In February, 900 Bison Will Be Slaughtered For A Very Disturbing Reason…


Apparently, they “compete with cattle for grazing space on public lands outside the park,” which adversely affects the livestock industry.

Did you know? Every year, around two million wild animals – such as bears, coyotes, and foxes – are killed in the United States to preserve the nation’s livestock industry.

If this news isn’t shocking enough, you’ll be disheartened to learn that up to 900 wild bison in the Yellowstone National Park will soon be slaughtered, as they are “considered a threat to the livestock industry.”

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal relays that government agencies will soon take action to kill off between 500 and 900 bison. The reason? They “compete with cattle for grazing space on public lands outside the park.”

It is stated:

“Government agencies aim to kill or remove up to 900 wild bison from Yellowstone National Park this winter as part of a continuing effort to reduce the animals’ annual migration into Montana by driving down their population.”

At present, around 5,000 buffalo roam in the Wyoming Park. On February 15th, however, that number will be reduced.

The annual bison cull is carried out for two reasons: to avoid overwhelming the land, and to protect farmers’ beef cattle from a disease called brucellosis, says Stefanie Wilson, a lawyer for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

“Each year since 2000, the National Park Service and other agencies … determine a number of buffalo that they’d ideally like to ‘remove’ from the Yellowstone population,”Wilson told The Dodo.

Brucellosis is a bacterial infection that can cause fever, joint pain, and fatigue. It is often passed from livestock to humans via unpasteurized milk and other dairy products.


Credit: Robin Timmerman vis

However, according to ALDF’s lawyer, there has never been a documented case of a bison passing the disease to a cow or bull.

“It is only theoretically possible based on a lab test,” she said.

Regardless, the annual cull is set to take place on February 15th, 2016, to appease agitated farms in the neighboring state of Montana.

Buffalo Field Campaign is one of the organizations working to stop the barbaric slaughter of hundreds of wild bison. Apparently, according to facts cited by The Dodo, there are no cattle in West Yellowstone for most of 2016, therefore, there is no risk of transmission (between November and June, cattle are trucked out of the area and into milder temperatures).

Other wildlife will also be disrupted by the process of herding the wild bison and their calves to holding facilities to be slaughtered.

Says the Campaign:

“During a typical hazing operation, the … agencies ride noisy, smelly snowmobiles, fly helicopters, run horses, and ride ATVs throughout sensitive habitat important to numerouswildlife species,” the Buffalo Field Campaign wrote. When they flee from the noise, many animals — elk, moose, swans — use up energy they can’t afford to spend during a cold winter.

Ethically, the treatment of the wild animals is also a concern. ALDF is presently representing wildlife advocate Stephany Seay and journalist Chris Ketcham in a case against the National Park Service.

It is being noted that during the event, the park – public land – will be closed to all visitors. ALDF and animal rights advocates want to know exactly what will happen to the bison when the capture and kill operation takes place — especially since bison are prone to injuring each other in their extremely close quarters.

Said Wilson:

”The federal government manages the National Parks, and the wildlife that reside in those refuges, in trust for the American public and future generations.”

What are your thoughts on the annual bison cull? Are you for it or against it? Comment your thoughts below and please share this news!

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  1. This is highly misleading. As a resident of Montana living only a 3 hour drive from Yellowstone and hearing about it all over the local news EVERY YEAR during the migration, I can tell you that they don’t just carpet bomb a bunch of animals. Hunting permits in the number of animals to be culled are issued to native tribes and sportsmen and the animals are used to feed the local communities.

    • Good info, Christy! I was just in Wyoming and Yellowstone in October. Bison are EVERYWHERE — inside and outside the park throughout that tri-state area.

  2. Listen I am against the whole slaughter of Bison. They were on extinct list when I was younger, I have not forgotten. They “compete” with cattle, meaning they are superior beings to Bison.

    Regardless this article touched on how other wild animals are hunted on a regular basis. This may be artificial manipulation of the environment by man, but it is for a good reason. To help you understand why watch this short summary by National Georgraphic documentary “How Wolves Change RIvers:

    You can also read:

  3. Stop this ridiculous and greedy behavior! If it were to happen at all, it should be a hunt, for food gathering, and done responsibly…. Bison, Buffalo, is much healthier meat ! HUMANS ! You don’t know what you are doing , …

  4. How are cattle “superior” to bison? HOW? What do they even do with the bodies? Leave them to rot? How is this even for “future generations”? Do they not realize that the last thing any animal (or human) should ever experience before death is fear? Actually, they shouldn’t have to die at all! They have as much right to live as we do.

    • Unfortunately most people somehow believe that animals have no feelings and are at our disposal to do what we want with even brutalize animals.

  5. There has to be a better way. Someone is going to profit immensely. That is generally the motivation… Poor unsuspecting creatures of God.


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