Houston Leads the Way Home


Over 70 different organizations in Houston, Texas collaborated on a lofty ambition to tackle veteran homelessness there called “The Way Home,” modeled after the “housing first” approach showcased in Utah; the National Alliance to End Homelessness presented this coalition with an award Dec. 3 for housing at least 4,114 previously-homeless veterans and their families.

“If Houston can end veteran homelessness, then it is possible for every other city to do it,” said Adam Walmus of the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

This effort follows on the heels of New Orleans, Louisiana eliminating veteran homelessness last January and Virginia effectively eliminating veteran homelessness as of November.

“We’re taking it in steps, so veterans have been first, and we’re working on chronic homelessness, family homelessness, youth homelessness,” said Mark Thiele of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. “Really we have everybody in mind, and we’re doing everything we can to move it as fast as possible.”

Watch the entire Houston Homeless Org video below.

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