#IllRideWithYou: The Aussie Spirit in Spite of Terror Acts


On December 15th, Martin Place in Sydney, became a landmark that the rest of the world watched with interest and horror as events of a siege unfolded. A lone gunman, claiming his stand as a Muslim; and his actions as a response to Western actions across the oceans, raised a flag in the window of the Lindt café as he held several men and women hostage. The outcome was nothing short of a blood bath. Two innocents were shot dead; a mother of three and the café manager. The third death was the offender, Man Haron Monis, a self-styled sheik; after the police stormed the scene.

But it isn’t the attack on the innocent by a single crazed man that has lingered almost a month after the event. It isn’t the belief that Monis held that “society should behave in an Islamic manner and there should be justice.” It is the outpouring of support and humanity on the streets of Australia – not just in Sydney, but everywhere – that a hope remains for everyone to live in a peace and harmony with all neighbors, regardless of heritage in its broadest sense.

The Illridewithyou hashtag started shortly after a Sydney commuter witnessed a woman remove her hijab. Moved by the action, the commuter asked her to put it back on and that she will walk with her. Australians followed the hashtag quickly, standing in solidarity with Muslims in the country; worried about a potential back lash as the gunman was revealed to be Islamic.

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Today the Illridewithyou hashtag is still being used, showcasing the kindness shared between Australians. Some have opted for taking the train to work rather than driving, to show their support for the Muslim community within Australia.

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It restores a faith in humanity. It also restores a single hope that the general populations still refuse to recognize one single act as a sweeping generalization for the culture of which that person belongs. There are good people and those who aren’t. This hashtag states that heritage and religion have no place in dictating a person’s actions. Only the said person can be held accountable. It is their choice, their single belief and their act alone. Australians and the rest of the world are tired of religious and cultural difference as the excuse for conflict.





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  1. It’s great to see some good news tonight, especially those who want to truly be equal and to no longer be judged by our race and religion, and to see who we truly are by our personality, despite what we look like or for what we support. If only changes like this would also happen a lot more in life around our world, then we might do alright.

  2. I’m sorry but it is a load of shit. The hashtag was created by an Australian Greens party member under the most vile and vain assumptions. Most of Australia are not using this at all as we have seen from the start that it downplayed condolences and concern for the actual victims of the Sydney siege, the people who lost their lives to a mad man.
    I have next to no sympathy whatsoever toward random people of any religion who were not victims of this attack. What a disgusting thing that hashtag is.
    Have a read about why it was created and the lack of knowledge and respect those who share it really have.
    And the crap we are really dealing with – http://pickeringpost.com/story/inquiry-will-show-wide-islamic-support-for-terrorist/4283

  3. Do hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are so many pieces to this alleged siege that contradict it is more than suspicious. For an event that achieved world wide coverage, it’s amazing that weeks later authorities are still not saying a word and no one knows exactly who shot who. The timing is so convenient for a prime minister who is a habitual liar and has lost all trust from the Australian people and selling the farm to china behind their backs. I, like many others, smell a rat. don’t believe me? Google it.

    • Glad to see some people are awake out there, this event was allowed to happen no doubt about it!!! Did you hear about a drill in Martin place back in May 2014? Every time this happens you can bet your bottom dollar there will be an event!! All of these False Flag attacks around the world of late will see free Humanity’s civil rights & freedoms fly out the window! 9/11 7/7 London bombings, Madrid train bombings, Oaklahoma city,etc etc not to mention all the good people who have been killed at the hands of the CIA & criminal elements of the U.S. Wake up to the New World Order!!

  4. Each of the 3 abrahamic religions believe that they’ll be the only ones left standing… This being the case, and many other examples from those books, the religious’ DO NOT see everybody as equal.


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