Facebook Bans Anonymous Hacktivists Behind #OpISIS Just Hours Before The Paris Attack


On Friday the 13th, without giving any warning Facebook deleted an Anonymous group page, which has been exposing and reporting social media accounts of ISIS the terror outfit used to recruit hardliners and spread propaganda, and banned all its administrators.

The social networking site said that the entire group’s existence was a “violation” of Facebook Terms of Service and “Community Standards”. But according to Counter Current News:

Facebook has refused to respond to inquiries from Red Cult or from Counter Current News and several other alternative media outlets who have contacted them directly via their media relations number.

Red Cult informs us that the only purpose and use of the aforementioned group was to identify and report ISIS recruiting accounts on social media. Not only does this not violate Facebook’s own terms of service agreement, it is actually helping them enforce it.

How could Facebook declare war on Anonymous which is trying to combat the terrorist group in cyberspace?

The social networking website had no explanation to offer for apparently siding with ISIS over Anonymous. But when 8 ISIS militants rattled Paris hours later, Facebook swiftly restored the #OpISIS “Report ISIS Accounts” group without comment.

Was this unethical action taken against the hactivists because Anonymous was doing the job that American and European law enforcement was either unable or unwilling to do? Was the move to restore the page prompted by intelligence’s failure to stop ISIS’ terror attack in France?

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    • you should join us.
      we wont sit by why a terrible group of so called religous people kills innocent memebers of the world.
      we are coming for isis and we dont plant to stand down till every last memeber is erradicated from this earth.
      we are anonymous
      we are legion
      we do not forgive
      we do not forget
      you should of ecpected us.
      prepare for all manners of hell as it rains down upon you and you scream for mercy but we refuse to give any.

  1. Anonymous is a much needed movement of hope in these dark times.. May your endeavors be fruitful, and don’t let setbacks detour you. You are supported by the people, and we are many, we are anonymous.

  2. Hey, may be the ISIS itself reported your group many, many times so that Facebook shut down the site without checking it? I just know that Facebook deletes photos with nudity almost at once, but don’t delete hate comments, before it hasn’t been reported for many times..probably without checking the comment itself, but just because of the quantity of reports…

  3. Guys don’t waste your time on Facebook, combating ISIS is the main priority. And don’t take down ISIS propaganda websites! XSS, SQL and Shellshock is the answer. If you take down their website, your blocking sockets for us smart guys to get in and spy on their communications rather than to halt them completely. I love the TH3J3ST3R but he has to stop taking down websites for the same reason. BTW You guys need to stop using Low Orbit Ion Cannon! It’s extremely primitive and resource inefficient.

    • Well here we have an absolute moron at his best. Let’s be frank @danskijr, If it wasn’t for social media teaching the masses what to believe and think, there may be more people that would be aware of the truths that affect all of us. So when you think that Facebook or CNN or any media outlet isn’t a problem, than you yourself and people like you need to be reeducated so that humankind can finally evolve. If you guys don’t wake up, than there is no hope for humanity.

      • Why am I talking to you? You can’t do anything about ISIS or Facebook. Your opinion is your only offering “the mind is willing but the flesh is weak” I think would be a good descriptior. I could be wrong but I’m guessing you have no technical experience, your not a soldier, why are you here, what are you good for? Do you have any background in Infosec, Corporate/Enterprise security? What certifications do you have CAP, ITTSEF, CISSIP, Network+? Do you even know what this means? Personally these are my certifications and I have a mixed background but I do mostly web security. So go back to your pitiful DDoS/DoS tool that any moron could build with their hands behind their back and look up a tutorial on how to use it. After all, all you are is a stupid Anon Minion.

  4. But just so you know I heavily support Anonymous and it’s beliefs.
    And can you believe one of them got caught because they forgot to remove a geolocation tag! Sad story but this is kind of pathetic

  5. Call me cynical, but I suspect the page went down in order to prevent interference from Anon.
    Two questions:
    Who trains ISIS/ISIL?
    Who monitors Fb?
    Same answer.
    Now, join the dots. 😉

    • Mate, without the C.I.A. training Al Queda, there would be no 9/11 and so called “war on terror” and without guantonimo bay there would be no I.S.I.S.!

  6. Anybody can shoot a gun,set off a bomb or take a life so what? You take these baster scumbags and strip them of their bombs and guns ect and ask them to stand and fight for what they believe in with just there fists or even just a sword and shield like our ancestors and they would all go running like big cowards, bitches and pussys they ARE! They are the biggest slim since hiltler but even Nazis would fight stand and fight with no wepons.ISIS CAN FUCKING BURN IN HELL! why do they pick soft targets? Because they are pussys! Pray that in there own stupidity they will blow themselves up! Fucking maggots waste of human flesh!!! Die!!

  7. Anonymous , you should revenge facebook , you do nice work , i believe you are the one who show them … ISIS cant do whatever they like.. This is starting of the war.. i Believe in you , iam your fan long time but now you got me , #PrayForParis (sorry for bad english iam czech)

    • and why again was France attacked and not the U.S. this time?
      We all made mistakes when it comes to the middle east. We, and that’s Europe, Russia and the U.S. should not have tried to interfere with their politics, way of life and ways of trade. We should have left them alone, not sell our stuff to them and let them develop their own cars, electronics and infrastructure all under the guidance of their big, great and generous Allah.
      But guess what: it’s too late, they became too powerfull and the war is on now, so perhaps you should rethink your standpoint as they will surely not stop shooting at you if you point towards the U.S. government. Also do not forget that there are still normal people around, people who just want to live their own lives, raise their families, build, trade. Unfortunately they don’t stand up against the extremists, but run…

  8. My question is how come facebook is banning Anonymous and yet they dont care that ISIS HAS A FREAKING ACCOUNT my friend does not understand why yall do this please explain to him why

  9. I think, even these games of seem to fall from the elite is made to seem like that because if everyone awakes in a state of war they will get excuses to do what they want… why do these falling patterns appear close to new systems to control the population… because they need excuses so everyone will be angry and their scientists don’t comprehend that and they will work for them and do whatever they want and need because it seems that, ‘ups’, ‘i didn’t do that’, ‘the population is out of control’… wake up people, please… freedom vs extremism is their game… they seem to be artists on that… of course they guided people’s consciousness to this state case-scenario so people would be angry and nervous and would be on war with them, and the elite would be able finally to take control over the people through the surveillance systems and the main stream media, flashing messages… people need to know that they were educated this way, probably to fight the system, but no mind is equal, so why are they studying advanced mind and how do they update their psychological warfare techniques and with what priority and regularity??? yes… people are revolting because probably they need that to happen, so it appears to be the reality, but it is not, even the genres of movies are more related to crime than to other things like fantasy and realms… people are revolting because they are all in global psychosis and they see what they have memory of… if one scientist tells you this is not true, ask on thousand, and you will see the ideas to start to diverge… well planed, but not sufficient… do you think globalization is making this trouble between people, or is it the main stream media and fashion and styles and society groups… why no one is just different of everyone and falls in the same trap?? because injecting messages in main stream messaging systems with strong messages can misguide you in one way… the way they can have power over you… that’s why they need to study percepts because it is uniquely linked to psychological warfare… wake up before it’s too late… ;D

  10. Anonymous can either be a revolutionary asset to the world or the biggest threat the world has ever seen. People will soon realize how much power and influence Anonymous has over the internet. I can only hope that all of the members have insight and realize what a powerful position they are sitting in. With great power comes great responsibility.

  11. What could give this entire issue a jump start would be to go after the Gulf States that have been funding ISIL since it’s inception. No outside funds means they have less equipment and the Saudi’s in particular, get what the truly deserve.

  12. We are being misguided. Yes, clearly IS needs to be taken down, but this is part of a much larger game, a game they seem to be winning. IS exists because our governments wants it too, it would not be difficult for the US and NATO to send in massive forces that would eradicate them like the vermin they are. This does not happen, and it will not happen until IS no longer serves a purpose in the big picture. Not only do they keep that entire region unstable, which is beneficial to both the US economy and the value of the dollar on an international basis, but it’s also beneficial to their public image. With so many people turning on their own governments and revolting against established systems, they needed a common enemy to keep the focus away from how they’re playing the world for a fool on a daily basis. They made IS, and they’re responsible for its continued existence when they do next to nothing to stop it. The people I’m talking about is the people who control most of the world’s resources, not just a country, a government, a religion, media or corporation, but elements that exist within all these things but are held accountable for non of it. These are power structures created by average people but are controlled by a minority through, what else, money (greed). The bigger issue here is that what needs to be done is a complete overhaul of the current system, world wide. Wealth, not money, but wealth as in resources needs to be distributed more fairly and for the good of the many, not the good of the few. IS in many ways exist because so many people are beginning to see what is wrong with the world as a whole, making us focus on IS gives them time to think and regroup. In effect what they’re doing is saying “we might not like each other, but look at how terrible those guys are, we should fight those guys”. Then we spend a ton of resources fighting them while they go regroup, build new defences and make plans. When nobody cares about IS anymore, something new will show up, another bomb will go off, a plane will disappear, on and on it will go. Mass media will spread it from a sertain point of view, causing more fear, making people easier to control, allowing new laws that works against us to be passed and so on. In my opinion, taking down IS will change nothing, the only way to change things is by changing the world wide greed based system that allows IS and things like it to exist in the first place. Yeah, IS is a safe target, but I’m sure most of us agree that the real target is much bigger and it will not go down quietly. Who knows when it will come, but it will come, and when it does we can only hope we are prepared. Not only for the massive resistance, not only having to fight against misguided friends and family, not only the superior technology, “firepower” and resources they have, but for what might be the outcome. If anon, people, us, win that battle, take down that system, do we know how to rebuild a world that will be in virtual ruins? Yes, we know the enemy, but simply getting rid of it won’t be enough. And I think that is what many us lack, a vision for the future. I’m sure nobody here is naive enough to think that if we take down IS it will end terrorism, just like nobody thinks that if we take down all power stuctures and rid the world of money we will all be free and happy. It’s gonna be a long hard road, and I think we’d all benefit from starting to think about what we want to make out of the world that comes after. Ultimately, that is what should drive us, not anger against a system that is mistreating all of us, but the dream of what this world and humans as a race can become once we are free of it. Thanks for reading.


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