Inmates Save Female Officer From Prison Rape


Yes you read that right. Inmates, who are used to being on the receiving end of sexual assault while behind bars, helped two jailers save a female corrections officer from being raped. Despite the fact that corrections officers rarely come to their aid when the situation is reversed.

A group of inmates rescued a female correction officer who was nearly raped by a 27-year-old prisoner, Raleek Young, inside a locked vestibule on Rikers Island.

One of the inmates was able to slip inside the A station bubble and open the security door which allowed other inmates to fend off the would-be rapist . Young is already serving 5-10-years for raping a 13-year-old girl back in 2007.

New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook admitted that without the inmate’s quick response, the situation would have resulted in female officer’s rape and murder. “I appreciate [them] helping a sister officer because that could have been their mother, wife or sister,” Seabrook stated.

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    • But how can we define her unless we know what her relationship to a man is? Do you think this is the twenty-first century or something?

      • Why do you need to “define” a woman according to her relationship to any man…….NO WOMEN NEEDS TO BE DEFINED BY A MAN ……

          • Suzannd if you are so narrow-minded please refrain from commenting. They said that because it is a lot easier to empathize (for everyone) to put the face of a loved female on the victim. Sick and tired of this damn political correctness and feminism bullshit that has been taken to the extreme.

          • Indeed, Steve Foerster tried to emphasize it in his final question. Anon being basically certain with its reply, fails in realize the subject in context for the quote, which is “the inmates in Rikers Island”, (I suppose) all of them male… I quote entire: «“I appreciate [them] helping a sister officer because that could have been their mother, wife or sister,” [Norman] Seabrook stated.»

          • if they are “savages” then where would they find the intelgence to pull a stunt like that off persoanly I think the inmates did it out of a sense of moral belief that no one else should go through something like that

    • He was trying to explain why the inmates would help stop the rape. This is common for corrections officers to say. For the most part female officers get more respect because the inmates have mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters. Since most inmates don’t do anything just out of the goodness of their own hearts, this is probably the reason they did so.

      • I dunno, I mean as the article states it is seldom when the shoe is on the other foot that a correction officer rescues a inmate. Is it beyond resonible doubt that they did it simply because it was the right thing to do. Or even as simple as seeing it and saying “lets take the high road” even if it’s for such a reason as to show there correction officers that, thusly giving them something to remember the next time they see an inmate getting it in an unconsenting fashion. To say that inmates don’t do anything out of the goodness of there own hearts is what based on the fact that they’ve done something wrong? everyone has broken the law at some point , it’s just a matter of whether or not you were caught? does that make you automatically better then them? doubtful, just luckier

      • You do realize that every prison in the United States likely has at least decent inmate that was either wrongly accused, or very many decent inmates that were thrown in prison over something as stupid as smoking an herb, right? Try not to pass judgement because you don’t know those inmates, or how they got thrown in prison.

      • Rochelle I`m wondering why you think that ¨most inmates don`t do anything just out of the goodness of their own hearts¨ Do you have any factual knowledge to base this very judgmental statement on, or are you just projecting your own heart

        • There are some inmates in prison that are good they just made some mistakes I’ve been there I can honestly say there are some good individuals locked up for bogus reasons.

    • It’s obviously not possible for a woman to be single with no children and have no siblings..therefore every woman must be one of those three things -_-

      • Natalie, is it that hard to get that it is easier to empathize if you put a familiar face on the victim? Are you that narrow-minded? Do you forget that the same exact sentence is used for the case of men that die in wars?

        If this is your idea of feminism you are a sad example of what is wrong with is.

    • As someone who works in the law enforcement field, that statement makes all the sense in the world and is not sexist in any way. It’s aimed at the men who objectify women, which is huge portions of the men in correctional facilities. Many are into the rap culture where women are bitches and hoes. They still love their moms and sisters though. That they understand

      • Nick there are huge numbers of men who ¨objectify¨women in every walk of life, including law enforcement! Do you see inmates as a food source, considering you refer to them as portions

    • Maybe they were attempting to appeal to the humanity in someone who might not care unless they had a comparison to draw on?

      Inmate doesn’t care about her, but loves his Mom. It’s pointed out to him that someone feels the same way about her as he does his Mom, maybe he’ll care about her more.

      I mean absolutely nothing to you, you don’t know me and you don’t have any comparisons to draw… Hell, maybe you don’t like me because I’ve ‘attacked’ your post… Point is, will you show up at my funeral and cry for me, or am I just another person on the internet?

  1. those inmates earned there release, by helping that officer. at the very least they should have there sentence cut by 3/4’s god knows if they are willing to do that then they certainly don’t belong in prison.

      • on the flip side of that, wronging somebody by sending them to prison doesn’t right the wrong they did in the first place either.

      • Prison is “ment” to rehabilitate a person so they can contribute to society in a healthy way. While I agree that the “right” and “wrong” might not be equal. They have demonstrated that they have been rehabilitated to some degree and should be eligible for parole right away.

        • No offense but American prisons aren’t rehabilitating bad people to make them better people there just there to catch those who broke societies rules and since they don’t help those people very often it hardens these people sometimes good people think their only option is to break the law and they go to prison where they are beaten or do the beating witness rape racism and other horrible things. And to the person who said that there sentence should be reduced I disagree but it should definitely be considered on a parole hearing

          • That’s why jon said prison is “meant” to rehabilitate (corrected his spelling, but I’ll assume that’s what he meant). It’s well known the prison complex in America is just a revolving door that serves nobody. And I agree with you, the really really bad ones are taken off the streets for a long time (or even permanently), while otherwise decent people who made a stupid mistake are thrown in the ‘system’ which is notoriously difficult to free themselves of.

        • Prison is a place where rapists thrive and where those with more minor offenses go to be raped or fear being raped for most of there sentence.

          If you stole a car you could be sentenced to up to 10 years of rape, or prison rather.

    • Probably in there for some non-violent crime like simple possession of marijuana as is true with a good majority of our nation’s incarcerated. You’re right though I think that’s grounds for some kind of reward….but I’m sure it won’t happen. Prisons need to stay at certain capacity to keep gettin money and they can’t do that by just letting people go or not arresting non violent criminals in the first place. The prison industry is a business now, nothing more. punishments been made profitable…and there’s still people that actually think that the United states is the “greatest country on earth”. Scary

      • Omg! You are so on the spot. I am taking a social crime class and we just talked about how the people who are making $$$$$$ by keeping these people in prisons while using citizens tax money for their living expenses!

      • So wonderful to see that there are others who know what the prison system in the United States is all about….MONEY! Prison industry is huge, look at all of the companies, groups and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who invest their pension funds into the US prison industry. This should tell you something, people need to learn more about what is really going on with the justice system, prison industry and big business!

    • As much as I agree with this it would eventually cause problems in the long run. All of a sudden criminals will be doing good deeds which will be amazing at first! Then they get back on the streets and we have allowed violent criminals back out there. Thanks to them she wasn’t raped and I do think they deserve a reward, but it’s kind of hard to say what that would woudn’t cause problems. Jail mentality is strange…

  2. “I appreciate [them] helping a sister officer because that could have been their mother, wife or sister,” Seabrook stated.

    Or, alternatively, because she’s an actual living person who, you know, shouldn’t be raped.

    • She is simply stating how some inmates identify or empathize in the situation. Most child molesters or rapists are targeted in jail/prison due to this understanding, ‘they could be doing this to my (mom, daughter, wife, etc).. this doesn’t gloss over the core inhumanity involved in this crime by any means.

  3. there is no bad people on this planet there are only people who made bad decision, and most people just can’t control themselves; whether it be because of their person beliefs and way of life they make the bad decision, but in their mind they are doing right, think about it that way, and for those inmates, thank you for your kind actions.

  4. While I’m inclined to agree,, the reality is that the rape and murder of a “mother, sister, daughter” affects not just the intended victim. Their family will have to live on with the thought that their relatives last moments were spent struggling and in pain and severe distress… So while you are suggest we be more human, I think that is as human as you can get.

    • 2True,
      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me
      – Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

  5. Not release. But I do believe they should have been awarded a time shortening. They should take into consideration that thy didn’t have to do what they did. They chose to. Which stands before anything

  6. Rape is not allowed in prison. You can file rape charges and they are taken seriously. I don’t know where these people get their information from but it is far from okay. But when you are outnumbered 300:1 it is going to happen somewhere you are not.

  7. I have a nephew that is a C.O. at Rikers. I’ve known him his whole life. Since becoming A C.O. he’s turned into a major asshole.

  8. I don’t know what they did to get in there, but for at least one moment these people were great men, and good people.

    I hope they’re able to realize it.

  9. The guy raped a 13-year old girl I’m sure the other prisoners had their eye on him especially if he attempted the act again. Pedophiles don’t fair too well in the paint. But kudos to these heros for saving a life.

  10. I think they should castrait the scumbag then he won’t be able to rape anyone ever again
    I give the inmates that helped the officer I give them a big thumbs up

  11. As a correctional officer myself. I think this video is crap. We never look past a offender getting raped. NOBODY deserve that and that is part of our PREA act. Which is taken very serious. Yes as a female I know that women is very very very thankful for those offenders helping her. And they do deserve something. Because it was brave of them to break that code in a institution. However we can’t stop everybody actions but for the ones that is exposed , it is taken serious

    • I have a question for a correction officer—-Is rape overlooked in the prison system. I mean rape between prisoners. I heard some talk show hostess going on and on about it and couldn’t believe that rape was just over looked when a prisoner is the victim.

  12. umm how about they just did the simple act of helping a human being & possibly just doing something that a normal human being should do?

  13. I should know about going to to jail they took me in for no reason and most of the people there did make bad decisions and they aren’t bad people except for those how shoot others for one othere reason but someone told them to do it. (Not talking about the soliders)

  14. Question? How in the fuck is he still alive? Raping a 13 year old? I’ve been to prison, he should be dead by that mentality.

  15. Jesus, why do you bastards have to read into everything like this?

    That God she’s alright, who gives a spit over what the interviewee said?
    Bloody no-good SJW swine making everything bloody complicated for no good reason other than than the onlg thing in your life that really works is your internet connection.

    • See we are all reading this the same reason why you came to this page as well. Besides I wanted to know more into the details as to if the inmate who saved got their time reduced or not and a lot more. You have no right to judge any of the people who come here because you do not know why each one of us came to this page.

    • Are you honestly this simple dude? If you dont like the article, just leave the page. You must be really fun at parties….

    • It’s easy to spot small minded people by their lack of literacy. It’s a shame schools teach us only how to read but rarely WHY to read

  16. From personal experience, female officers were most often the nastiest officers attitude wise. Maybe instead of assuming these inmates are horrible and would only step in because they have mothers , sisters, and wives, could it be that they think rape is fucked up and that rapists are shit?

  17. Rape is a savage act be judged,then verbally bashed is only human nature by those ignorant.not all ppl in jail r that check ur comments.prison doesn’t rehabilitate ppl it builds better criminals or dumber ones.the system today is only modern day slavery,I went to jail for 12 1/2 years as an innocent man.what I saw u wouldn’t believe.i did all my time in the state of n.j.and there r more so many ppl being killed by correctional officers it ain’t even funny.south woods correctional is literally shaped in to 3 K’s.we all know what that stands for.the beatings that I’ve observed r insane.ive been to 5 prisons in that state.and believe me there is no make matters worse,there r no mental institutions.they have ppl who r literally mentally challenged in population,”christy witman”.crazy how u ppl believe there is justice in them walls.unless u been there as a resident and not a visitor,u have no clue.and so u know them guys that helped out that correctional officer.i take my hat off to u,”cuz I have daughters,a mother,and sisters…”that was well put.let some one try to rape a female in Puerto Rico.they make u vanish into thin air out there.just had to get that off my chest to the death,dumb,and blind….

  18. That guy raped a 13 year old girl in 2007 thats why he is serving 5 to 10 years. That is not acceptable even for other inmates because the mayority hates rapists so when they saw him trying to do that to the officer it automaticlly brings up his past crimes witch they hated him for

    • After rape of a thirteen year old I’m surprised he made it long enough in prison to even threaten a guard with rape.

      • They probably put his sorry ass in protective custody which I believe is crazy put him in general population just like everyone else. They shouldn’t protect someone who raped a 13 year old cause no one obviously was there to save her from this POS

  19. I have not been to prison but know a lot of people that have been most of them on the inside hate rapist and child molesters and will kill them if they get the chance to do so because they have mothers daughters and wives also

  20. People no one is perfect. That was a great thing that those inmates did. Not every body in prison is bad. Some are on there for minor things. More stories like these should be posted. Our society is so focused on the negative that when these stories come out people get surprised


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