Here’s How Arab Newspapers Reacted to The #CharlieHebdo Massacre


No, the Arab world DID NOT celebrate the attack on Charlie Hebdo. While there were reports of Palestinians celebrating the killing of blasphemers in the West Bank and in Lebanese refugee camps, rest of the Arab world was clearly outraged. Many newspapers across the Arab world published cartoons expressing solidarity and support with the French satirical magazine.


Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed printed a powerful picture of a pencil overpowering a bullet.



Al-Masry Al-Youm’s young cartoonist Makhlouf drew two cartoons. The first one says on top “In support with Charlie Hebdo” with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie.


In the below cartoon, Makhlouf drew himself holding up a pencil in front of a masked gunman. It again says “In support of Charlie Hebdo”.



Iranian government’s official newspaper Iran dedicated most of its front page to the Paris attack, with the headline “Bloody Show Of Terrorists In Paris”.



Below two cartoons are from the An Nahar newspaper. The first one reads “But … he called me a terrorist”. And the second one reads “This is how we avenge the cartoonists’ killer”.



The Al Akhbar newspaper printed the following cartoon that read “freedom up in the air”.


The pan-Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat sharply condemned the Paris attack. Its headline read “Terrorists Hit The Heart Of Paris in Cold Blood”.

Saudi Arabia described the attack on journalists as a “cowardly terrorist act which Islam as well as other religions reject,” the state-run Saudi Press Agency quoted an official source as saying.


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  1. Thankyou ANONYMOUS!!!

    Do you accept donations if I wanted to offer 10% sale proceeds from a supporting design on t-shirts?

    Big Supporter.

    • I have since learned, that we don’t see. What we are not looking for.
      Have worked hard on forgiving myself for being so blind to this entire conspiracy.
      Trying to forgive myself, for not seeing what was so obvious.
      A simple hint from one whom I respected. Could have saved so lives of people I loved and admired a great deal.
      I can only learn from the experience. Not to be so trusting of those who havr shown by by their actions. That their words are empty. While their repeated actions speak volumes.

      • It is not your fault, you are forgiven.
        I like how you say “We don’t see what we are not looking for”.
        It indeed appears that most people would rather be blind..and in that respect, blessed are the ignorant, though it is not their fault either.
        Media is to blame, in a world where there is no room for asking questions or individualism, they treat us as being stupid. Let them continue I say, for they are digging their own graves and when they will lose it all they will turn to us and ask us for help, and we will say ‘no’.

  2. See now all people ? we’re Never happy for what happen! And Also we don’t have any relation with what happen..
    ISLAM IS RELIGION OF PEACE. For ever. After.

    • So are the millions in afghanistan , iraq and the original inhabitors of the north america that the americans killed and took over their land
      just because (civilisation)

      • Well put ablackchair! 1.6 billion muslims are not made up of the roughly 70 thousand people assosiated with the terrorist groups Al Qaida (10K), IS (30K) and the Taliban (30K).

      • What about the millions of original inhabitants of the Middle East that were butchered by the Muslims in the first place to take their lands

        • @john smith

          everyone (groups of people be it race, religion, etc) has had highs and lows throughout history. what the settlers did to the black slaves, the chinese slaves, and the native americans is a travesty. what the christians did in the name of god during the crusades is a travesty.

    • Cold blood murdering should be condemned, I agree. But why you Muslin support this stupid Charlie for insulting your religion? I don’t get it.
      And as a Canadian, I say je ne suis pas Charlie. Get the fuck out of Canada, stop inciting hatre between ppl! We Canadian don’t need this childish foolish low class cartoons!

  3. Saudi Arabia described the attack on journalists as a “cowardly terrorist act which Islam as well as other religions reject,” the state-run Saudi Press Agency quoted an official source as saying.
    This one takes the cake. Wahabism, sharia law, morality police, blasphemy laws, supports Al-Qaida & ISIS, atheism deemed to BE terrorism…

  4. Yeah right….they aren’t that stupid to start celebrating a massacre because if they do,they know is gonna be a big war against is better to have “empathy” for what happend instead of telling around their true feelings

    • There are already more then 1 million civillian deaths from Iraq war, all middle east is in war thanks to us, do you really think they care what the west thinks anymore?

      • Thats aqtually true we dont care , and am sorry to the world for any terrorism happened with the name islam , and remeber we die from these terrorists more than the west

        • first it was russia
          then terrorist
          now will come rogue nations
          what’s next? Meteors and an alien threat, they can milk this forever, to have us live in fear, like we need them. Bloody govt doesn’t even pay taxes, yet they expect everyone else to. Why would they solve all the problems, they’d have no job to go to. oh wait, is that Kim Kardashian’s butt?

      • No podemos llamar libertad al solo hecho de creer en las mentiras, de creer solo en lo que se conoce o quieran que conozcamos, no podremos hablar de libertad mientras su definición se encuentre en un pedazo de papel o en un viejo papiro lleno de palabras muy bien organizadas y con un objetivo muy bien planteado. La verdad no es lo que la mayoría dice o cree, no, la verdad solo existe en lo que sentimos, la verdad es un sentimiento único que todos compartimos, un solo sentimientos que une a todos.
        Verdad es amor, y el amor es la verdad.
        No busquemos culpables a nuestros errores por que no los hay, culpable solo hay uno y ese es el hombre.
        No caigas una vez más en el juego de la lucha no te dejéis engañar ya creamos lo suficiente ya traspasamos nuestras propias fronteras.
        Ya conocimos el mal y el bien el amor y el miedo ya llenaste el vacío, ahora que harás con él.

  5. You guys should start a newspaper agency and also start campaign to get this news out there more than state news or other news.. because you are spreading the truth here.. other newspapers and tv channels.. all they do is spread hatred with dodgy headlines.

    • Of course this article had to add some propaganda about Palestinians celebrating this tragedy. They have gained support recently from many Nations including France but after this tragedy and this bs many will not stand with their oppressors, the Jews. Perhaps this was a mossad mission. The world will never know.

  6. Why is entire Belgium obsessed by messages that you guys will hack every twitter and FB account… I don’t see anything on this webpage nor on the FB or twitter page, so is it just something the media whant’s us to believe?!

    If so. I think it’s wrong and shout be shut down! Believing lies makes us vulnerable.

  7. I hate that much of the Western world will ignore this. Of course the vast majority of Muslims are civil and seek a peaceful existence. Most of the world wants simply to sustain themselves and live without fear.

  8. if u believe the Tv channels u will believe anything
    ‪#‎Terrorism‬ has no religion
    ==========================>>> ‪#‎wake‬ up world Islam is a religion of peace
    And not, as the media says

  9. @anonhq Fatah and the Palestinian authority have organized a March of solidarity for the victims of Charlie Hebdo please check your sources before posting

    • Well I guess the French won’t side with Palestinians anymore especially when the person who wrote this article made up bullshit about the Palestinians celebrating

    • Ahmed I understand what you say and most people will realize that the Muslim world is saddened by the events in Paris extremists from any sector must not prevail and destroy peace

    • We do Ahmed in Scotland there is a saying ‘We are all Jock Thompson’s bairns.’ Meaning we are all brothers and sisters, someone’s mother someone’s father. We must united against those who want to divide. Show love and friendship to those who want us to hate and loath each other. We will never surrender!

  10. Come on people !!!
    When Israel was killin children in Palestine no one felt their pain
    Just a 12 people(who dared to insult our Prophet)killed and you did all this , since in Palestine they aren’t countable !
    I’m not Charlie , I’m every single kid n women died be cause of no reason
    Anyone who dared to insult our Prophet will pay a heavy price sooner or later AND TO ALL MUSLIMS we have to stop defending ourselves from what they say, like we are responsible of that

    • Anas, what you say is not true. People do care about what happens to people in Palestine, what happens to people in all of the refugee camps, what happens to the suffering people in Africa, Asia, and in our own countries. Everyone is overwhelmed by the horrors and the lies and the corruption perpetrated by governments and big business and military and terrorists, and the list goes on. We care about our fellow human beings. We must join together as one and change this world.

    • Oh, please. Hundres of thousands of people are dying in wars fueled by Islamic extremism and all you can think of is Israel. If you are serious about valuing human life, you might ask why the 2,000 people just massacred by (Islamic extremist) Boko Haram recieve about a thousandth of the coverage given to the French terror victims.

  11. Death is unacceptable!!! Doesn’t matter what country you live in or what religion you are. All country’s are guilty of killing innocent people. I’m from the USA and believe me, I know what we are guilty of. It’s time to start feeding each other instead of bleeding each other. This planet belong to no one, if not everyone. We all have children. We all fall in love. We all have heartache. We are all the same. The only solution is to take care of each other or wipe each other out until there is not a single human on the planet. Those are the only 2 options for peace on earth. I prefer the first option. Sounds pretty simple to me.

  12. On my kitchen table I have a pot. Inside it, the tinyest sprout of a palmtree, it is so beautiful and so fragile.

    I can see it with my own eyes, I can touch it with my own hands. It is there because I planted it, it grows because I am nursing it.

    None of you have any way of knowing if that sprout, or indeed the pot it is in, is in fact real or fictional, all you know is second hand information. You do not know me, do you trust that I have a palm tree sprout?

    None of you were pressent at neither the events in France, nor the newsrooms of the arabic papers. None of you were pressent at any of the higher level military briefings or strategy meetings, or even the political meetings that came before those, outlining, planning and running such wars in the middle east.

    I heard once, of the concept of emperical evidence. The world at large seems to have abandoned that concept for flashy media animations and clever political soundbites. At this point, I for one find myself wondering: Is there a sprout, and if so, is it indeed from a palm tree…and in either case, does it in fact reside in a pot on a kitchen table?

    The media is great for raising a debate in the general population, one where it sets the agenda obviously, since it is the one raising it. Anonymous is equally great, often in raising a debate about the debate, not often in the general population, but more so in the ranks of the missfits, the conspiritists, the radical and the un-adjusted youth trying to move away from mainstream, for the purpose of…well…moving away from the mainstream.

    I do however like reading both the bible, news and the Anonymous stuff, it all has great entertainment value, but as far as basing opinions, actions or beliefs upon any of it, well…I for one only water the sprouts I can actually see and feel.

  13. I totally disagree with what happened. However I totally agree with what anonymous does as a voice of the people. Would you guys accept money to fund projects? If so contact me please.

  14. I was a teacher in a London Senior School, in my class there were 9 different cultures, all friends, many came from the same junior school, our school staircase haad welcome messages in 20 languages. some of our pupils went to a prayer room in the school, no one complained. Muslim headresses both male and female were worn. I taught young I taught young Kosovan children to speak English, I helped a Nigerian boy to get a job after leaving school Today those pupils are 31 years old, they are still friends, they go on holidays together attend each others weddings are godparrents to each others children. In April A chinese girl, an Irish girl An Asian girl and an English girl will be visiting me together, they have been friends since they were at junior school….NO religion, political ideals, or racist comment ever stopped dthem from being fdriends and decent human beings…I am proud to have been their teacher andmentor and to have worked in such a community school.

  15. Today also hebdo printed prophet mohammed photos. Its boldy hell paris is going onece more in hell.
    Its no doubt in killing of disgust cortunists.

  16. And yet you keep buying Saudi oil, thereby supporting and further entrenching the puppet regime.
    Hypocrites reap what they sow.


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