Playstation Network Hacked


Written by: Brandon C.


Another hacker attack on Sony! That’s right; Sony had its PlayStation Network (PSN) server’s taken down from a dedicated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. This DDoS attack made the PSN severs inaccessible to its users for most of the day. EVE Online and Guild Wars 2 have possibly been attacked as well. EVE Online developers have announced on their forums DDos issues, and a number of Guild War 2 forums have reported login issues. PSN is what allows PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 to connect to the Internet. This provides services such as online gaming, web browsing, and video services such as Netflix.

This may seem like another hacking attack on Sony only effecting video game players. This attack has also affected American Airlines. One of the two hacker groups claiming responsibility, Lizard Squad, took to twitter to post that Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley’s flight had a bomb on board. 1

The flight took an emergency stop in Phoenix, Arizona. The plane was grounded and John Smedley was searched. Once authorities found no bombs on-board the flight returned to its normal flight plan.

According to Sony no personal information has been leaked in the attack. The FBI is in an investigation in the flight incident. The other hacker group, FAMEGod, the same members of the Anonymous group who were responsible for the 2011 PSN Outage revealed the IP addresses of Lizard Squad members as proof that they were behind it. FAMEGod has threatened to attack Microsoft Corp’s Xbox Live network. He has codenamed it “Project Micro” his statement is “See at least Xbox and Microsoft are smart and don’t operate on one datacenter. Sony your f**king aids.” Some users reported problems accessing Xbox Live network, but Xbox spokesman David Dennis stated “We don’t comment on the root cause of a specific issue, but as you can see on, the core Xbox LIVE services are up and running”.

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    • It is not hard to DDOS but to do it to a multi million $ company is, I would call that a hack, plus DDOSing is in the hacking category whether its hard or not.

      • Hacking is only hacking if the person who does it actually made the tools to do it himself. This guy most likely downloaded some crap on some site like hackforums or rented a botnet. Which they likely were script-kiddied and not hacked. Hacking takes skill downing some crap on a site does not.

          • Real hackers build their own homemade computers from scratch in order to hack because they refuse to use anything in this existence created by someone else. In fact we’ll never see the work of a real hacker because they only hack into an internet they’ve created.

  1. All I’m going to say is…. The most god damn thing a hacker group could do is hack a gaming system. Yes I’m a gamer, no I don’t care if I’m a nerd. It’s fucking stupid so stop so we can continue to play. Go hack government sites, or world problems. I think I speak for all gamers when I say when the PSN or network for gaming goes down. It’s not a triumph it’s you just being a straight asshole. Sorry but damn it’s old & annoying. When I work 6 days a week. I would like to have a day of playing games. In my opinion. (This post isn’t for anon. They never hacked psn)

    • Nicholas you couldn’t have said this better! The hackers behind the PSN shutdowns are fucking dicks. What are they accomplishing by doing this?

  2. Nicholas Peterson & DrZoo,
    I am totally with you guys. DDOS is not hacking and taking down PSN was just annoying to all innocent people out there. Lizard Squad, they seem to be a bunch of stupid kids who like playing PC more than PlayStation.

    • I agree, Lizard Squad is very childish but DDoS is categorized as hacking when someone or some group gets into servers to power a botnet by actually hacking. In itself, DDoS is not hacking, it just depends on how they went about it. And no, NTP lists are not hacking (lol).

  3. We should be taking action against David Cameron’s regime of capitalising the entirety of my country and the rest of the uk. Dai from Wales

  4. The only people harmed by this are innocent PSN subscribers. Sony’s executives are fine. They will remain fine whilst gamers, big parts of the internet community, suffer.

  5. This does nothing but pisdoff those that play and use the onlind services, sony isnt affected they could careless they’re swimming in cash the hackers should judt put thir resources to better use

  6. Clearly they are not realy anons. Real anons target child porn and numerous different gov’t sites not a gaming system, Thats just plain retarded and pointless. Fucking rogue pieces of shit.

  7. and um why exactly has this “news article” been written 1 week and 3 days after the fact? bringing up the old story again for clickbait are we?

  8. Now if they hacked Sony CEO bank accounts an put it in the accounts of the users psn accounts that would be something. There just a bunch of ass hats

  9. I think your find they did it to highlight how easy information can be accessed. Think of it this way if they continue to attack, sony will have to upgrade its security making it safer for PSN users. Result is priceless.

    • yeah but if sony have to upgrade their network security e.t.c they might start charging for psn, i am not a sony gamer i prefer xbox, but i don’t think people want to pay for psn

  10. Anonymous i dnt need to know how to hack i wanna start from down there am startin on phishing could you please prescribe a good site to make phishers or teach me how to?
    Google how aint doing me no help
    Thank you

  11. Fuck xbox! I bet the losers who hacked into Sony are Xbox users. I think Sony has been hacked again. Fucking turds needs a hobby instead of hacking gamers. T’f? Why us gamers?! Hack the gov or something serious. Morons.


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