Texas Cop Fired After Tasing 73 Year Old Man for Questioning Authority


Written by: Cassius Methyl at theantimedia.org


An officer from the Victoria Police Department in Texas has been fired after using a taser and excessive force on a 73 year old man for no reason except for irritation with the man questioning his authority.

Officer Nathaniel Robinson pulled over a 73 year old man named Peter Vasquez for expired registration at 11:12 am, on December 11th.

On dashcam footage it was revealed that the cop grabbed him, threw him to the ground, and tased him repeatedly.

Vasquez was taken to a hospital, the officer was put on paid leave, and now he is fired because this incident sparked public outrage. The outrage of the public functioned to hold this officer accountable, to apply pressure where it was due.

Vasquez said he was just trying to explain to the officer that he did not require registration, because it was “a dealer’s car with special dealer’s plates and did not require a current inspection sticker”, and the officer got angry and started to use force against him.

“I’m putting the handcuffs on. Put your hands on the back of your back,” said Vasquez. “And then I turn around and he pulls that taser and he shot me with it. And you know, it looked like he’s enjoying that.”

The chief of police was essentially forced to issue an apology last month.

So here we have an issue where a cop abused his power, people got righteously upset about it, and the cop was held accountable to a degree at least; a man without a badge would have been charged with assault.

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  1. This information would not have been available without the internet. It is very clear why the powers that be want to restrict
    internet access. Knowledge is power.

  2. “…and now he is fired because this incident sparked public outrage.”

    “The outrage of the public functioned to hold this officer accountable, to apply pressure where it was due.”

    “The chief of police was essentially forced to issue an apology last month.”

    I can’t help thinking you are missing the point and perhaps celebrating where you shouldn’t. It should never have taken public outrage to cause this sadistic bullying rat to be fired, it should have been an integral standard part of the system!

    We seem to accept that it’s ok that he would not have been fired had the public not been outraged by the incident. In fact the Chief of Police should have had him out on the street because HE was outraged, and he should have offered his apology because it was simply the correct thing to do not because the public embarrassed him into doing it.

    Still a crap system until it becomes self regulating in the proper sense of the phrase. As has been asked many times before, “Who polices the police?” Yes, who is fit to do that indeed because it is still obvious that they aren’t fit to do it themselves!

  3. I totally agree with the previous comment. Did it really take the public outrage to fire the cop? It should be common practice, not due to public outrage. And second, NOW I AM outraged that the poor man did not receive a very large compensation for being assaulted and given bodily harm!

    Incidents like this are emerging more and more, thanks to dash cams, mobile phone cams, etc. And that’s a good thing, because it shows how cops readily abuse their power, readily use excess force, don’t listen to what a “suspect” says, use dangerous weapons (tasers are not only painful, they cause nerve damage and can stop heart pace makers and similar medical devices) without reason.

    Yep, the system stinks, and it will get much worse. Not my vacation place choice.

  4. Why was the DA not involved? It was not just abuse of authority, it sounds like criminal assault to me. If I tasered someone for no reason, I would be charged with a crime. He may have lost his job but he got preferential treatment with no criminal charges.He can apply for jobs as a police officer in different cities and this may not show on a background check.

  5. Maybe its time to show them who really owns this country, enough of this bs, lets let them know how it feels to be assaulted for no fucking reason.Tip the scales my friends, destroy their lives.

  6. I don’t get it, I can’t taser a person because its illegal but cops can do it and its protecting the law. Thats how you know law enforcement is CORRUPT! We can stop this. We are legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive! WE ARE ANONYMOUS


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