Hillary Clinton Confirms Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are Funding ISIS


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In an email written by Clinton herself, the US presidential candidate admits that these US allies in the Middle East are covertly funding the Islamic State.

After years of accusations that the US and its allies have been covertly funding and aiding the Islamic State, a new, leaked email written by US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton herself confirms that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are “providing clandestine financial and logistical support” to ISIS as well as other radical Sunni groups in the region. The email was part of an exchange between Clinton and her current campaign manager, John Podesta, that took place in August 2014. The exchange was leaked via Wikileaks in its third release of Podesta’s emails. The email was sent only days after the US launched a “temporary” air strike campaign in Syria, which still continues over two years later. The bulk of the email focuses on Hillary’s eight-point plan for how to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The plan, overall, calls for military operations against ISIS by “making proper use of clandestine/special operations resources, in coordination with airpower, and established local allies.” Interestingly, the plan mysteriously has its fifth point omitted.

Hillary’s email also confirmed that the recent conflicts in the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Libya, were about protecting US energy interests in those countries. There is also substantial evidence that this is also the case in Syria. As previously reported by True Activist, Hillary’s ties to the fracking industry have done much to shape her foreign policy while Secretary of State, particularly in the Middle East and Ukraine. However, Hillary’s connections to the Saudis and to Qatar are significantly stronger than those she has with the natural gas industry, suggesting that she is more likely to favor their interests over those solely related to energy market dominance. Qatar has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation while the Saudis have donated as much as $25 million to the “charitable” organization. Saudi Arabia has also claimed to be funding as much as 20% of Hillary’s entire presidential campaign. Considering Clinton’s deep ties to countries who commit war crimes and fund the world’s most well-known terrorist group, it is amazing that the mainstream media continue to deride Trump’s willingness to cooperate with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The fact that Hillary knew that these countries were supporting ISIS, supposedly a US enemy, and continued to receive donations from these countries while serving public office is truly incriminating and even treasonous. Obama, who must have known this as well, may be even more guilty of supporting those funding ISIS as he has sold more weapons to Saudi Arabia than any other President whose arms sales to the country top $115 billion. If he and Clinton knew that the Saudis were funding and arming ISIS, they must have known the high probability of those same weapons ending up in ISIS hands, suggesting that they knew that their actions were helping, not hindering the terrorist group. With the US being already implicated in Saudi war crimes in Yemen, it remains to be seen if it will face legal consequences for Qatar’s and the Saudi’s funding of ISIS.

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    Talking about something and actually doing it are two different things. Everything that Trump may have said, hillbillary has actually done. Why would something trump said over a decade ago be more probative than something hillary actualy did and then lied about? News flash, no one on this earth is an angel. but at least you have the opertunity not to vote for people who’re happy to be known as the worlds most famous sinners. hillbillary covering up for pederast heroin dealers makes her a child-rapist human-trafficker and world wide heroin distribution cartel. You’re fools. This pederasty motivated heroin cultivation is plain as day for all to see who will but look –

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  2. Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS?
    In another story you claim Saudi is being funded by the US. Does that mean the US is funding ISIS by proxy?


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