25 Witty Illustrations That Crudely Expose Our Society’s Flaws


Consumerism, taxes, obesity, digital addictions, slavery, loneliness, greed, terrorism, old age, devaluation of workers and religious intolerance are some of the aspects brilliantly captured by Sheffield-based artist John Holcroft through his witty drawings. Take a look at his satirical take on these social issues and modern behaviors …

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  1. These picture are so clever and show exactly whats going on everyday, great satire in some and sense of disbelief that this actually is whats happening while no one cares to notice or change it.

    • Its because some people actually like to believe that the system is fine and even if we try to change it they would brand you a traitor or a terrorist the only ones that can change it are the ones with the money and they love the system because its good to them they say fck everyone else.

  2. Good artist in a technical sense of creating professional images but these are all fucking awful and are meant as self-reassuring pandering to the most basic bitches to consider themselves remotely “intellectual.”

    • I find these clever and artistically stimulating ways to express pretty run of the mill observations about life.

  3. Modern people are happy to be able to satisfy banks requirements for getting a LOAN. Not realizing this method of living is feeding the richest 1-10% (depending on country you live in) of more power so this elite squad can continue printing out more bills and build more banks. Modern human is STUPID.

    • Maybe because the modern human is not aware of the spells that have been cast on him, that he wittingly subscribes to fraudulent behaviours because he lacks the incentive and the moral objectivity to make a comparison. If he doesn’t develop critical thinking, there is no way he can make a decision by himself. Thus he holds on to the only objective truth that he’s ever known. The truth that 2+2 can make 5.

  4. I find these clever and artistically stimulating ways to express pretty run of the mill observations about life.

  5. Well when your work is being distributed throughout the whole internet and is made readily available, digestible and relevant for EVERYONE and becomes something that people can spark conversation over, then your work is intelligent lol. Take it as an insult to yourself that this is what is accepted rather than what you think is intelligent and intellectual. Art’s not about alienating and distancing people breh… in my opinion.

  6. Legal name fraud. Because you used a govt owned certificate to register your body at birth, it is assumed and presumed that you agree with the contract that they own you as a corporate commodity and you must obey the rules, codes and statues of the corporate constitution drawing your body into commerce and contract law
    Does this make sense how we’ve been duped into using a birth cert to register ourselves?
    Here’s the good news. Since you were not given full disclosure about what the birth cert means, ALL CONTRACTS ARE NULL AND VOID IMMEDIATELY

  7. When you live in a country that’s nurses can change a law pertaining to massively reducing the level of pain medication a specialist has prescribed because they believe only cancer patients and those in relative care suffer majorpan!!! Husband went to doctors to get usual prescription for opium based medicine for broken back, to be told by Dr. can only have tablets and ammont a third of what he has been taking so he can function, not pain free but CAPABLE. He is in constant agony and no longer able to work, is when you know the country has gone crazy! His doctor is in total disbelief too.


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