$430,000 Crowdfunded from Donations For Mike Brown Murderer Officer Darren Wilson


Written by: Cadence


A crowdfunder account for Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who shot Mike Brown, has surpassed its target.


A group calling itself ‘Stand Up’ created the GoFundMe page on August 17th, initially with a £234,000 goal. This target has since been increased to $300,000, after individual donations ranging from $5 to $5000 poured in.

The GoFundMe page is now reported to have been handed from Stand Up to Shield of Hope, a registered non-profit organisation. They have since set up an additional GoFundMe page, which has an extra $195,000 of donations, and a target of $250,000.

That means the total amount raised for the killer cop is $432,792 at time of writing, with a target of $550,000.

The money, Stand Up says, will likely be used for legal fees, relocation and living expenses of Wilson. The officer killed the teenager in Ferguson during an unprovoked attack on August 9th, prompting widescale protests against police brutality which continue to this day.

GoFundMe has faced criticism for allowing the initial Wilson page to continue, after supporters posted racist comments which violated the company’s terms. Comments were closed, but the page was allowed to stay active. It’s worth remembering that GoFundMe keeps 5% of all donations, and also adds on hefty service fees.

Stand Up also run the Support Darren Wilson Facebook page, and sell t-shirts to supporters through Teespring. The Facebook page features photographs of pro-Wilson protesters holding signs stating “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” – a right Brown wasn’t granted. WPTV-Darren-Wilson-Ferguson-police-officer_1409078154782_7570675_ver1.0_640_480

In a latest update to events in Ferguson, residents have filed a lawsuit against police for $40 million, with claims they were beaten, wrongly arrested and shown “excessive force”.  Separate campaigns are calling for the US Department of Justice to investigate the St Louis County Force.

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There is also a White House petition for a new ‘Mike Brown Law’. Its goal is to make the Obama Administration create a bill so all cops are legally required to wear cameras for accountability. Sign the petition below.









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  1. They should give the money to the family of Mike Brown and put the COP in jail for the rest of his natural life. this fund is sponcered by the K.K.K.

    • Yes!!!!!! I don’t think they should be able to “serve” without their every move being recorded!!! Then maybe some of this will stop!! I know their will still be some that think they’re justified for their actions and would still act an ass. They think they’re God!! Untouchable! Time for answers, time for justice!!!

  2. there should be a policy that all officers are required to divulge their home addresses on the tickets or charges…that will fix this fo sure!

  3. This is the best cite I have seen. A thug got killed acting like a thug. The only ppl making this a race issue are the blacks. It does not matter color of skin but the issue on the thug when trying to hurt officer. He just robbed a store not that long b4 this incident. Don’t have to worry about him again. Boom

    • It may not be a race thing, it’s still a People Vs. State scenario. Does not justify killing somebody who is defenseless/unarmed over a couple cigarillos.(Which the officer admitted to having no prior knowledge of) Last I checked thugs don’t try to go to college and he was leaving for college the following Monday. You’re telling me taking his life is the appropriate course of action? If you believe that, you’re morals are truly messed up. Mike Brown did not try to hurt an officer, he was walking in the middle of the road when the police car pulled up and the officer snatched him up from inside the car, which is when he ran, got shot once and put his hands up to surrender and then got shot multiple more times. If you truly believe that Darren Wilson is justified for what he did, whether it was racism or not, you need to re-evaluate your life.

      • And you know because you were standing there watching? You’re just as bad as all those fucks out there looting and robbing as if that fixes the problem. Kill yourself.

        • the woman who is there quote on quote witness was previously arrested for giving false testimony and then prosecute her word is bull and cannot be trusted I’ll take the word of a cop over someone who’s already lied in court any day

  4. ok so can we put down the guns ee have aimed at each other for a moment. The big picture is the problem with police brutality and militarzation. the powers that be made a race riot, litarally. As human beings its not ok to do this to anyone. So lets stand up together and fight the issues, Their motto is devide and conquer, is it working?

  5. Freedom of speech is one thing, freedom to donate is another… freedom to comment without knowing all the facts is outright stupid.

    The kid wasn’t unarmed, the kid wasn’t innocent, and the cop was until there had a clean record. The kid himself was just done robbing someone, and was not doing what the officer said.

    Cops are only to be feared if you have done something wrong, if you give lip to a cop expect to be given it back or arrested… if you threaten a cop expect to be arrested or shot depending on the kind of threat.

    You want to threaten people, then do so in person… doing so behind a screen name gives people a bit on anonymity, but it doesn’t make you right.

    The internet creates bullies… and when did Anonymous become the internet’s bully? I use to respect Anonymous, they fought the fight others couldn’t, against people who couldn’t be touched… now they are going after the cops, who can be touched by the public, and can be taken down by the public… there is nothing at the police can do that the people can not counter.

    If you want to go after the people in charge of this fiasco go after the government, they are the ones that are responsible for this situation ultimately by creating an environment of fear, and promotes racism…

    The people don’t need protection from the police, we need protection from the government… choose your battles smartly Anonymous… fight the good fight, not the easy fight.

    • your just outright stupid. i cant even correct all your stupidity as it hurts my brain too much. if anyone needs to be shot, its stupid ignorant people like you.

      • Says the one that hides behind a moniker… and a poorly written one at that.

        I at least know three things.

        1. I’m old enough to drink.

        2. You aren’t old enough to produce anything beyond what most educated people would conceder drivel.

        3. The only one here that is outright “stupid” is you because you’ve done nothing to improve, or even make a case beyond going through the generic name calling that someone of such an immature caliber is only capable of.

        Oh, and if it’s gone over your pre-pubescent head… you’ve been schooled by someone who has been on the internet probably longer than you’ve been alive.

  6. Did the cop really need to shoot the kid ? But I can only imagine how meny other people are killed by the police where is the protesting for them ? Or for every person that is a victum of police brutality I don’t think you can make a solid case of racism wen your argument is inhairently racist in its self if this was a white on white or black on black crime would it be getting all the publicity it has and what if we put the cop in jail but don’t give the family any money for the law suit would they accept that justice is only one part of peoples motivation in this case I think maybe I’m wrong case in point look at all the looters what is there purpose or reason let’s stick it to the cops and the city and loot small private owned stores that will show them that’s b.s. but this is why I reserve my judgment

    • @Jack, Brown charged the officer in question, he also had a knife in hand before he was killed. He also was high on drugs… He also was just finished with robbing bare handed a connivence store.

      Did he have to? I don’t know, and we won’t for a while, but the fact is one was a kid with a fledgling criminal record, while the other had/has a promising career police officer.

      I am reserving my judgement as well, I would love to be wrong, but I can’t take past history and ignore it either.

      • Matt, I have been following this issue since the beginning I have not read or heard of him being on drugs or having a weapon of any kind, do you have any sources for these claims. I’m not trying to doubt you I would just like to read more into it.

        • Matt is confused (in multiple ways in my opinion). All credible sources (including the killer cop) say that Brown had no weapon.

          The St. Louis medical examiner’s report said that he had “marijuana in his system.” That does not, however, show that he was high that day. THC can stay in the body up to 40 days depending on metabolism. Even if he was high, marijuana most often has a calming effect on a person making it less likely that Brown would have been aggressive.

          Also, though it would be incredibly frustrating to be frequently harassed about these petty sorts of things just because you’re black (I live near Ferguson and have friends who live there – that is definitely the way it is there – constant harassment), it doesn’t make sense that Mike would just attack the officer for telling them to not walk in the street.

          Matt may be thinking of another young black male who was shot and killed by a caucasian St. Louis County cop some days later. That officer said the guy had a knife but when you look at the clear video footage that a witness took of the entire event he does not appear to be holding anything in either of his hands (the cop actually said he was holding the knife over his head and coming toward him in a Psycho-type fashion – which clearly didn’t happen).

          St. Louis is one of the most segregated areas in the country. Cops in this area are known for racism, racial profiling, harassment, brutality (physical, emotional and psychological), and murder. You see it everywhere and all the time. Most of the time this stuff isn’t publicized.
          I am so glad that it was this time because maybe it will bring accountability to the thugs who abuse the power given them (by laws which can change).
          Now in Ferguson police have to wear cameras and a lot more changes are coming because of the publicity this one matter received.

          So, keep publicizing them – every one, and hacking police department sites, and making public their dispatch tapes (the ones in the Brown case were very revealing). Also, yes please disable that murderer’s donation site, anonymous hackers.

          Because wtf? people want to reward this coward for shooting an unarmed kid with his hands up 6 times? (he actually shot 11 times – the other bullets went in places like the outer wall of a nearby apartment building, and out into the apartment complex area where people were outside and kids were playing) what is wrong with people. .

          • Lets take the weapon out of the equation… we are still left with questions, and no one here has answered them yet…

            Let me give you some perspective, it all matters who you believe.


            Now we can take it at face value, a kid with a criminal record “bum rushed” the cop… or we can believe that the kid was running away, even though all evidence shows otherwise… or we can believe that the kid was an “innocent victim”…

            Oh, and for a key point of perspective, being in a segregated area means shit when it comes to cops and violence… it comes down to the environment and surroundings, as well as the responsibility of the people themselves in which crime is allowed or not…

            Crime is only an issue if the environment allows it…

            On a side note, the kid has a rap sheet already… I am sure his “friend” was pretty much on the same path as well… so are we to believe criminals, or are we to believe those who are attempting to uphold the law?

            Isn’t the whole purpose of Anonymous is to bring light where it needs to be, and not care what is released, for the truth will out?

            Or has Anonymous become another entity with a political agenda that is for itself, and not truly for the people any more?

            We are the 99%… remember that? It sounds to me that Anon has already made it’s mind up, instead of letting the facts will out the truth. Which I find is sad… for the truth is better than any lie, and if we are willing to believe lies before the truth, this group has truly lost its way.

          • @ matt, you have proved that you are just running off at the mouth and have an obscure point of view, it is you that is not part of the 99%

  7. The fact is cops are out of line across the nation period. Not all but it only takes a few to make them all look bad. And not one of them will go against the other. Abuse of power is rampid.
    That’s the point ppl. Cops are out of line, along with the government.


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