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Based upon the figures calculated by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), over a billion people worldwide do not have access to clean tap or drinkable water. Immediate help can be made available from desalination or treating sea water or brackish liquid. Plus, desalination machinery is very energy and repair intensive, making utilization in areas where there is a limited power supply very difficult. The places with the worst type of water shortages include the warm and dry countries throughout Northern and Central (including Middle Western and Middle Eastern) Africa. As these are also the territories with the most extreme solar emissions, using this power for the desalination and cleaning of contaminated or brackish water could create a realistic opportunity for a new source of clean drinking water.

However, an innovative solar water distiller for families—which was named by its inventor Eliodomestico—has been designed to operate without filters or electrical power. The device is constructed from easily available materials including burnt clay and tin material, and can be entirely put together by the people it is designed for.

The product’s structure incorporates two ceramic pieces. The black boiler is the evaporator and the condenser contains tin fused metallic covers. The filtered water bowl is made of clay. The designer designed it that way because the locals often carry it over their heads. The choice of materials, shape and shades have also been selected for practical reasons—such as the thermal padding, ventilation, heat resistance, intake or vice versa.

Image Source: Google Image – A picture of the Eliodomestico.

In the morning, the dirty or salty fluid is loaded in a water container. Within just a few hours, drinkable water can be poured out. The process used here is relatively straightforward, it evaporates and then re-condenses.

The experimental model that incorporates a diameter of sixty centimeters and a surface area of point twenty-eight meters per square, can contain up to three liters every day.

Image Source: Google Image – The designer explaining how the product works.

Eliodomestico is an efficient and an astonishing innovation that delivers clean drinking water in areas where salty or brackish water is prevalent. The introduction of Eliodomestico to such communities, can induce uplifting results for the local economies as it is intended to be entirely produced on location, thus, generating small establishments. Besides cleansing, the device does not require maintenance. The dimensions can be altered to adapt to the water demands; four to twelve litters every day can meet the needs of an average residence. Conventional modes and materials make the Eliodomestico highly familiar and easy to comprehend.

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Source: The Anti-Media, Gizmag
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