Images and Videos that the Mass Media will never show you


On 2nd May 2014, using tanks and helicopters the (provisional) government in Kiev launched a military offensive against the eastern city of Slavyansk , which the mainstream never showed you and also will never show nor tell about. Continue to read till the end of this article to understand WHY.

After making the promise that there won’t be any military offensives anymore, the government started a third strike against the rebels in Slavyansk, Eastern Ukraine. So far it looks like this wasn’t a very strategic decision. The rebels are still in control of the Eastern Town of Ukraine. Reports say that 2 or 3 helicopters were shot down, and armored vehicles have been obstructed by crowds of unarmed civilians who tried to stop the soldiers outside of the town. The photographs and video of the situation on the ground right now are quite striking, but you can rest assured that the mass media in the West won’t show you these.

Civilians Blocking Tanks East Ukraine von StormCloudsGathering
Unarmed civilians blocking the tanks outside of the eastern city of Ukraine, Slavyansk.

Civilians blocking Tank in slevyansk



Woman with “We are peaceful” sign trying to stop the Ukrainian Soldiers.



So why is Kiev starting military action again? Because the IMF warned them that they will lose the $17 billion dollar bailout if Kiev loses control of the east.



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  1. i am 17 and if anything like that starts in australia where i am, where ican do something i will, they need to learn this is an experience for all, i blame rothschild most…

      • Russian Government is openly homophobic and you have the hypocrisy to call Ukrainians nazis ? there are neo-nazis in Ukraine, in Russia and in almost every country on this planet so your little russian-propaganda isn’t reliable. The only thing I can see here is a Dictator (Putin) trying to conquer Ukraine for his own interests, and a lot of russian-speaking ukrainians who are fooled by Russian Propaganda.

  2. the government started these attacks on Slavyansk because the rebells have taken them. This Rebell siege was not done politically correct and no one knows if the people that support the pro russians in Slavyansk really are the majority. There is a lot of information that is not being released as no one realy knows who is one whos side and for what they are actually fighting. Due to now wanting to boil the situation up further media does not show unclear information as individuals often tend to interpretate it as theyr experience and ideologi subcounsciously tells them to.

  3. The main pipelines that carry all the natural gas to EU go right through Ukraine. Who ever controls Ukraine has the power to stop the flow.

  4. Arm Yourselves,stand up ,& die with your boots on. Talk does nothing but give Your enemy the advantage to strike first.

  5. If your worried about them go live there. When they try to take MY FREEDOM or YOURS like our federal government is doing to us . That’s what as the (PEOPLE) should be focused on.We the People are the GOVERNMENT

  6. I would Kill them FUCK WITH MY FREEDOM foreign or domestic you’re FUCKING DEAD our second amendment is there so WE THE PEOPLE can keep our federal government in CHECK.

  7. The internet isn’t going to always stop things like this there needs to be force from the people from every country in the world. Little protests won’t solve every battle but they do help I’m not saying violence is the answer but there does need to be more than videos and signs

  8. A little bit of Miss information the sign being held by the woman in front of the Ukrainian soldiers “МЫ МИРНЫЕ ЛЮДИ” reads “we are peaceful people”
    Not we are peaceful. So in conclusion don’t believe translations you read translate it your self or you can miss out on a hole lot of information. Which is exactly what the ruling class wants. If you want the truth dig dig dig till you find the real story!

  9. This World Is Going To Shit. I’m Not Gonna Sit There And Watch People Act So Blindly To Something So Big. It’s Time To Wake Up.

  10. I don’t understand why they had to shoot a defenseless elderly man, if they were being shot at by an old man maybe they would of shot him because they wouldn’t want to lose there life. But an unarmed Civilian

  11. As always, it all comes down to money and greed. The issue of greed and consumerism are the biggest topics of the day that we should all be concerned about. Keep on keepin on Anonymous. I love you!


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