Unknown Investment Banker Takes Lead in French Pres. Election, Voters Rebelling Against Establishment

The unprecedented and unchartered territory that is the 2017 French presidential elections, speaks volumes. Will Independent Macron win, or Le Pen?

French elections

PARIS – Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen have succeeded in making it to the runoff against each other, scheduled for May 7.

The contrast of choice for voters couldn’t be more polar opposite. Le Pen, throughout her campaign has promoted closed borders, a “French-first” policy, a crackdown on immigration and a possible Frexit – dropping the Euro and returning to the French franc. On the other hand, Macron, who gained an initial vote of almost 24 percent, promotes open borders, Euro tolerance and a united Europe. Le Pen, at this stage has 21.7 percent of the vote.

A little over 90 percent of the vote is counted. With the results the euro jumped to more than $1.09 with the stability the vote has offered. Macron, 39, will be the youngest French president if he wins the election. If Macron does, he will still need to rally legislators in parliament to pass laws to implement many of his intended moderate programs. Le Pen will be in the same position, unable to rely on the political mainstream parties for backing.

French elections

Despite who wins, the 2017 French elections have discarded 6 decades of traditional party candidacy for the alternative Macron and far-right Le Pen. Macron quit Francois Hollande’s Socialists last year to lead his ‘En Marche!’ movement, rebelling against the more traditional political lines and running for presidency as an Independent.

Macron is also known for his pro-global approach, even suggesting that American academics and entrepreneurs who felt uneasy about Trump’s rise to presidency, should make the move to France.

The unprecedented and unchartered territory that is the French presidential elections speaks volumes: the people of France want change. The move away from the more traditional choices, whether Macron or Le Pen prove victorious in the May 7 runoff, demonstrates the French citizens’ willingness to rebel against the traditional left and right establishments.

An update in the form an article can be found here, relating to Macron’s ties to Rothschild.

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  1. Macron is oligarchy puppet, he represents Rothschild family, it’s not a coincidence that he arrive where he is after only a year in politics. I said at the beginning of this election that second tour will be Lepen Vs Macron and then Macron will be President, so far i was right so will see… The only candidate that represented rebellion against the system and real change was Asselineau, in fact he was the only candidate who presented a program that was worthy of a future president

  2. Macrobiotic IS A ROTHSCHILD BANKER and you’re calling him anti establishment? That is the most absurd lie I’ve heard so far. Everyone in France knows this. There is ONE candidate that will do anything to save France from descending into a miserable poverty infested third world hell.hole and that candidate is a strong brilliant FRENCH WOMAN named MARINE LE PEN.

    Anyone else and the French people will suffer bloody horrors beyond anything they’ve suffered so far from the invading hordes of Islamists and lying non refugee Africans.

    French MEN where is your honor and common sense? Where is your masculinity? Will you really just let thousands of years of history and French culture and humanity be wiped away and destroyed by the very Islamic hordes that waged war against your people and exterminate the French people and all that they are and ever have been? Why fight so hard for your LANGUAGE when your PEOPLE are being invaded abused and REPLACED by these hordes of LIARS…GROWN MEN..who say they’re refugees just to take advantage of your kindness?
    Don’t do it! Stand up and fight for you people culture history and ancient SOVEREIGN COUNTRY.

  3. Indeed, the links to Rothschild are there. I’m currently in the process of writing about this now and will publish it shortly. A link to the article will be attached to this. Thank you for pointing this out – and an honest oversight on my behalf.


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