Health In Cannabis K-Cups: Marijuana Coffee Pods Take Washington By Storm


As more and more evidence shows that Marijuana helps cure cancer by causing cancer cells to literally commit suicide, marijuana-infused coffee pods are becoming big sellers in the United States. The coffee gives medicinal users, who find smoking pot a painful experience for the throat, a better and healthier alternative.

Seattle-based Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop sells pods of premium Catapult coffee at $10 per pod. The psychotropic effects of weed-infused coffee take 45-90 minutes to kick in, depending on the consumer’s metabolism and if they drink it on an empty or full stomach. Each cup of coffee contains 10mg of THC, which is one dose according to Washington State law. Marijuana users who have a higher tolerance for the substance might need a couple of cups to feel the effects.

I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka. I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis,” Jennifer Lanzador, Uncle Ike’s sales manager, told Yahoo!.

Fairwinds Manufacturing, which makes the pods for Uncle Ike’s, reports that the pods now account for 60 percent of his company’s coffee sales. Fairwinds currently delivers Catapult coffee to 30 stores in Washington State along with its other products including pot capsules, tinctures and vape cartridges.

House of Jane has four types of cannabis K-cups: medium roast, dark roast, decaf and mocha café.  It is also selling marijuana-infused coffees, teas and creamers in California and plans to expand soon to Nevada.  The company is also working on cannabis-infused “Frappuccino”.

Ed Rosenthal, known for his marijuana growing guides, has a line of coffees called Ed Rosenthal’s Select Coffee & Tea. He believes that “combining cannabis and caffeine creates a unique experience. This wonderful merger of taste and potency is sure to become a daily necessity in the lives of many”.

There are  the usual ‘terms and conditions apply’ fine print, though. Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop only accepts customers from Washington State, and warns that the products must be consumed in Washington State only. House of Jane only accepts order inquires from California residents above 21 with approved medicinal marijuana licenses.


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