Indian ‘anti-rape’ jeans combat rapes


Sunday 29 June, 2014
Written by: Anonymous Singer

India, a country known for its beautiful Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, this country has also
its reputation from another thing; rapes. In India, rapes occur every 22 minutes
according to government figures. The government might has tried everything, but to
little avail.

Therefore, the citizens themselves should try to combat the rapes. And that is exactly
what happened. Two Indian women have made a design; an anti-rape jean that sends a
distress signal, which gives the location of the victim to local police.

The designers, Diksha Pathak who is 21 and Anjali Srivastava who is 23, are from India’s
northern Varanasi city. They say they have installed a small electronic device, a sort of
tracker, in the jeans that will send a signal to the nearest police station after you pressed a








Almost 200 police stations have been equipped with the technology to receive the signal
from the jeans.

Next month, tests will be conducted and if they are successful, the system will be expanded
nationwide. “We came up with the idea after a string of brutal attacks against women in
India,” the women said.

Last month, Indian people were outraged because of the deaths of two girls, aged 12 and 14,
who were gang-raped and lynched in an impoverished village in the northern state of Uttar


“We have been thinking of making this device for a long time,” said Pathak, a science
student and daughter of a cab driver. “My father is often making himself ill with worry each
time I am coming home late.”



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  1. In America, women are armed and empowered to stop their assailants. Because the law isn’t always there in time.

      • Want to know something interesting India has one of the most anti-male governments in the world but against the backdrop of isolated incidents of rape in the worlds largest population everyone forgets 80% or reported rapes are false and were fabricated by women and in most cases it was assumed the women must be telling the truth just think the next time you make an uninformed statement about indias inequality because the sacale can tip both ways.

    • India is not America. Not every country in the world has such loose gun laws as America does, which is probably why America has the highest rate of gun related murders per capita. There are other ways to defend and protect yourself without the use of guns.

      • Now you’re being ignorant ranting and disrespecting my country, just because you have an opinion about gun laws gives you no room to talk shit about America, and the few psycho paths that murder innocent people. Guns are life savers, and a majority of the time violence is the answer.

        Everyone in every countries governments would agree, mostly the corrupt (80%)
        Of governments.

        • You are why every other country in the world laughs at the USA. Just because your narrow minded ass thinks “oh well can’t stop murderers shouldn’t try taking my gun” doesn’t make it the correct solution. There have been a stupid, unnecessary amount of mass murders just this year through the use of guns and you can still defend our idiotic lack of gun control laws? The second amendment is outdated it was a change to the constitution and should be changed again.

      • you think gun bans would effect murders if someone wants a gun there getting one if they cant they will use other means bans would only affect law abiding citizens

      • America doesn’t have loose gun laws compared to other countries.Are you people seriously trying to put out there that America has “the worst case of gun misuse” compared to I don’t know name a middle eastern country. I love erroneous statements like these. Secondly I sleep with my home protection right next to my bed I verify someone is entering my home with intent to harm I will be fine.

        • “Intent to harm”

          You fucking moron with your buzzwords… regardless of how you put the argument, US gun laws are insane. The rest of the world looks at it with distaste and disbelief. It’s clear as day that children growing up in that gun-culture have an uncanny habit for shooting up schools and murdering people when they’re having a bad time.

          But sure.. what’s the point in even saying this, it’s usually followed by the overly patriotic angry snarl of a “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS” speech.

          What’s the fucking point, you lot will never learn.

  2. I hope this invention does work and then gets used all around the world. And, I pray that it helps in catching the offender so that justice can be had for the victim and the rest of society. May it help lessen the chances of someone who didn’t commit such a sick offense not be charged and convicted for something they didn’t do… which happens. YHVH bless these women and their intentions on making a better world.

    • ops my mistake, i thought the alarm would go off if the jeans were opened or something, this the cops would be going out to rape calls to ever house that a girl needed a pee, but i was wrong,
      and you cant sell rape jeans as a brand, the rapist will just fling them away miles b4 there getting to where there going, it needs to be something the girls can put into and clothing and have the button in a hands spot,

  3. Indian governments is piece of shit no one takes strong action towards the security of an individual. Police is working 99% as puppet in crime scenes . There should be strong law on Rape, All the accused should be testified and if found gullibility should be hanged till death.

  4. You do realize that they have already made rape proof underwear that is impossible to remove, unless the person wearing them wants to remove them. These underwear would be a lot better for containing the GPS system rather than funny looking pants that can be removed just as easily as a regular pair of jeans….. Just Saying.

  5. Women will be raped no matter what they’re wearing, or not wearing. Someone needs to invent an internal anti-rape device.. like a steel cup to wear inside the vagina with razors and needles.. then let them try to rape a woman. Filet weenie, anyone?

  6. when india become a follower of western culture, it become a place of rape. rapist found it as heaven. indian leaves their original culture. their women, especially teens wearing tight jeans, see throw tops. nip poped coller less shirts ect.
    that’s why they are facing on.
    Rape happening in India not in Vharath.

    • Seriously that’s your argument 🙁 America is not at all as near as provacative as other countries we’re actually pretty clean compared to other countries. I visted Scotland back in 2006 in the gas stations porn was sitting on the shelves out in the open at a child’s eye level.In America it’s either in a backroom or a black plastic bag.

  7. Great… in some countries this will be used to lynch the rape victim for breaking sharia law and having extra-marital sexual relations

  8. I think it might be a little more effective if instead of a signal transmitter, there was a small, explosive shaped charge positioned to castrate the would-be rapist. Another option is to place small OC spray canisters in strategic places so that at the pull of a string, the user is surrounded by a cloud of eye irritant. Other James Bond inspired features could be a smoke screen or even an oil slick excreted from the base of the pant legs to aid in a would-be victim’s escape. An effective but over the top deterrent would be to develop a strain of super-gonorrhea that women are immune to. This last should be reserved only for lesbians or people that do not have and do not plan on having consensual sex ever again.

  9. Unfortunately, the ladies won’t get guns any time soon; and the pants will only let the authorities know a rape was committed in the recent past; therefore, the women need to carry knives or shears, and castrate the motherfuckers the second they try to rape them. Also, they need to pass a law that allows the authorities to castrate all convicted rapists. That should bring the problem to a screeching halt.

    • Who needs knives or shears just grab onto their balls and do your best to rip those puppies off. Dig your nails into the sack girls that’ll get their attention.

  10. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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    and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and
    both show the same results.

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  13. Kudos to these two but its a shame that there’s actually a need for these jeans along with ‘rape prevention’ classes for young women going to university/college/parties. The only rape prevention should be teaching young boys that rape is wrong and no means no


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