Some Inconsistencies in the NY and NJ Bombing Worthy of Consideration



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Freelance writer and editor, Daisy Luther, has pointed out some inconsistencies in the New York and New Jersey bombings that we thought worthy of review. The points made below are purely for consideration, and as stated by Luther, “you won’t even need to don your tinfoil because none of this is outrageous.”


  1. Nobody Died. This is obviously a good thing, but as Luther asked; why? 29 people were injured, all of which were discharged from the hospital hours after the blast. So, was the bomb simply positioned badly, or was it designed only to injure, and not to kill?


  1. They found the mystery bomber awfully quick. Within 40-hours, the bomb fragments and unexploded pressure cooker was examined and analyzed, a finger print was found and immediately matched to Ahmed Khan Rahami in the system, even though he was not on a terror watch list, or flagged as a possible terrorist. Posters were then produced and distributed, and he was spotted by a member of the public. Again, all in 40-hours.


  1. Experts claim these activities usually involve a group, but no one else is being sought. Luther brings to attention an article by The Telegraph in which they state that experts claim the chances of Rahami working alone were “infinitesimally small,” yet the NYPD stated they are not actively looking for other suspects.


  1. Rahami was asleep in a shop doorway when he was spotted, basically just waiting around to be arrested. According to a report from CNN, a New Jersey bar owner found the suspect sleeping in the doorway of his establishment, and called the police. Police say Rahami began shooting at them before being wounded with a shot to the leg, and arrested. As Luther points out, there are two problems with this; first, it’s highly unlikely a terrorist would be asleep in the doorway of a public building, knowing the police are on the lookout for him, and second, how is it a terrorist-bomber was only wounded after shooting at police when police have such touchy trigger-fingers, children are shot and killed for having a BB gun?


  1. “The placement of these bombs wasn’t very strategic.” Usually, those who set off bombs do so with the intent of causing the most damage. These bombings seemed to be opposite.


  1. ISIS never claimed this one. The Islamic State claimed the Minnesota stabbings that occurred on the same day, but not Rahami’s bombings.


  1. The bombs were crap. The backpack that contained five bombs was found in a wastebasket outside the neighborhood pub in Elizabeth. One of the bombs exploded as a police robot tried to defuse it, the others didn’t. Those had to have been some crappy bombs.


  1. Rahami never caught anyone’s attention until now. He was known to travel extensively to Afghanistan (his home country) and Pakistan, and he had a police record for trying to stab his sister-in-law, yet this never raised an alarm with TSA (who had to of known of his record after he applied to bring his Pakistani wife to the U.S.). In the name of Civil Rights, that can half-way be considered a good thing, as far as his traveling home goes; it’s safe to say there are many upstanding individuals who periodically travel back to their home countries in the Middle East, whatever country that may be, and to target a person for this can be considered profiling. That being said though, we’re talking about an individual who apparently turned out to be a terrorist-bomber with a history of violence. It’s a relevant point to take into consideration, considering TSA is right on top of “busting” children with brain cancer, but they apparently can’t spot a potential terrorist.


  1. “What do we need to be distracted from?” As Luther states, “this always has to be the question when these situations take over the news.” And this is true. With the United States’ history of false flag operations and illegal coups, the Americans who are now awake have no idea what to believe anymore. However, we do know there are plenty of things the government would prefer we don’t think about too much, from Russia accusing the U.S. of starting WWIII, to the latest Wikileaks releases. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to keep up the fear-mongering.


Click here to read Daisy Luther’s full report.



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