An Idea That Can Change The World


The ready to drink water ball, which was developed to substitute water containers made of plastic, has recently been shortlisted as one of several world changing creative ideas that have the potential to drastically transform the planet.

This “ready to drink” item, termed as – Ooho! – is composed of a gelatinous membrane developed from a brownish algae and calcium chloride. As opposed to traditional plastic containers, the container can be safely ingested or thrown away due to the fact it is naturally biodegradable. Its overall appearance has been compared to that of a jellyfish, while others express that the water ball looks like a breast implant. The Global Design Forum (GDF)—a United Kingdom government supported function that is part of the London Design Festival (LDF)—has said that the innovative H2O container, can one day help replace the conventional non-biodegradable plastic water container.

Drinkable Water Bottle
Image Source: Index – Ooho! uses the culinary technique of spherification, the water is encapsulated in a double gelatinous membrane. The method consists of applying sodium alginate (E-401) from the brown algae and calcium chloride (E-509).

Rodrigo García González, a masters student from the Royal College of Art and from the Imperial College of London, developed the company called – Ooho! The structure of the water ball is meant to replicate purely natural walls, much like the membrane coverings found on eggs, grapes and caviar. This membrane covering can be recreated using a method of spherification. Although the foundations of the invention are in place, its architects agree that the item requires a lot more work. Before Ooho! can replace our ordinary water bottles, the company must develop a membrane layer sturdy enough to be carried carefree, and construct a way for the water container to be re-sealed once opened.

Image Source: Wikipedia – Spherification of green tea. Spherification is the culinary process of shaping a liquid into spheres which visually and texturally resemble roe. The technique was originally discovered by Unilever in the 1950s (Potter 2010, p. 305) and brought to the modernist cuisine by the creative team at elBulli under the direction of executive chef Ferran Adrià.

Among the thousands on inventions and ideas that are created every year, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest and world-changing concepts enlisted by the discussion board. In addition to the Ooho!, other great inventions—such as a floor tile that stores the energy of people or things strolling on it, a bee hive which immediately picks up abnormal activity in order to assist and avoid a nest break problem, and a cellular phone software that allows people with no expertise to carry out their own vision tests—were also recognized by the board.

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