humans who have always been responsible for the planet and we killed it. We do not get the opportunity to start over, we; Turned rain forests into deserts, turned clear beautiful rivers in to sewers, turned clean life giving rain into acid rain, turned clear sky into smog, turned beautiful country sides into garbage dumps, drained seas for salt and killed the land, cut down mountains, burned forests and created prairies, turned rivers and lakes toxic, turned productive soil into sludge…. Large companies depend on each on all of us who live in cities and depend on or who have grown up living on the fast food train, if you want to see change – you know how this goes – YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE

  15. Jamie Oliver is brilliant for doing this. He had an American show going around from school to school cafeteria’s showing the horrible foods they serve. He then would help them provide fresh nutritious meals for the kids. This show was cancelled…ever wonder why?

    Same reason why media doesn’t cover changes to McDonalds. Its a revenue source for them. Paid advertisement worth millions. I avoid McNasty at all costs and advise you to do the same.

  16. I would not feed Mcdo to a dog, it’s far too dangerous and I also run the risk of being charged with maltreatment of animals.

  17. When i go to a hamburger shop i ask are bread rolls plain or sesame seeds if they sat sesame seeds i will not eat their i do not take my parrot to lunch so i dont need bird seeds on my roll bring back the plain hamdurger roll

  18. This numbskullery has been around for several years. I have never heard of Mr. Oliver (apart from these opinion pieces) and I like to eat at McDonald’s.

  19. Interesting that the overwhelming majority of the above comments are not related to the actual article. Congratulations to the first poster, excellent trolling,

  20. In our city, McD, BK, KFC… all going downwards.

    Reasons for it

    1. MEDIA – They constantly reported how they rip of their workers.
    2. Competition – Several stores opened, with self made Burgers.
    3. Trend for more healthy food, even fastfood can be good 😉
    and most important
    4. It started to be shameful to eat there, it is basically outdated lower class food with a crappy quality and taste, and also it produce waste…they call themself restaurants, but they can`t even serve their drinks in glases and their meals on plates…and the best in all this is, they are freaking expensive, related to what they sell.

  21. This may be true, but the whole stuuf is a few years old ^^ It all happened 2012 and Mr. Oliver has already won the trial and forced McD and also Taco Bell/Burger King to stop using “Pink Slime”.

  22. If you remember 2 years ago a leading U.S pediatrician decided to set an example to the child often to referred to him with weight issues.
    He decided to give his healthy eating and lifestyle and eat Big Mac’s for a month. As well as rapidly gaining weight he also noticed changes in his respiratory system and general state of health, often requiring more sleep than he was used to and a noticeable lack of energy. After he completed the month long end binge he arranged to have a complete body workup and the results were alarming.

    • A Google search turns up a number of people who’ve taken the “McDonald’s for a month” challenge, none of whom are pediatricians. The most notorious example is Morgan Spurlock, an independent filmmaker who, after eating nothing but McDonald’s three meals a day for 30 days and exercising very little, had gained 24 pounds and suffered other detrimental effects. He consumed over 5,000 calories per day (who actually does that?), a full 30% coming from sugar and other carbohydrates. When his film documentary of his “experiment”, ‘Super Size Me’ was released, it was criticized by many nutritionists and health professionals as misleading and unrealistic. They pointed out, rightly, that anyone who consumes 5,000 calories per day (twice the recommended allowance) and doesn’t exercise is going to gain weight and experience health problems no matter what the source of those calories. Some decided to test Spurlock’s claims by eating only McDonald’s for a month themselves, but consuming a more realistic 2,500 calories or less per day. Several of them actually lost weight over the course of the test. The conclusion? It isn’t what you eat that makes you fat, it’s how much you eat. Pretty much what anyone with an ounce of common sense could have told you in the first place.

  23. wow a discussion about food that goes to name calling in 3 comments … what a bunch cave dwellers … this world is so fucked up

  24. Americans are lovin it ! You are wot you eat! Shit bags the lot of them! Can’t wait until they nuke them self’s, Dumb fuckers!

  25. You know as a Brit myself all I can say is that we as an island of so-called monkeys invented almost everything that everyone else takes for granted today. We also created the nation that became the USA. We Brits have every reason to be proud of our heritage and our multitude of contributions to this world. Without us Brits the whole world would be full of ignorant monkeys.

    • Actually exiled and persecuted men and women created America. They left because they were religiously persecuted because they were not catholic. So, British people created it, but not real Brits.

    • what exactly you did invented , the child labor in the industrial age ?! yes u did create that … anything else : genocides from America to Asia to Africa … the slave trade … You should be ashame from you brittish “herritage” hey but u sit tight after Brexit , you will just rot away on that godless land u call England

  26. a well… as a schizofrenic i would be surprised if i reach 60 years of age anyway, and i would kill myself if i reach 65…
    So yeah… burgers are worth it. If you want to become a mummy and see your children grow up: don’t eat mcdonalds.

  27. Oliver’s children’s names are for dogs, not people, to wit: Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver, Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver, Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver, so I think there’s some sort of pattern here…


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