Here’s Why Teens Are Saying Goodbye To Facebook


Coolness is done for Facebook; it is no longer the hip hangout spot on the Internet for teenagers who are leaving the social networking site for cooler options like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp. It is becoming hard for the teens to look cool when they are hanging out with their parents; some are even embarrassed to be associated with Facebook for the same reason.

A new report has found that Americans aged 13 to 17 who use social media are leaving Facebook faster than ever, with the percentage of those with accounts dropping 6 points from 94% in 2013 to 88% in 2014. From 2012 to 2013, it only dropped 1 point.


“Newer kids don’t seem to like Facebook as much. People around my age use Twitter and Instagram. It only seems like adults are on Facebook. Facebook will eventually die off in a few generations. Facebook is the new MySpace,” Eric, a 16-year-old, attending high school in Ohio, explained his decision not to sign up for the service.

Inc’s Dave Kepper feels, “Snapchat, a peer-to-peer service, represents the growing trend of erasable media—ephemeral photos, videos and comments which are here one minute, gone the next”. CNET’s Jennifer Van Grove adds that apps like Snapchat are the opposite of Facebook: simple, seemingly secret, and fun. “Around schools, kids treat these apps like pot, enjoyed in low-lit corners, and all for the undeniable pleasure and temporary fulfillment of feeling cool,” Jennifer writes.

Instead of trying to clone the competition any further, Facebook has started acquiring its heirs. It acquired mobile photo sharing app Instagram in 2012 for $1 Billion. Next acquisition was mobile messaging service WhatsApp in 2014 for a whopping $22 Billion. Social networks become meaningless pretty soon, so Facebook must be ready with a trendy offering to woo the teen audience before they get bored of Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter.



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  1. Facebook is social media for older people for sure, but those other social media sites they are using only keep you in touch for brief contact. I think as youth get older, they will gravitate towards facebook, or some other facebook like thing, so they can keep in touch with their kids, cousins and everyone else they want long term relationships with.

  2. i only seem to use Facebook anymore for news articles such as this. I think it’s a great place for news channels to write and publish articles.

  3. If you haven’t checked out Cyber Dust, it’s the truly secure ephemeral messaging app plus an excellent networking tool. Snapchat for adults!

  4. What I’d like to see is a sign-inf-ree internet. I think Anonymous should commence a campaign that brings awareness to the fact that signing in to a site in order to express opinions is a form of slavery and creates a definite chilling effect on free speech. And is contrary to a society that values individual expression. What is mostly amazing is that very few protest having to go through a monkey act of signing in just to express an opinion. Anonymous and others should be in the vanguard of a free internet. After all how can one be anonymous if one is in thrall to Facebook, yahoo, Google etc. which have proven to be shills of the NSA surveillance state. Sites that have the “I’d rather post as a guest” option in Discus are good, and attention and kudos should be given to them until we can reverse the order to make anonymous posting the primary option. Sites such as which give lip-service to libertarian ideals but require a sign-in to Facebook et all. should be exposed as NSA shills until they give options for users to sign in anonymously. For starters, we can contact and let them know that ==free speech doesn’t have to ask permission==.

    • yes the entire internet will become like /b/ thats amazing. im thinking that after the NSA has full power over the internet and our devices we go to the last place where we are safe. what nassau was to pirates, will be the deepweb to us.

      privacy freedom, our last resort is to go deeper.

  5. as you will see snapchat gain popularity, you will see an elevated level of nude selfies.

    mark my words.

    by the time snapchat is big every teen will have seen his entire social circle naked

  6. facebook is controlling kids,every kid is on the site just getting into trouble
    mr MZ what have you and the government created ?????????.

  7. That MAY be a case for US, but in my country almost no one uses Twitter, and everyone uses Facebook. Even in capital city, and in countries surrounding my country.

  8. I never really liked the idea of being on facebook until I moved to a different state and it seemed like agood to keep up with my only close friend that still lived where I grew up. Now th, I’m able to also keep in touch with my few remaining family members ,(most of my friends and family are dead) and I’m also interested in some of the groups. But I still don’t like the fact that facebook basically knows all about me and what I “like “, and is probably using this information for some nefarious purpose in some way. Now though, I find it difficult to just delete my account entirely, although that’s what I feel like doing sometimes.

  9. Damn I feel old I remember when Myspace was popular.

    Facebook is seriously addicting in a bad way though and I realize I’m happier when i limit my time on it. Time spent surfing facebook is time spent showing the NSA our interests, and not pursuing said interests. When I’m on fb I’m not creating music or working or doing anything. It’s kinda lame really I don’t know why it’s so addicting.


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