How To Solve The European Migrant/Refugee Crisis – 5 Simple Steps



The refugee crisis in Europe could be easily solved. The problem is that the real solution would not suit the the political establishment of the United States or Western Europe. Stormcloudsgathering distilled what needs to be done down to 5 simple steps.

1. Stop funding and arming rebel groups attempting to overthrow the Syrian government. It’s well established that these weapons have been ending up in the hands of ISIS and its affiliates. This has caused nothing but chaos and destruction. Money being funneled into these shady operations should be immediately redirected to an intensive reconstruction effort.


2. Pressure Turkey and Jordan to cut off ISIS supply routes, and impose sanctions on any country facilitating the sale of oil from IS territory or allowing funds or materials to reach them. No army can function if their supply chain is broken. It’s not an accident these routes start at the Turkish and Jordanian borders.


3. Support the Syrian government. An entire year of U.S. airstrikes in Syria have utterly failed to destroy or even significantly weaken ISIS. Of course this is because the real strategy isn’t to bring ISIS down, but rather to contain them and allow them to weaken Assad gradually. If Washington really wanted to stop this group, they would take a hint from Russia and provide the Syrian government with weapons, training and logistical support to enable them to push ISIS back. This means Washington and its allies would have to officially abandon all plans for a forced regime change. They might not like Assad, but the majority of the citizens of Syria support him. In fact he has more support within his country than Obama or the U.S. congress have in America. And at various intervals he’s had more support than Congress and Obama combined. Any government installed after a U.S. backed regime change will be viewed as a puppet government, and will therefore lack the legitimacy needed to stabilize the region. If you need evidence of this, just look at Afghanistan or Iraq.


4. Provide direct assistance to rebuild housing, infrastructure and businesses destroyed by the conflict. In the short term temporary refugee camps should be set up in areas outside of the conflict zone, and food and medical supplies shipped in on a regular basis. Yes this will cost money, but so has the five year regime change push that created the problem in the first place.


5. Return the refugees to these stabilized regions. It is in no one’s interest to flood Europe with masses of unemployed refugees. Doing so will only lead to heightened tensions and will strengthen xenophobic movements. These people don’t need to be transplanted into the ghettos of Europe, they need their homes back.



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  1. its a start,the message needs to get mainstream well thats got to knock the stories of the 5p bag contoversey and egging incidents to be heard

  2. Sounds logical but those who control the power will never accept common sense ideas and the vast majority are too apathetic to care…

  3. where the hell are you getting this information from? A VAST number of people in Syria fear ASSAD MORE THAN ISIS because HE is the one killing his own citizens and you think people support him where on EARTH are you getting your facts from

  4. You incorrectly assume the objective is to help the refugees. The banks that orchestrated this crisis–the same ones that run the US government and fund ISIS–want a refugee crisis. They want a Rothschild bank running the monetary system in Syria, they want an oil pipeline there, and they want a financial burden and security risk in the West. This crisis was created. No one is going to undo all that hard work. Except maybe Putin.

  5. I would love to invite them to Canada. We have a northern forest dying and it needs to be harvested. Doctors. Accountants. Educated men and women. Children. What a blessing it would be for Canada. Please Syrian refugees. Ask to come to Canada. We have millions upon millions of acres for each of you.

  6. THIS IS ABSURD! First, Jordan and Turkey have no interest to supply ISIS! Jordan is participating in the air strikes against ISIS, is the creator of this video even familiar with the region?? Have you heard about the Jordanian pilot that ISIS burned? about the threats ISIS made against Jordan?
    2nd, the majority of Syrians oppose the Assad regime, I know this because I LIVED THERE!
    3rd, How do you expect anyone to support the head of a regime that’s responsible for the death of over 200,000 of his own people, and the displacement of over 12 million?? And one who is securing his position by using barrel bombs and chemical weapons against his own people, civilians??
    Lastly, how does the creator even suggest to send the refugees back because their presence will heighten xenophobia? the author is clearly xenophobic! you cant say “flood Europe with masses of unemployed refugees” and claim that you’re not xenophobic, & btw the refugees are seeking employment and integration with their new societies. This page really needs to stop spreading the propaganda that’s spread by Russia, the dictator’s allies

    • You are 100% right.

      This is all russian propaganda bullshit!!!

      This site, anonymous, are nothing but Kremlin trolls.

      Here, anonymous … I can solve the problem for you in 3 easy steps

      1) russian stop supporting assad the murderer.

      2) the Syrian people elect a new government

      3) bring all the refugees back to live at home in peace without a leader murdering them.

      There. Problem solved.

  7. Hello,
    from Germany, it’s not a crisis, it’s war/ warfare with the migration weapon. We are in WW3 the pontiff told.
    To the invasion weapon:
    “Only” 15-20% Syrian people flood Germany. The other part comes from Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Irak, Albania, Kosovo … . 95% act like wild animals, they want all from us for free.
    New houses, new clothings, new phones, best! food … there hobbies are raping, stealing, murdering…100% horror. Merkel this bitch invite all and give them all they demand, in the name of the puppet Obama to destabilize and destroy us.
    Every day we have 15.000-20.000 new Invaders, 2.5 Million this year(1,5 mio Government told, big LOL). In 5-10 years we are the minority. Here in “my” town are more than 80% non-Germans. It looks like middle east & africa garnished with Kebab.

    Its time to start a Cyberwar against the (“German”) Mainstream Press, Refugies Instituts and the Government.

    Germany needs a peace contract, sovereignty, a new real constitution and secession from the criminal eternal monster The FED and City of London. All the criminal puppet politicians in Germany (World to) must be thrown into prison, waiting on trial. All occupying forces must leave Germany, USA/Israel first.

    Germany is the problem since more than hundreds of years, Europe is not our friend, CIA Master George Friedman told. Stratfor Solutions:

    George Friedman (Stratfor): “Europe – Destined for Conflict?” (Feb 3rd, 2015)

    In deutscher Sprache:
    (3:40 beginnt die Stratfor Rede)
    Stratfor – George Friedmans Rede auf deutsch und Putins Gegendarstellung

    Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

    Jewish activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration

    European Plan to Eradicate Race Through Immigration (Kalergi Plan)


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