Innocent Man Fights Against Police Aggression, The Taser Made Him Stronger [VIDEO]


Jacob Less, ‘the king of the hobos,’ is said to be a homeless man who got caught up with the police one night. Two officers held him on the ground and tried to handcuff him, but failed to do that.

It is unclear what Jacobs had done but he kept saying he had done nothing to merit the arrest. Jacob appeared to be a poet or a preacher, as he read from the Bible and said his master is Yahweh (God) and that he is not the property of the police. He kept repeating this many times.

When he asked about his offense that would warrant an arrest, the police refused to tell him why they were arresting him and in turn, Jacob refused to acknowledge their (illegitimate) authority over him.


The police, still holding him on the ground, kept saying, “Do you understand that you are under arrest?” Jacob replied, telling them, “I am understanding less and less of what you are saying!”

After more than three minutes with the police still holding him on the ground, one of the officers tased him with his taser in order to bring him to submission, but instead the taser appeared to only give him super strength and he broke free of their aggression.

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The police then gave chase but could not catch Jacob. The officers eventually returned to the original scene of ‘the crime,’ with disappointed faces.

The incident appears to have happened last year but has become relevant today because of the recent cases of police aggression against innocent citizens. All of the things that Jacob said in the video, which was secretly filmed, have come to pass.

It is now clear to all of us that police in the United States are using excessive force against people when they are arresting them, and it has led to many unfortunate losses of precious lives.

Probably when this Jacob video was being recorded, had authorities taken it seriously, we would not today be witnessing what is happening regarding people dying for no apparent reason in the hands of reckless police officers. Let us take every issue like this seriously as a nation. Enjoy the video and keep on expecting us!



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  1. yup, The only terrorists in this world are is the American government and those who work for them. I bet you all never know in WW2 about the city of Dresden, After Hitler was killed the american went to Dresden and Slaughtered over 1 million women and children because they were afraid of the population growth. The Americans also never left Germany after the war. The american tax payers should stop paying taxes to american government and start giving money to the Russian government. They hate america and would love to get more powerful so they could kick there ass.

    • “The only terrorists in this world are is the American government” That is the MOST STUPID statement I have ever seen on the internet. You’re an idiot if you think Russia hasn’t committed atrocities. As for Dresden, you are spouting so much bullshit that we could fertilize all the cornfields of the mid west.

      • come on man and you are obviously a troll 😀 has russia dropped an atomic bomb in hiroshima? is there a guantanmo in russia? are russians the ones killing innocent people with drones? did russia ship africans to their country as slaves or killed thousands of natives? was russia the one fighting in syria lybia afghanistan irak etc…?was it russia all in the news spying on the german gov. and their citizens? i dont know on what planet you live but where i live things are a little different…

  2. why are you arresting me? “it doesnt matter” THATS the shocking part in this video, the guy gets arrested for nothing? fuck those cops

  3. I can’t believe this happened, absolutely terrible to see that officers could be this stupid to break so many laws in just one encounter. But besides that…anyone else hear the homeless guy chanting to the Illuminati god of saturn Yawei(defs not spelled like that lol)?

  4. You all need to do an article about what he was talking about. About changing his name. Not being property of the queen. Him being peaceful and not falling under their law.

  5. In the beginning, the police clearly state that there is a warrant out for him. Therefore, it is their duty to arrest him and take him in to the court. I see nothing brutal or wrong about this video or the actions of the police. We must have law and order and if there is a warrant out for someone, they should submit to the police officer’s lawful arrest. Good job and hats off to the cops.

  6. so if police officers came up to you and said you’re under arrest for your warrant, are you saying you would not question them and just let them take you away?

    • Well, myself personally, I would not be a fugitive from justice because I don’t do bad things. But if I ever found out there ever was a warrant for my arrest, I would immediately get in my car and turn myself in to clear things up and prove my innocence. The fact that this guy was resisting arrest and committing disorderly conduct really does imply guilt.

      • Well maybe in a country where police officers are not notoriously acting like dicks…

        Beside, resisting doesn’t imply guilt. It is making a point that those dickheads need to show some proof or at least sound suspicions in order to be allowed to arrest you. It’s called having rights.

  7. When you are told by an officer you are under arrest, you have to obey that order. It’s just not worth getting a resisting arrest charge.

  8. i know jacobless hes not a criminal far from it but he told me the police started that encounter with a drop kick i believe him and i dont think the charter of rights is taught to the police in canada even though it clearly states you have a right to be immediately informed of the charge upon arrest and it also says there can be no law written contrary to the charter of rights guaranteed by the queen herself


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