How do you think the Global War on Terror is going?


A post on twitter asking the opinion of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) with an accompanying graph that appears to be spiraling out of control, has raised an obvious but valid question: How do you think the GWOT is going?

The post by a political scientist PhD, has gone viral with over 600 Retweets and many responses, most of which reflect the anger the world community has at large, over this debate. The graph in question, though an undocumented source, suggests the rising incidents of terror per year growing tremendously from 2001 at less than 3000, through to 2013, catapulting to almost 18,000 terror incidents annually.

Screenshot (56)

It’s a fair call to look at these figures closely, especially in light of the recent Paris attacks. Not to mention the massive expenditure outlay to fight this war, with no tangible outcomes in sight. We can’t afford to ignore the history of American training for Afghan rebels during the twilight of the Cold War either, to spur on the resistance to Soviet occupation.

050317-N-6628F-031 Camp Morell, Kuwait (Mar. 17, 2005) Ð Navy Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Constriction Battalion Two Four (NMCB-24), participate in a live-fire range exercise prior to deploying to Iraq in support of the Global War on Terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class James Finnigan (RELEASED)

It’s not a finger pointing exercise as such, but a case of examining where we went wrong, using some honesty, and dealing with the issue head on. Pouring trillions of dollars into the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was only a tip of the massive iceberg that has helped to lead us to the precipice we stand at now.

The Tweet has captured the heart of the question: for every dollar we have spent, every life that has been sacrificed (and there has been too many), every war that has been fought, for all the intelligence our departments have supposedly collected; why aren’t we seeing results? What is Russia’s true stance in this? What is America’s?


Obama stated on the morning of this week’s terrorist attacks that he has “completely decapitated” the Islamic State, “we have contained them.” Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister not doing much better, proclaiming “When the French people left the stadium after that shocking attack they were now cowed; they sang their national anthem proudly and that is how all free people should respond to these assaults…”How does this address the problem? Shall we sing loudly as the terrorism expands over more nations?



There are too many unanswered questions accompanied by far too much empty talk from politicians. Paris 2015, Black Friday will be the pivotal point for more change. Unfortunately, it will likely be the average citizen that suffers, not IS or other terrorists.

If a war tribunal were to occur decades from now, who else would stand trial for these crimes against humanity?

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  1. I believe the war on terror is failing, I don’t see America putting in any of the work they are trying to be credited for. It will soon come a time when we need to turn on America, the UK, and all other corrupt civil bodies, and ignite a revolution.
    The only thing I see wrong with this is Isis will still pose a threat. But if we smash one, the other gets stronger. The clock is ticking.

  2. The global war on terror has been starting now slowly may i say. Because we can now feel it in the society. Especially now in France.
    The next stage will be that ISIS is going to make another treat to EU so that everybody in the mainstream, including the UN ofcourse, will make a dramatic action to them.
    No one knows when this is going to happen, but it is planned on the agenda. And my feelings say that we are very close to it.
    ISIS will make a very big attack on civillians again. There is a chance, that they don’t use any guns or suicide bombers.I am talking about BIG BOMBS. This is the ultimate weapon to cause chaos and most importantly, Fear. With Fear you have the power to control the human minds. Because everything they say is immotional.

    Further on, my poinst is: We are living in a Time Bomb. There is no question on if we are going on a World War with this ISIS, but WHEN. And it has started now with Russia and USA. USA is fighting with the rebels of Assaad, while Russia is supporting the rebbels. HMMMMMM….
    Besides that, Russia & USA are working together to destroy ISIS. Ofcourse we all know that ISIS is a organisation created by CIA with the MKULTRA. Period. Why the hell on earth, is ISIS killing ALL the muslims in the Middel-East + North Africa, and not dropping a single bullet on Israel?
    This, is just stupit…

  3. takie same mechanizmy wojny z terrorem widzę jak mechanizmy “wojny z narkotykami”, nie zmierza to do rozwiązania problemu tylko do jego eskalacji. Strony konfliktu zarabiają krocie i realizują swoje cele polityczne. Jaki będzie finał ? Konflikt w skali globalnej i NWO. Albo zaczniemy wreszcie budzić społeczeństwa.

  4. In its broadest sense, terrorism is any act designed to cause terror.[1] In a narrower sense, terrorism can be understood to feature a political objective.(WIkipedia)

    So either we are terrorist as well, or they are not.
    We the west started the WAR, and when they fight back we call it terrorism. Just how fair is that?
    Opposing is not terrorism, reacting is not terrorism, fighting back is not terrorism.

    So i think war on terror is just WAR. They call it terror coz in a war, both sides think they are right, when it comes to terror thogh, the ones being terrorised have the righ with their side.

    How can we not expect a reaction from the ones that our planes bombed?

  5. Faith can not be a terrorist …… (I hope translation in English is correct)
    But they are terrorizing all of our faith .
    Read only in Book’s what they want ,
    Because they would really believe the terrorist would not have won .

    Fight for mind , freedom and justice .
    This is that what unites us all in faith .
    Yes, you belong to this ” terrorist world ” …
    if you put hatred against mind , freedom and justice .

    Peace & Brain


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