Hillary Clinton’s Mobile Phone Hacked by German Intelligence Agency


Written by: Tech Anonymous


We spy, you spy, I spy a spying guy

German foreign intelligence Agency (BND) hacks Hillary Clinton’s phone…I’ve been told for a long time that the “Cold War” was over. The espionage, the cloak and dagger games… it’s all done. “there’s no reason for all that clandestine bull anymore. All the major powers get along for the most part…” Although I never really believed it, I never really cared either.

Welcome to the new millennium. The infancy of the cyber age! A time where, with enough effort, anyone can eventually figure out how to manipulate numbers, to control a machine, to create misery in our lives… or watch the newest tantrum of a movie star.

Welcome back to Dystopia. The current “he said, she said” starts with the NSA getting caught not only listening to but, recording up to 125 billion calls per month. 35 world leaders including the German Chancellor’s personal cell phone even made it into that rolling buffer. Surprising to many people; not so surprising to others. I do believe we owe Edward Snowden a thank you for popping the cork on that one (no matter how you may feel about him). So, the NSA gets called on the carpet to answer for their sins, POTUS makes a big “I didn’t have a clue” speech, committees are formed, buttocks get paddled and everyone in the government giggles at how they have smoothed over the general peons of the world. BND feiert Richtfest fuer Berliner Zentrale - technische Dienste verbleiben in Pullach

Did anyone actually think it would all end there? Now, we fast forward to August 2014 and out of nowhere a German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” reports that Hillary Clinton’s cell phone was hacked by the BND (Bundesnachrichtendiens), a German foreign intelligence agency, while she was serving as secretary of state.* (She served between 2009 and 2013). Sources say that the call was picked up accidentally and the recording was “destroyed” shortly thereafter. OTHER sources say that it was done on purpose and that it was NOT destroyed right away… either way, the details of the call were not disclosed. At the same time, it was also reported that the BND was allegedly ordered to spy on an unnamed NATO partner state too.  However, the BND never actually came out and said “yes, we did this”. Given the fact of how mass media is wrought with government fits, the whole deal could very well be yet another distraction from bigger and worse things. If it’s all true we have an idea who was caught first but, who spied on whom first? Who else will wind up being in this twisted mix? What kind of retaliation do we watch for? When will the next one piss off the first one? Where will you be when you say “here we go again?” How do we, the regular people of the world, deal with it?  Work together in sheer numbers. Considering the fact that cameras, drones and recorders are popping up everywhere to form the new police state, the only way to accomplish something is massive cooperation of everyday anonymous citizens. Give them something to watch on their surveillance. No, nothing violent. Can you imagine if you could get a whole town or city to just …stop… for one hour? A giant “sit in”

The basic facts as seen from this tiny corner of our world are:

1)      Surveillance has never stopped nor will it ever.

2)      The advancement of technology will only prod those in power to try to expand their control by whatever means they deem necessary

3)      238 years ago the citizens of the English colonies fought against the tyranny of a King and being “ruled” and through technology and complacency we are now coming full circle.

4)      Lastly, if you think movies like “Metropolis”** and “The hunger Games”*** were cool or wild movies… imagine what life would be like if they came to pass. The two class system is already in place whether you believe it or not.

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  1. If this was true.. Than ask yourself, why are the hacking into an open comm line of this woman. Like this would matter anything at all.

    Nothing to gain but crap, which everybody is allowed to know about here. Do you realy think, she would discuss any highly classified crap, through her cellphone(s)?!

    I don’t know where one gets all this info from, but this looks/ smells more like a mainstream media stunt.

    The “Two Class System” has always been in place. Only in some areas (in the world), was this system never introduced. It’s an ancient system. In fact, nothing new at all.

    On paper, the U.S. is an independent country. But the European roots have never left the country. British rule was defeated, but that doesn’t say anything. There still were Germans, Dutch, French, Irish, Scotish colonists.

    Like it would even matter, from which country one would be, if that person was, or those persons were abusing their power and political influences

    Lust for power, knows no racisme.. only discrimination.

    While the whole world is focussed on racisme (mainstream media), the real threat is in full effect. And we are all sleepwalking, like consuming zombies.


  2. Why do we sit and wait for more terror to act? Afraid of the unknown? Hmmm. There are hidden shadows at work, gaining more power over all. These hidden people hide behind money, erupting politics, wars caused by lies they themselves made, etc. They cause the ciaos that the world lives today. They are producing everyday items, wants or needs that really are not necessary. They fill our minds with rubbish, they keep us busy between work, school, everyday problems. Why might I believe this? To distract the people of the world, to make us blind of the plans they have for all in near future. Wars, protest, political downfalls, celebrity gossips, television, religious views, social networking, schooling, jobs, even the justice system are all apart of their scams to distract us from noticing their diabolical doings. 98 percent of the entire worlds gold, the only currency accepted throughout every country is owned by one man, Rothschilds. Did you know rothschilds had over 600 billion dollars, in the late 1800’s the worlds money supervisors STOPED COUNTING! No one truly knows how much money he holds today, but in 2011 only 3 countries were to banked by rothschilds, who knows now, he owns the world. Another is Rockefeller, he holds currently 663 billion dollars, he owns 98% of the business rights in America. Notice you never hear or see Rockefeller or rothschilds, they both own islands but it is not told what the island name is, do you see the island unmarked on the map, said to be unlivable? Rockefeller also owns the associated press, meaning anything he would want on the new or would not want on the news is in his favor, TRILLIONS of lies made up and watched by citizens all over, attacks on us, and other countries, lies of reasoning to war, caused by these hidden people. Sent to war for no reason but what we were told time and time again just so they could receive money, to receive world conflict, pain, and to kill. I believe these two men, and PLENTY more wealthy unknowns are very close to complete control of the world and its people, causing wars and disasters, death and poverty, to break us, to make us weak so they can take over. For centuries we have been set up for a blindside. our world, our life, as we know it, will be no more. they want so badly to have absolute power, to control us, and I feel we have very little time to act. We must not be afraid of change, if we don’t make our change now and fight for our true freedom, it will be too late.


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