A Muslim Woman Wearing Hijab Set on Fire in New York City, Media Silent


The media thought their silence could cover-up the incident. But it could not. We would report it. And we are reporting it now. Islamophobia is spreading in Western countries, especially in the United States.

In fact, since the Grand Old Party nominee, Donald Trump made the disparaging comments that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States, hate crimes against Muslims have surged in the country.


On September 10 2016, few days before the celebration of Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days for Muslims, a Muslim tourist from Scotland had her religious clothe set on fire by an unidentified man in New York City, United States.

According to the account of the story narrated by the New York Police Department (NYPD), the woman was window-shopping on Fifth Avenue near East 54th Street in Manhattan, while wearing her Islamic traditional religious attire known as abaya and hijab. The abaya covers the whole of the body, except the face. The Hijab cover the head.

All of a sudden, the woman started feeling heat on her body. When she turned to inspect her attire, lo and behold, it was on fire. She then saw a man standing next to her with a lighter in his hand. Before she could open her mouth, the man absconded without traces. The woman was reportedly helped by people around to put out the fire.

An NYPD officer blocks traffic along Fifth Avenue which is closed except for essential vehicle traffic in New York

Sympathizers helped her get emergence service. Luckily enough for her, she was not hurt. She was examined and confirmed healthy. The woman declined to speak to people who were ready to put her on social media, saying her only focus and concern were that the attacker is caught and prosecuted.

Three day after the incident, the NYPD released a footage showing the man who committed the heinous crime. He was marked as a wanted man by the police.

When the incident went viral on both social and local media outlets, the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a statement , calling on city officials to address attacks against Muslims across the city and the nation as a whole.


The Executive Director of CAIR-NY, Afaf Nasher wrote in the statement: “We are clearly seeing a spike in attacks on individual Muslims and Islamic institutions in New York and around the country, which should be of concern to all Americans. It is time for the mayor and the NYPD to put forward the necessary resources to investigate and prevent these attacks on the Muslim community.”

Co-founder of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York, Linda Sarsour also said in a statement: “As a Muslim woman, not only is wearing my religious headscarf in public an act of faith, but it has become an act of courage”.

Few days before this incident, two Muslim women were reportedly attacked while walking with their children on a Brooklyn sidewalk in New York City. The attacker, identified as Emirjeta Xhelili is said to have punched one of the woman and attempted to remove her hijab while shouting, “get the f–k out of America. You don’t belong here.”  However, Xhelili was captured by the police. He has since been charged with two counts of felony assault as a hate crime, and two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child.

In the city of Orlando, Florida, police are also investigating a possible hate crime, where a mosque was set on fire. The mosque set on fire is said to be previously attended by the alleged Pulse Nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen.


In all these incidents of hate crimes against the Muslim community in the United States, the country’s so-called big media outlets have deliberately refused to report them. Some of these stories were reported by local media outlets, as well as by social media audience who have taken it upon themselves to fight injustices in the society.

According to observers, what is currently happening in the United States is what terrorist organizations such as the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria want. The terrorists’ main goal is to stir reprisal attacks against Muslims in the West, in order to convince them [Western Muslims] that the West hates Islam.

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  1. So, Soros money found the way to Anonymous too or it’s just Anonymous who’s gone gay ? Some idiot uses a lighter to ignite a shirt and you go with “Muslim on fire in New York” ? Why I can’t see any articles about the thousand of Christians decapitated this year by Muslims ?

    Anyway, your direction is clear and can be seen even by a blind man, but to what costs ? You know as good as I do that the leftist shadow government wants to destroy Christianity and West values, and what you do ? Write pro left and against Trump, who is the only man left on Earth that can really make a change ? To what cost ? Do you even realise what’s gonna happen in 2-3 years from now on with HRC as leader ? Muslim invasions all over the world, worse than everything that’s ever been before.

    This “neutrality” that you are desperately trying to show, it’s not working. Time for neutrality has expired long time ago. Take care, Anonymous, you are playing with fire and I have a feeling you are on the wrong side on the fence.

    • Clearly, you’re missing the point, whoever encouraged him should be the one in trial, this kid is just a fool, got it?

    • Careful, Barbarossa (Hitler’s favorite king), your last paragraph sounds a lot like a threat. I know that bullying, threatening behavior is typical of your mentally ill candidate. That doesn’t make it OK.

      • Funny thing, if he actually did try to act on a threat, and wasn’t just trash talking/trolling (which it does look a lot like), if the board opps collected his IP address from his post, and decided to respond with a few DoS attacks :p I suspect a troll who’s spouting off at the mouth without much thought behind his words though…

    • Seriously, what should it matter what the person’s religion is if they’re getting set on fire? So you’re essentially saying that because she’s Muslim and not Christian, this should be considered OK, given a pass, or not reported on. This, which also brings images of many Buddhists who have set themselves on fire in protest of actions by the Chinese government, is no better then the many heinous acts perpetrated against many Christians by these terrorist organizations in the Middle East. And just an FYI here, you don’t put a stop to terrorism, by behaving like them… Put another way, as my parents often said when I was a kid, two wrongs doesn’t make a right.

      While mentioning the worst that has ever been seen before, one really does have to wonder about your sense of perspective, or history. Unfortunately, we have seen a violent history in many parts of the world. You justify setting someone on fire, because you feel they’re “invading us”, by simply being here and of a different faith then yourself; and somehow while saying this, the example of Jesus (if you are a Christian) seems to be right out the window. The irony of course is, one has to wonder if you know what bad is, when we have troubling moments of history such as the holocaust, Nero fiddling while Rome burned, so he could blame it on the Christians in his day and clear out the area to build Neropolis, the armies of Ganges Khan, and societies that engaged in human sacrifice by throwing people off the tops of pyramids or down volcanos as a supposed appeasement to their gods. I’m sorry, but your rant, leaves me believing that you really don’t have a sense of what bad really even is.

  2. Trump the only man left on earth that can make a change? Seriously? I guess you have absorbed by envy and hate a little too long. Trump only cares about money. And he doesnt treat his business partners very well, which “even a blind man” sees when you take a look at how he got his fortune.

    Second, Trump might become a major catalyst for starting WW3.

    And third … of course is setting a woman with a hijab in flame something that should be condemned. Just as much as crimes against Christians.

    Religion is an excuse for not knowing better from the past. A method of controlling people. People that still cling to it desperately just have not realized that its just superstition.

    But i guess some people want to believe and disregard common sense.


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