The Dark Side of the World Cup 2014


The reality of Brazil’s state as the FIFA World Cup 2014 looms over the country is a far cry from the perfectly measured pitches, golden sands and incredible landmarks of Latin America. Death, corruption, poverty, violence, drugs and prostitution run rife through the nation and its many slums, better known in Brazil as favelas. If you want the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes in Brazil, you’re in the right place.


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  1. Thank you so much for uploading this information. I had absolutely no idea that this was occurring. I think more and more people need to be aware of the current state of this mad world we all share; perhaps that will increase the probability of something positive actually being done by someone/some group (*cough* TEAM ANON *cough*) about changing it for the better. With my greatest heart I extend the will of my consciousness out in hopes that all human spirits are sent peace soon.

  2. As today’s world is ever drawing closer to a tyrannical one-world government, I thought up this poem to describe what I believe freedom really is.

    Do you know what freedom is?

    Freedom is as being in an ocean of blue drops, while you are still free to choose to be a red drop.

    Freedom is falling in love with the one you choose to be there for.

    Freedom is hope, hope that everyone can share yours.

    Freedom is being able to live your life like you want to, so that you will one day not be afraid to die.

    Freedom in all of its beautiful aspects, is the source that drives good people to fight evil. We would be lost without good people.

    Freedom is like living in a society that is being controlled in every aspect of their lives, but they do not know it.

    But you do.

    You see, freedom doesn’t lie in a constitution, it is not a given right, it is a gift that is earned. It is a gift worth fighting for it is a gift worth dying for.

    It is a gift worth living for.

    I sincerely hope that you will one day earn this gift NightLightNY.

    For everyone is free to earn it.

    • I did had to leave NightLightNY out, it was the guy I wrote this to as he is completely dependent on the system.

  3. just had to laugh at an earlier comment of i didnt know that this was going on..hello? where has your head been? lol

  4. Screw ’em. I don’t give a damn about soccer anyway, but as an American, I have to say I’m sick to death of my countrymen minding other countries’ business while our politicians abuse the citizenry at home. Let Brazil solve its own problems. And Syria, and Iraq, and Ukraine, and Venezuela … not our circus, not our monkeys.

    • Pragmatist – we would all welcome it if America would keep out of other countries affairs, then the world might be a more peaceful place

  5. When will we rise up, when will we exploit these things to the world, show people that live day to day lives that don’t understand what is happening right under their noses, it makes me sick seeing corruption and even worse, makes me sick seeing football. i hate football it is a useless sport with a silly amount of fans, the world cup may be “the best of the best” playing, it doesn’t really look like it at all. i think people who say humans are the smartest species are ridiculously stupid, if we were smart we wouldn’t be killing our own kind people suffering from depression should be allowed to give themselves up if there is no return, that’s all the population control we would need, there are people who are depressed and don’t tell anyone, though telling this information to someone with depression wouldn’t exactly help, it would help others that are brave stand up and fight, when are we going to stand up? i’m ready when you are.

  6. This affects everyone globally. Period. It is happening here, south america, Europe, Asia, Russia, middle East, Africa, Australia. We know it’s happening and yet we don’t understand the role we play.

  7. You dont have to say fuck brasil and fifa i am with you if you sad fuck fifa but we are all human from the creation blood and meat we all have a heart but the different betwen people in my point of view in the values we have i hope all the world have great values then i can imagine world without evil

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