Homeless people in US deported to camps


Homeless people are deported to Camps in some cities of the United States. How long will it take till “other” or “different” or “strange” people will also be deported to Camps?


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Statement to our last post “Homeless people in US deported to camps”

We have read all of your comments so far, as we are always doing. And some of you stated that putting homeless people in a camp, giving them a shelter, something to eat and mental healthcare is a charitable thing. WE TOTALLY AGREE ON THIS, BUT if there wouldn’t be the little detail you may have missed: THEY CAN’T LEAVE THIS CAMP AND THEY ARE NOT THERE ON THEIR OWN WILL. THEY ARE DEPORTED THERE.

And some of you also asked for some resources, and said that they don’t trust us. WELL, YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. And for all those who are not a friend of google  here are some sources:






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  1. I think the speed of world change is accelerating. GMO, NDAA, fema camps, the attack on the second amendment. The new world order is trying to consolidate power in the form of global finance, and the U.N.. Keep up the good work people are starting to wake up.

  2. What’s even more sickening is the people that support this. as if homeless people is sub-human and their better

    • I am an unemployed guy 28 in Australia I live with my parents. If only more parents would have the kindness as my parents do we wouldn’t have homeless people. In AUS our homeless are all drug abusers id suggest most were before homeless too maybe thus I why their parents or landlords boited them on the street?

  3. A new holocaust has begun. The US government will do this to us too. And place 666 chips in our heads or hands and track us 24/7 .

  4. This process is gradual, calculated, and it all disgusts me. What hurts me the most though, is that I feel so helpless. I graduated college with a pharmacy degree, and when I fell on hard times, I was homeless, jobless, and alone. I have no family, nobody to help me, so I lived in a tent in the woods for 5 months until I found a way to pull myself out. I got a job, and rented a small room. Now I make enough money to live a peaceful life, albeit meagerly, but it’s mine.
    I’m not a hacker, or in the political scene. I live in a tiny town. What can I do to contribute to movement of this country into the right direction?

  5. Alright, I think I am missing something.. The research I have done on the deported homeless situation is that they are actually receiving plain tickets to their hometown. And the FEMA camps scared me to death at first… but further research comes up with a bunch of nothing. links and articles would be super if anyone has them.

  6. Is it possible to find these camps via google earth? To show the sheeple the truth? Make public the coordinates for all to see? The round up has begun and soon it will be the unemployed, or you, or me! Wake up people!!! Please for the sake of our children!!!!!

  7. Take out Jacob Rothschild, and Rockerfeller would be a EXCELLENT START.. those people are at the top of the pile… then work you way down..

  8. Evidently we need different people in office. Obama and his stupid ”i dont care” insurance isnt helping anyone. i was told that the real group of anonymous has stepped down and is no longer in existence.. maybe im wrong? Anonymous cant change the world on their own. they need hundreds of people to open their eyes and rebel to this country thats turning into complete shit.

    • Best way to revolt is to win the heart and minds of the civilian population and/or the higher/lower ranks in the U.S Military.

  9. The mathematician Godel proved systems can’t self verify. Group theory holds that members of a set also do not self-verify. for example, if the number seven jumped out of the deck of cards and went around saying “I’m number 7” it is invalid this self reference. One has to know all letters of the alphabet before any one element can be verified. the concept of identity from a mathematical point of view – Do you believe in “types of people”? Attribution, possession…prove to me these things do anything but damage in the larger picture. Anonymous avoids rank, it is like the complex plane, unlike the number line -my two cents are bigger than sum one elses’

  10. It would be nice if you would improve your standards when it comes to news sources. Seriously, you’re referencing Prison Planet? That’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. Only credible source I can see is Huffington Post and I don’t even trust them completely. And before saying anything, it’s important to have high standards when it comes to news sources. Conspiracy hypotheses (not theories because a theory is something that has been proven to be true) are based on information that is either circumstantial or non existent. You can’t change the world for the better if your information is faulty.


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