#JESUISAHMED|Story Of The French Police Officer Who Was Gunned Down While Saving Charlie Hebdo


The Ultimate sacrifice in the name of free speech, thousands were crying and paying their respects to a dead Muslim officer, Ahmed Merabet, in a rally with one phrase, ‘JeSuisAhmed’, after the martyred officer was shot down in Paris yesterday during the attack.ahmed

Source: Twitter – Police officer Ahmed Merabet (identified on Twitter, above) was killed while working in the area Charlie Hebdo’s offices are located.

42 year old Ahmed along with his 49 year old fellow policeman, Franck Brinsolaro, were the officers who were performing their duty to protect Charlie Hebdo and his staff. Ahmed’s death was captured on film and spread like a wildfire across the French television and the social media.

But who was Ahmed? After the public demanded the information about their hero the French authorities responded by saying that he worked at a police station in Paris (11th Arrondissement), near Hebdos office. Reports also state that he was, himself, a Muslim. He gave his life to protect Charlie Hebdos right to practice his religion – a powerhouse that is trending on twitter.

Every person that went into God’s Grace yesterday should be remembered & respected equally. But with the radical racist-Islam-hating mindsets, several mosques were vandalized that very night.

Instead of surmising that everyone who keeps a beard, wears a turban or practices Islam is an extremists, It would do well to everyone to remember that a big majority of Muslims are like Ahmed Merabet.


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  1. A heroic sacrifice in a world where racism is controlling everyone’s lives and where your religion is being judged . If we were taught better to not judge a person by their race, religion, and skin color. Then we would have lower down the disaster limit and prejudices would speak not but what may benefit others or themselves to avoid trifling conversation. Or as they say, “Shut up.” .

  2. There should be a limit even to freedom of speech, don’t you think so? If you’re off insulting others’ religion and culture like he did, it’s inhuman. Freedom of speech should be about expressing one’s own opinions and belief, and not about insulting others.

    • There should NEVER be a limit on freedom of speech. Censorship is not the answer no matter if we disagree with their thoughts or beliefs.

      • Why should there not be a limit on Free Speech? Are you by any chance indoctrinated by Western culture?

        It’s not the only right. Religious freedom is important to some too. People apparantly can’t set boundaries in what they can and can’t do to other people. If you’re going to bully someone who can’t defend himself, something like this is bound to happen.

    • There are limits. Most countries have laws pertaining to perjury and defamation. The third commandment requires us not to use the name of Christ as a swear word and the the ninth forbids us from lying to each other. All such limits fall within the brackets of love for God and love for each other.

    • I agree. Charlie Hebdo is unified in calling the insulting cartoons “free speech,” but in fact these cartoons are the heart and soul of Charlie Hebdo, and are a systematic attempt to instill a negative and belittling image of the Muslim population, religion and culture — a constant out-pouring of propaganda aimed at a deeply religious and long standing part of the French and the World population.
      The world press seems to agree. Birds of a feather, they are not dissimilar to crooked politicians, looking out for one another with no regard for decency.

  3. #IAM_NOT_CHARLIE when they insult ISLAM and #Prophet #MOHAMMED (SAAS) its #Freedom_of_ speech but IF you try to say something about #JEWISH they Attack and destroy you.

    SO ???? Freedom of speech


    • Tu me fais bien rire avec ton commentaire idiot.
      Ton prophète n’était qu’un homme comme les autres tout comme Jésus..Des hommes sages dont les paroles été la PAIX.
      L’interprétation de celle-ci sont maintenant vu par certain comme des paroles de guerre contre les soi-disant infidèles que nous sommes…..juste de façon culturel.
      La liberté de parole n’existe pas dans les pays musulmans , les femmes sont brimées tout ça pour la religion….
      La liberté de parole a été acquise en 1789 lors de la révolution Française, elle est un droit qui est écrit dans notre constitution.
      A bon entendeur.


      • This is an English site. Why would you comment in French? I’m tired of trying to use my knowledge of Spanish to try and piece together Latin root words. Cut the crap and speak the world’s most universally understood language please.

  4. Wow Surfine and Vandetta, You must have missed the great quote “it’s better to remain silent and be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.
    @ Vandette, while spreading hate ignorance mmakes you an ass it shouldn’t make you a criminal.
    @ Surfine, I don’t even know where to start on your post. It’s time to come up out of your mother’s basement for goodness sakes you’re a 40 something virgin time to put away your conspiracy theories, realize that Star Wars isn’t real, and Bigfoot didn’t kill Kennedy.
    You gentlemen are both idiots who should not reproduce. Feel free however to find some books and educate yourselves, ooh books they’re paper things with words on them made for reading not burning.

  5. This whole situation is out of control.
    I served my country and did my duty but I have personal conflicts over the things I had to do in the name of GOD and COUNTRY and so called freedom of speech.
    Killing anyone because your god is insulted is not justified your god can handle shit on there own they do not need you to do it…..
    Muslim Jewish Christian or Ant Worship does not matter your god wants you to live in peace not war.

  6. If by any to say .. such action of retaliation shows weakness not strength .. the prophet Mohammed (saas) himself didn’t do that to his enemies who constantly hurt him for 13 years when he had him in his hand .. so it was just stupid to kill civilians for that .. they should have spent that money not on arms but on a counter campaign to show who Mohammed really is .. popularity of muslims as peaceful individuals is unquestioned and increasing

  7. Is this the officer shown in the news clip shot several times by two masked gunmen? If so, can someone explain why there is no blood??

    • Type paris shooting and see the video online……You need proof for everything?Hope you did not do a DNA test on yourself and your parents….?

      • 1 they live on welfare and get 200 a week per child, as they have multiple children it has been proven they can receive $1800 a week in welfare, 2 if they don’t like something or it offends them that thing is changed straight away 3 when they arrive in their new countries they hare givin a house and car from.the government. Look up the truth that almost all Muslim migrants do bot work and live off high welfare so they can pray 5 time a day and subject us all to hallal food and.if they don’t get these things they claim intolerance

      • They get more welfare then us because they have more children, refuse to work dye to religious obligations, if they don’t like something the government changes it in fear of being intolerant or racist, they get givin homes and cars upon arrival in the country, they get their own toilets and worship spaces

        • I’m not racist I live in the multicultural capitol of the world and this is what is happening, my friend lost his job and was denied welfare and lost his house yet immigrants get a house and car and over $1000 a week welfare up on arrival with no intention to work

  8. Thats a load of cr** im muslim i earn 60k a year after studying for 4 years at uni. My husband owns his own business and we live in a house we paid for. Seriously get real


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