Independent Media Unite to Combat Fake News Spread by MSM

The independent Anti-Media is putting together a central location on the web where you can access the most important news stories from the top independent media groups, combating the MSM propaganda machine.

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Well known independent media outlet The Anti-Media is putting together a central location on the web where you can access the most important news stories from the top independent media groups. ‘The Homepage of Independent Media’ is a partnership between The Anti-Media and over a dozen other independent websites whose goal is to bring together the most important news from around the world and allow the public to have a say in what matters.

The Homepage of Independent Media isn’t necessarily a social media platform, instead, it’s an interactive news platform that allows users to post links to what they feel is important. The site will require users to create an account, from which they will have a profile they can customize, as well as access to the My News section of the website. My News allows users to submit content they want to see posted. The site will also feature The Anti-Media’s Our News section which will host their original content. The Their News section will highlight some of the best content from independent media contributors around the web. Instead of likes or dislikes, users will be able to click up or down. This will directly affect the post’s ranking, giving the viewer the power to control what gets seen and what falls in rank.

Once upon a time, the public depended on only a handful of news outlets who served as a window to the world. Those few sources of news grew into what we now call the mainstream media. The mainstream media lost its integrity and became nothing more than a platform for corporations and the government. Real investigative news stories were not as profitable as puff pieces. Pioneering investigative journalists always seemed to find their trail of clues, regardless of scandal, ended in Washington. The death of mainstream investigative journalism allowed an establishment propaganda machine to rise in its place. In an effort to combat the public narrative crafted by the mainstream news outlets, independent journalists and media groups have stepped into the spotlight and captured the world’s attention.

The need for independent news sources was never so apparent as when the Washington Post published their list of fake news sources referenced from an obviously fraudulent intelligence front company. The realization that the media’s job became to push the Establishment viewpoint left many seeking the truth elsewhere. Independent media has filled an important role in society and is continually under attack from the powers that be. Other sources of televised news have also had an impact on the public. Some organizations claim to be independent but are funded by shady sources or in the case of RT, the Russian government. The Anti-media’s new Homepage For Independent Media hopes to sift through the fake news and propaganda to present real news from the world’s best independent journalists.

Sources: The Antimedia, The Fifth Column News.

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