How To Remain Anonymous Online


As for the title of this article, yes, pun intended. When I first started exploring online chat rooms and learning more about how the internet worked, I have to admit I was rather naive to it all. I remember watching an online video which led me here to Anonymous. This video, in part tells people to ask for help remaining secure and private online. In the spirit of this message I write this article.

We all hear about the NSA and government surveillance or hackers lurking in the shadows. For some people, the internet can seem like a scary and intimidating place. Do you want help feeling safer online? Do you want to be unafraid about making an online purchase? Would you like in interact and learn with people from all around the world without feeling spied on by some unknown powers at be? If you are like many people you have suspicions or hesitations online, but here are some tips from the professionals on how to help you stay anonymous on your journey.

Step 1. Use a good firewall software for your computer. A good firewall software you can use is a high-end built directly into Kaspersky and Norton Internet Security (2013). Also, using Kaspersky or Norton, you are getting spyware protection and live website protection to protect you from unsafe websites.

Step 2. Purchase a hardware firewall. You can get them for as little as $50+ from a pawn shop (if they have any) and up from there. This will help in protecting not only your computer, but if you hook it into your internet connect before your router/modem, it protects all of your networked devices.

Step 3. Utilize a VPN connection. VPN (Virtual Private Network) actually simulates your computer as if you are logged into the network from another location. a good VPN company to use is from IPVanish. They offer SSL as well as VPN connections.

Step 4. Once you have completed steps 1-3, now you need to get a more secure browser than IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc. I am talking about the Tor Network. Tor is one of the leading web browsers that also comes with another VPN connection and keeps your website viewing privatized. Tor is 100% free and safe to use.

How can you further protect your privacy interacting as anonymous online? Invent an alias, a surname if you will, with a name of your choice. Go and register this name with one of the big email service providers. Use this new email to register any new Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ‘etcetera’ accounts. Be sure to clear all browser cookies before using this alias, or better yet, use a different web browser for your anonymous identity than you would use for your more typical internet activity. If you have a further need for security beyond these steps you may want look into encryption, stenography or TAILS system.

This article (How to remain anonymous online) is free and open source. You have the permission to publish this article, with attribution to its author and AnonHQ, using a creative commons license


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  1. I’ve visited the website of Barracuda and it says they offer only products for business/corporate use only, do you have an alternative for personal use?

  2. I have a Verizon Wi-fi router at the moment, but eventually I will go back to Cox. With Cox, I can buy my own router, with Verizon I can’t…it’s proprietary. If I buy a hardware firewall, it would basically be for 2-3 PCs, what Brand & model would you suggest for the best protection, and that’s affordable…maybe even used?

    Have you heard of the Anonabox…is this something useful?


  3. Is this a joke? Tor and Tails are completely unsecured, the exit nodes are babysat by Government contractors and the NSA has already somehow cracked the VPN’s with their “magic box” or whatever it is that nailed all the encrypted end nodes traffic and people are sitting in jail for ever using the methods described above! SHM Do you’re research and never count of Anon for anything!

    • I’ve tried Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, and a few others you may have heard of during the past fifteen years and I hated those. I’m still kicking myself for actually buying three of those in succession hoping for a better result. Their merits are all hyperbole. Now I am using the AVG free version or the past five years. It’s excellent. I recommend it.

  4. You mad? Never use commercial products! None of them are secure and all of them have back doors! Jebus surely you lot realise this?

  5. And as for hardware firewalls. I recommend you buy a Raspberry Pi and either install OPENWRT (with a second USB network card) or stick a decent linux install on there

    or buy any router that supports any of the opensource router software replacement like OpenWRT. These sites have lists of supported hardware…

  6. How many of these free anonymous (help you out just cos im kind) VPNs, Proxies etc are run by government shill companies?

    How many foolish people, crims and the like think they can move over to some nice little secure VPN and the government won’t see what they are doing?

    People are so gullible. No wonder we are now living the Orwellian nightmare.

  7. Firstly,Norton is a load of garbage.Tor and tails is cracked,any anti-virus program can be reverse engineered.Windows OS is a huge mistake..Technically the safest PC is one that is never online.The best offense is a fantastic defense.In this age where privacy no longer exists,there is still one way it can thrive.The hint is to turn off the computer.Turn cell phones off and pull the battery,disconnect from the grid.However,if you want to remain online,then consider this.Do it on a Live Linux distro (thumbdrive or DVD),and then use a wireless card that is USB with a programmable proxy addy,And lastly,NEVER give your personal info out (except when necessary)..also be aware of satalite tracking and manless aircrafts (Drones)…

  8. I m so confuse about this article and comments!!! I don t understand nothing about hacking but I feel that I m a hacker already 😀 . Someone please explain me this thing as if I was 7 years old.

  9. I tried Tor Browser over VPN (was a free VPN service) to discover the deep web, but surfing was damn slow. You really have to have some patience, because for me it was like surfing with a 56kB modem like in the beginning of the Internet days.

  10. Sir i have respect for your research but the brother is up there is right if you used Comercial software youll get hacked to matter what because Comercial software always have back door to break in thats why they put updates every week/month/year they close that back door and create another one but you cant take these products light because they have so advance technology that you can imagine becuase they make changes every week/month/year how because its not thats easy work with encryption that what i am.sure off and creating back door and there make it hidden more like cant just put at front because each encryption connects to other if we find out a way how create there encryption,find a way workout with there main encryption youll get there old school and there 1 next generation technology thats how they fool people they create virus so there own anti virus can get that virus and one more thing every Antivirus company have few best hackers to check the soft try find and mistake or lack of programming . Its not easy but its a knowledgeable point of view and research i read from online and i m not a hack i just like have passion to go deep in few topic and thing so correct me if i am wrong somewhere because i would love to have knowledge too…. thanks you ☺

  11. I have install an app from Tor project, i think that’s good app for smartphone and safe, but the Google shut down my internet because they couldn’t recognize my ip.. How i should do in these cases?.. Thnx

  12. I’m trying to create an alias email address but google won’t let me without verifying it via phone or SMS. How do I get around it? Just use someone’s phone that I know is out of the office at the moment or is there a better way?

  13. I don’t think TOR is no longer secure. TOR is one of the best browser( And Tails in case of OS ) which provides services of proxy servers but not in case of anonymity from FBI and all.

    The reasons are :
    >Exit Nodes Can Be Sniffed.
    >JavaScript, Plug-ins, and Other Applications Can Leak Your IP.
    >Running an Exit Node Puts You At Risk.

    When such a post is published, it’s better to mention the other side of the topic. I just mentioned these things because i don’t want others to believe TOR is completely secure.

  14. If you don’t think there’s back doors into all the firewalls ya nut`s, if they were not there in at the beginning they will be now, probably by law and just like face book twitter and all the rest the FBI CID or any other Gov agency can monitor all you do, how do you get around it? you don’t, be good don’t do naughty things. Think about it the Gov recruit the brightest IT people they can find just to track down bad people doing bad things.

    • or just slaughter people who know too much. The fact is if face book gets hacked it’s a serial killer’s wet dream. They have everything about us our locations, our birth certificates, our SSNS, hell it’ll have passwords to our phones. As for bright no I bet fifty percent are not in the bright range or are actually sociopaths.

      • you think fb isnt hacked??? LOLOL omg thats hilarious. They sell everything to everyone already anyway as a standard operating principle!!!!

  15. Really this kind of thing amazes me, that people actually believe the crap other people blog about, its crazy people are so Gullible they believe anything.

    to believe Antivirus’s and Firewalls or tor keep you anonymouswhile online is so far from the truth its ridiculous. do not believe anything you read from a bloggers, they are apparently all experts yet give out bogus stupid infomation yet believe they offer something credible, They Don’t!.
    Firewalls Antivirus are a necessity to keep you secure but they will not make you anonymous while online.

    If you really want to secure you Privacy while online their are only 2 ways to either use a VPN or Encryption.
    There are so many wannabe’s and liars onlinethese days from big corporations like microsoft all the way down to these small time bloggers. Do yourself a favour and take everything they say with a grain of salt. Their goal is to manipulate you into something you just dont need nor wanted.

  16. windows 10 for example is nothing but spyware and the worst OS ever created yet microsoft and their cronies who are paid to push the lies do just that. For example microsoft want people to believe that 200 million people are using Windows 10 that isnothing but a bold faced lie to trick people into believing Windows 10 is popular, it is not, you only have to search the internet to understand how unpopular Windows 10 is yet the same Websites paid by microsoft to sell the lie come up with bigger lies everyday to push something as lame as Windows 10 onto users who just dont want it and will never use it Only 2.2 million users have upgraded to windows 10 not 200 million, but if they repeat the lie day by day somebody is eventually going to buy it and in the end You realise what you already knew, you should have stayed well away from it.

  17. its the same deal with bloggers, the internet is full of liars and bloggers who have no credibility yet a few minutes typing garbage obviously fools some.

  18. this is Nothing but a load of garbage. There are only 2 ways to secure your privacy online by using a VPN or Encryption, Firewalls, Antivirus’s or Tor are not going to keep you Anonymous online and anyone with computer knowledge can tell you that.

  19. even moderators of these sites remove comments that touch on the actual facts, people cant handle the truth but they have no issues when it comes to lies.

  20. If it’s in internet it can be hacked.. Encryption makers fight this undoubtful fact fiercely, but the recent iPhone hack by FBI proves them wrong. If you still considering subscribing for a VPN service you will find the list of trusted networks here:

  21. What anonymous stands for is a great thing ! I don’t want to say too much but to let you know support is given to you all and the million mask March sounds amazing. You have support from 94551 California. I do not know much about computers or how it all works but it’s great what you guys are doing to bring people together to know the truth. Much respect and peace be with you all !


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