Inspirational Video of The Day: The Truth That Was Never Told


With all the terrible things happening everyday, it’s hard to stay optimistic, to hope that humanity can rise together, rather than against each other. It’s all rather depressing, to say the least. Sometimes, it’s hard to even get up in the morning. This video by a Youtuber named TruthNeverTold was quite uplifting, and lit a fire in me once more. Have a gander, let me know if you agree.

Tell me, will you sit down? Will you shut up? Or will you keep standing against the tide, relentless, dogged. Unbreakable.

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  1. We are slaves to everyone, and we are slaves to ourselves.
    But most of all, we’re slaves to no one.
    Now stop reading this, and go do what you want to do. Because I know that you don’t want to do what they say you want to do.

  2. I have no Fear and I will not be a slave to anyone I was brought down to earth for reason I fight for what is right and I will die for what is right and I follow Jesus and God a Warrior. I know the truth and who stands at the Head of the Table. People are afraid and well it’s coming soon

  3. A bit dramatic for my taste. Lot of great thoughts. Particularly regarding indoctrination. Thing is, you guys usually come across pretty candidly. I like candor. Melodrama, meh.

    Consider this. The viddy takes great care to layer the programming through advertising mantra in a shocking, excitement packed visual roller coaster. It looks like slick advertising. That looks like mirroring.

    Was he trying to say ‘cognitive dissonance’? Sorry to play grammar police but it lessens the impact. When dabbling in critical thinking you have to come correct. Can’t afford mistakes when your intellect is your credibility. He offered no facts so I feel I must rely on his mind.

    My conclusion, since you asked? You guys do seriously wonderful stuff. You also get a bit preachy. Serious minded folk following you look for those documents you post. The raw data. If you truly believe indoctrination is evil, then opinion is opinion and should be presented with disclaimer. Not everyone perusing your posts can tell the difference, which engenders responsibility. You are shaping minds. Raw data is truth, open to individual interpretation. Then the wise person vets their conclusions against every source reasonable. Right, left and center. Half the population can’t be wrong. To not see this is arrogance. Great feats overcome indoctrination, even for those indoctrinated. Once you understand the others’ viewpoints measured against your original conclusion, the amalgamation of ideas will reveal your truth.

    And now I’m preaching. Sorry.

    For what it’s worth, you are one of my most trusted sites.

  4. Were I agree with Mike to a degree regarding substance, I personally had a very smart, visionary Gran, who said to me in my teens ” Stewart, you enter this world with one thing, and make sure you leave with it, your SELF RESPECT, and always remember YOU ARE BETTER THAN NO ONE, AND NO ONE IS BETTER THAN YOU”. These words I have carried with me throughout my whole life, in a work environment, although damaging to deserved personal advancement, never conform to anything that you do not agree with, I had no option left open to me about 8 years ago, did not agree with the ethics of Johnson & Johnson, so decided to leave on principle, dropping 75% of my salary to take on any job at the time, that allowed me to be true to myself. The secret is simple, STUDY your companies policies and procedures on everything, there is always hundreds of guidelines in their company documentation that can get you out of any situation, you find yourself in, as no one ever pays enough attention, even HR. don’t realise that they have to follow to the letter their drafted policies and procedures. Do not enter into unnecessary debt as that is what keeps your nose to their grindstone, with them calling the tune. IT IS AMAZING THE LESSON OF DROPPING 75% OF MY SALARY TAUGHT ME, YOU ARE AS SLAVE TO YOURSELF, ENDEBTING YOURSELF TO THE CAPITALIST IDEOLOGY, TRAPPING YOURSELF IN UNHAPPINESS, FOR WHAT? A NEW CAR? GADGETS THAT 3 MONTHS AFTER YOU LEAVE THE SHOP ARE HALF THE PRICE? JUST SHIT, CAUSED BY BUYING INTO THEIR CAPITAIST MINDSET, AND WORST OF ALL IS YOU ACTUALLY FEEDING THE VERY BEAST THAT ENSLAVES YOU. BREAK FREE EARN LESS LIVE MORE TAKE A JOB AT THE LOWER END OF THE PAYSCALE, ALL YOU NEED IS ENOUGH TO PAY THE BILLS AND FEED YOUR FAMILY, THE REST IS JUST SHITE TYING YOU TO THEM, YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE UP A TREE TO ACHIEVE THIS,I CERTAINLY DON’T, BUT LEARNING THAT MONEY AND THE QUEST FOR IT, IS THE REASON FOR YOUR UNHAPPINESS AND DISCONTENT, THE REASON FOR THE LOWER WAGE STATEMENT IS SIMPLE, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF LOWER PAYED JOBS OUT THERE, SO YOU GO TO WORK AND YOUR BOSS IS TRYING TO BE A COCK, MIDDLE FINGER AND FUCK YOU, AND GO AND GET ANOTHER JOB INSTANT FREEDOM AND SELF GRATIFICATION AND A SENSE OF PRIDE IN YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVE PROBABLY NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE, BECAUSE YOU ARE FREE. NEVER CONFORM, BELIEVE NOTHING QUESTION EVERYTHING.


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