The Tragic, Grief-Stricken And Lonely Part Of Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves is 50, and he is alone. He describes the losses he had suffered in his life, full of devastation, as unfair and absurd. His is a life accentuated by constant tragedy, and it is hard not to admire his bravery once you find out what he has been through.

Reeves’ father drops out of his life

In 1967, Samuel Nowlin Reeves abandoned his family – his wife Patricia Taylor, and two children Keanu and Kim. Keanu was only 3. They lived in Lebanon, Australia and New York, before settling down in Toronto. Keanu visited his father occasionally till he was 6. After he turned 13, he visited him one last time at his Hawaiian farm. In a 2000 Rolling Stone interview, Keanu said, “Jesus, man. No, the story with me and my dad’s pretty heavy. It’s full of pain and woe and f*cking loss and all that sh*t”. Keanu struggled with dyslexia; he eventually left high school without even receiving a diploma.

First tragedy strikes

In 1993, Keanu’s best friend and fellow actor River Phoenix, 23, overdosed on a toxic concoction of cocaine, morphine, and valium outside The Viper Room, an LA club owned by Johnny Depp. He suffered five seizures before he passed away. During his Reddit AMA in 2014, Keanu answered a question about what River Phoenix was like. “He was a remarkable human person and actor. We got along very well, and I miss him. I think of him often,” he had replied. anon wear t-shirt

Second tragedy devastates Keanu

In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, a young actress. In 1999, Syme gave birth to a stillborn daughter. 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident. “Grief changes shape, but it never ends. People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better’. They’re wrong. When the people you love are gone, you’re alone. I miss being a part of their lives and them being part of mine. I wonder what the present would be like if they were here – what we might have done together. I miss all the great things that will never be,” Keanu said in a 2006 Parade magazine interview.

And to make matters worse…

… Kim, his sister, fell ill due to her decade long battle with leukemia. The cancer eventually fell into remission, but she is still fighting the disease. “When she was in the hospital he was there with her all the time, sitting at her bedside, holding her hand. Sometimes, it’s almost like he doesn’t trust himself to have a relationship with anyone,” his close friend had revealed. He donated privately and publicly to numerous cancer charities, research centers, and hospitals. He has set up his own charity and also supports Stand Up to Cancer and the SickKids Foundation.

His brush with death

In 1988, a bike accident on Topanga Canyon Boulevard left him with a thick scar rising vertically up his stomach. His spleen would later have to be removed. He lay on the pavement for half an hour before help arrived. “I call that a demon ride (that means riding at night with no headlights). I remember saying in my head, ‘I’m going to die’. I remember calling out for help. And someone answering out of the darkness, and then the flashing lights of an ambulance coming down. This was after a truck ran over my helmet. I took it off because I couldn’t breathe, and a truck came down. I got out of the way, and it ran over my helmet,” he told Rolling Stone. Another motorcycle accident in 1996 broke his ankle and left him with a wide, curved scar on his right leg.

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    • Then you will never understand your role within anonymous… but keep searching the truth will set you free and you are soooo close!

        • because this site is NOT affiliated with anonymous. its trying to capitalize on anonymous. you just were asked your name and email to post a comment. youre not too bright. but yes if they are going to make money off anonymous they should at least try a lil harder

      • We all have loved an lost family very sad story .. but u have to stay strong in life .. movie star or not he is still human like i an u.

        • You’ve entirely missed the point. He absolutely adheres to the modesty he was most likely to grow out of in Hollywood.
          He didn’t do a public statement for a bit of materialism, he was asked these, and he was honest.
          This man is the opposite of gluttony, and self-absorbance.

        • So True movie star are human too. They feel,hurt,bleed,cry,just like us. I feel so sorry for some of them there lives are turned upside down. They can”t be just normal and walk around like we can and not have people come up to them all the time. you have to be strong get up and start a new day! I say to myself everyday Love my job! Love my job ! Some time life can be overwhelming. Sorry for your loss !!

        • FYI – A quick google search shows that he’s been in 24 movies in the past 15 years. What have you done during that time?

        • Did you not see the part about him donating to several cancer charities as well as running his own charities. I would say that is a lot done in 15 years.

        • Keanu Reeves story is inspiring because he has dealt with several death’s of loved ones
          and tragedy and yet he continues to move forward. He gets back up and does quit, which is inspirational to others. Most actors and actresses do not talk about the hard times. I admire him for keeping it real.
          I must say though, I was waiting for the bad part. He should spend a day in my life. Not sure he would be able to.

        • You do realize he released a movie this year called John Wick. What’s inspirational about this is that he chooses to donate most if not all of his money to charities and various other organizations instead of living the rich and famous Hollywood lifestyle.

    • Well, you know how Anonymous wants to unite humanity and help better the world. How humans have a heart and emotions. Well this man tells his story about his emotions and how he betters the world. To unite humanity, one must emphasize with the rest.

    • Ultimately, Anonymous is about our humanity, which is often hidden in plain sight by the societal paradigm we currently live in.

    • I think it’s because anonymous seem to stand for humanity humility and morals. And this is a story of a man who has had a treacherous life and still remains decent. A lesson to us all xxx

    • I dont know why the story was written at all… he probably was the one to write it… people suffer with loss ALL THE TIME. 1998 is the last date referred to in this article… that’s 15 years! Im not suggesting he moves on but 35 and 50 are VERY different ages. Come on!!

      • Im sorry but who are you? Have you ever lost someone important in your life. A child, a wife, your best friend. An have to remain strong for the people who still matter to you.
        He’s had to endure lost in his life an it seams that every time he finds a bit of peace someone else go’s.
        Growing up in a home where hope is all you have sometimes will change you aspect on life.

        • This article has actually caused me to DISlike Keanu a little bit. I read nothing that demonstrated any exceptional suffering. We’ve all loved and lost. We’ve all lost family and friends. He comes across as just a whiny D-bag. “I don’t want to discuss my dad because that’s some heavy shit”. pfft. Because you’re the first to have a dad walk out? Cry me a river…phoenix. lol

          • Omg, he doesn’t see his dad; his baby was born still born; the mother of his child is dead; his best friend is dead and his sister is really ill. What would you want him to ensure to tick your checkbox under real sufferance!?? It’s not a completion you bumpy.

          • It’s sadness me in regards to the person comment who calls him a wimp & cry baby. That’s the whole thing wrong with this world! No one has compassion for their fellow man . Take Keaun’s profession of the story . I know you sad for him then & be understanding . But his celebrity status y’all assume he wares armor & is AMMUNE to ALL PAIN & every regular ordinary person gets & tragedy. Well let me remind you of something. HE IS JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON ! Tragedy is horrible grief & pain is HELL to get rid off no matter who you are . Give him your prayers & not your judgment & cruel remarks. Loneliness is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE way to be ! I’m here if you EVER EVER need to talk or just an understand friend Keanu . And your in my prayers

    • Hey…ANONYMOUS what’s with having to give you my name and email address. What the fuck is anonymous about that? I joined your group because I was seeing a lot of interesting articles…I’m leaving because they are few and far between. Kate’s comment deserved an intelligent answer, not the crap that John Doe replied with. “Then you will never understand your role within anonymous… but keep searching the truth will set you free and you are soooo close!” aww, Gwasshoppa you find meaning of life within butterfwy wings. Jeezus, what crap.

    • I personally have a hard time trusting any articles on this site.

      It reminds me alot of Alex Jones’s website that’s full of really controversial and conspiracy info.

    • I think it means he manages to live a rather anonymous life even in the midst of tragedy and fame. In that sense, he’s one of us, the faceless ones in the crowd. We are anonymous!

    • just watch neon demon. there story is just the rock and roll version. success has a price with the Illuminati. and we see clearer as Chris Cornell is dead by apparent suicide….my ass. sacrifice is more like all the deaths they endured.

  1. i love this man SO much… i don’t care if i’ve never met him, this is enough knowledge of him for me to form an emotional attachment… before i even knew about his personal story, i loved him just from the roles he chose, from “Prince of Pennsylvania”, on… the world needs more people just like him… if i ever had the chance to be with him (romantically), i would do everything in my power to keep him happy… he deserves it… he doesn’t deserve to be alone, and i wish i could fill that need for him… beautiful soul and mind, to match a beautiful face… “humble” is an understatement…

        • wtc…you posting as Keanu Reeves? that is fake impersonation…identity theft…false advertisement…Idk, it is very distasteful to mock and sling shit at a person when the truth hits the fan…the mockers are the biggest shit slinging assholes whom has no clue how to even think of treating others and are the one’s left alone with their miserable life of the internet, laughing at other’s opinion’s while a real social life is lacking due to the lack of social skills. When was the last time any of you assholes had a date with someone whom wanted to be with you for whom you really are? When was the last time you kissed someone in a thunderstorm? Ya’ll really need to get out more…JS

    • You guys say she is creepy for that, but we all know there are plenty of men everyday asking for sex and all that shit out of nowhere. Don’t hate the truth.

    • Ignore those stupid haters Maryann, I feel the same way and have for years! Can’t believe Charlese Theron dumped him for that stupid Sean Penn…Bitch. I hate her now.

    • Don’t listen to the trolls, you don’t have issues…you have a soul. In a sick world filled with those who would sell theirs for money, fame or power, you only want to love someone who has lived a life filled with tragedy…but hidden by the bright lights of hollyweird. I’d love the hell outta that man, too.

  2. What does this have to do with Anonymous? I like his acting but he had no tougher life than 1/4 of people in the world. I really don’t get this…I might even stop following you on FB…ffs

    • Connecting with other people is also very important and the story of Keanu might be something other people can find themselves in. If we want to live in a better world, understanding each other is a good thing.

  3. Mi dispiace ma non parlo bene L’inglese,Keanu Reeves mi è sempre piaciuto come attore,e ora che ho letto il vostro articolo(con l’aiuto del traduttore di Google)lo stimo anche come uomo.Il dolore per la perdita di persone care è sempre difficile da superare,spero solo che Keanu abbia vicino persone che lo aiutano.Anch’io (per motivi famigliari)ho la fortuna di avere accanto tante brave persone che aiutano me’ e mia moglie ogni giorno…mia figlia è autistica.Vorrei dire al signor Reeves di continuare a camminare,sorridere,anche se è difficile farlo,e di non perdere mai la forza per contiuare ! Grazie Anonimous.

  4. Ho sempre considerato Keanu Reeves un bravissimo attore,e ora che ho letto il vostro articolo(usando il traduttore di google…non parlo inglese..scusate) lo ammiro anche come uomo.Ho una figlia autistica e vicino a me’e a mia moglie ci sono tante persone che ogni giorno ci offrono il loro aiuto,spero che anche il signor Reeves abbia qualcuno che gli tende una mano,e non parlo di sicuro dell’industria cinematografica…,vorrei potergli dire di avere sempre la forza di restare in piedi e di continuare a camminare. Grazie Anonymous.

  5. Before more of you continue to whine about this article, look at the author/writer & their past articles… they are similar in style. If you don’t like the article, don’t read it, or anything else by them if it bothers you so much.

  6. Why is Anonomous publishing this drivel? I dealt with more tragedy before my 19th birthday..And I’m not rich and handsome.. What a load of garbage. Try losing a best friend a week before Christmas, then losing Your baby daughter two moths later on your birthday.. On top of the problems every average joe faces.. Everyone deals with this type of thing it’s just a matter of when..

    • You are the worst type of person!! Please don’t try to compete to have a harder life than someone else. He has been through some difficult times, and it makes you a terrible person to try and diminish that. Not everything has to be a competition, and its pretty sad that you are trying to compete for a harder life. Let other people’s stories be told, not just your own!!

      • @Fi, to call Cam the worst type of and a horrible person after that post is completely ridiculous. Get perspective on ‘worst type’ and ‘horrible’. Plus his/her post even ends recognizing this happens to everyone. Your post shows 0 empathy.

    • He dealt with all these things over his life but, because he has made more of a success of his life than you, he deserves less sympathy or recognition for the pain he has suffered? Loss is the hardest thing (and yes, before you ask or judge I too know loss, and possibly far more than you could imagine) to deal with and it shapes you as a person, either strong and determined or bitter. You can’t change the things that happen to you in your life but you can choose how you deal with them

  7. Forget where the information comes from. If it was not for anonymous I wound have heard about Mr. Reeves and his hard life. Hang in there. There are millions of people going what you are going through including myself. Just keep listening to your inner compass in your heart. when your heart and mind agree with each other, go for it. I myself am going what you are going through and more. My prayers are with you.

    • Right? It just, like, ended..

      I’m also a bit confused on why keanu reeves? There are plenty of actors that have had it worse or the same tragedies at least, in my opinion. Kelsey Grammar, Jordan Sparks, etc. His life seems pretty average to me.. heartbreak, death..

  8. Your a great human being. Chin up. You deserve only the best. Things will get better and you will meet a good soul mate if you haven’t ready. Really enoy your movies.

  9. i am from a small little island call Zanzibar, I’ve been watching many films in my time so far and I’ve been inspired by this guy’s life and I also feel for his losses for I have also lost people who are so dear and close to me, people who learned me love and whats it is to be love. This guy life story and the path of life he’s leading is an inspiration with full of courage! My humble advice would be try to trust and learn to love again. Nothing to lose but so much to gain brother. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to many of us.

  10. every one on Earth got his/her share of ups and downs… fortunes and misfortunes, trials and challenges….. he is an actor ! ? is’nt he ?….. welll…. he got to be strong to live his life……to face the trials…to inspire to care for others who are more critical and more depressing than him…..

  11. Thank you for this article! I have always loved you Keanu Reeves and now I even do it much more than before. I wish you the best and I hope that next time we could read and hear lots of good news about your private life.

    Be happy man! You deserve it.


  12. I know his pain. At 41 it is the reason why i am single. Beats feeling the pain of the loss when the people you love die or hurt you. I know it’s not the proper solution but when you’ve suffered as much as i have; it’s the only alternative to maintain one’s sanity.

  13. Wild guess: Open letter to other anons with a scheme to grief him, to explain why Keanu should not be a target for lulz?

  14. Yea that’s ok but really I’ve known people that have lived harder lives without anyone paying them millions for month or twos work. I could tell you of one friend that has fought with alcohol and drugs all his life. Friends he lost to Heroin, girlfriend he lost in a traffic accident in a car he was driving. Couple different motorcycle crashes that nearly took his life both times. Numerous traffic accidents on freeways one with him drunk and getting in the freeway the wrong way hit someone head on. Him watching his mother slowly die of Alzheimer’s. That’s just the short summery of his life. I’m not making short of things Keanu’s gone through but on a scale of things compared to others his is light reading.

    • Except that your friend’s problems (aside from his mother dying of Alzheimer’s) sound like they are largely of his own doing. From what you say, drug and alcohol abuse have a lot to do with the issues he has faced, especially him being drunk and getting in the freeway the wrong way and hitting someone head on?? And we are supposed to feel sympathy for this man? His actions could have (may well have, I don’t know) caused someone else’s death. Has he taken responsibility for his actions and gotten himself cleaned up with some help? Keanu’s tragedies may be the same as many others out there, or less than some others, but if he can use his fame for some good, such as donating the money he does not need to live (most of it) to charities or even by sharing his stories of loss like this, as others have pointed out it may help inspire someone else to do the same or to realise that others are suffering too and they are not really alone.

  15. He rode a motorcycle at night without lights? Can’t have any sympathy for that then, it was a selfish act as he could have harmed others as well as himself. But interesting to get this angle on his life.

  16. Keanu, We do have the ‘…comfort from the scriptures’ that ‘we might have hope…’ Romans 15:4. Jesus said ‘He is the resurrection and the life’ and that ‘…the hour is coming in which all those in memorial tombs will hear His voice and come out…’ John 5:28-30. And Jesus promised that He will ‘…wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore…’.Rev 21:3&4. I pray that the ‘…peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart…’ Philippians 4:7. Maryjane

  17. Keanu, We do have the ‘…comfort from the scriptures’ that ‘we might have hope…’ Romans 15:4. Jesus said ‘He is the resurrection and the life’ and that ‘…the hour is coming in which all those in memorial tombs will hear His voice and come out…’ John 5:28-30. And Jesus promised that He will ‘…wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore…’.Rev 21:3&4. I pray that the ‘…peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart…’ Philippians 4:7. Maryjane

  18. Keanu Reeves does deserve respect. The man has gone through a lot, yet a very noble and generous man. people should take a lesson form his life.

  19. Viper room… there is lots of controversy around that club, and celebs that visited it and Johny Dep and deaths connected to that. Mind control program victims who grew up in to celebrities… and so on… there is lots of stuff around that club.

  20. his story is sad but not isolated. Many people experience long strings of loss and it can be soul destroying. I am amazed KR still functions as well as he does. My hat goes off to him as I go to work as a psych nurse looking after those that do not cope so well.

  21. inspirational… reading that was like taking a walk through my own past. I gained respect and hope from knowing that I aint alone.

  22. Yeah. Everyone has their problems, that is true. But having a little empathy for the trials of others in spite of your own experiences/life issues really isn’t such bad quality at all.

  23. He really is a good guy. The article seemed to end abruptly but he has donated the biggest portion of his earnings from the Matrix movies.

    Reeves gave US$80 million of his US$114 million earnings of The Matrix sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, to the special effects and makeup staff. He is quoted as saying ″Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.″

  24. Keenaue dude buy an old sail boat fix it up with elbow grease and love go sailing and enjoy the magic as 3 hours become a whole day becausetime slows down. Bring your friends and cook good food give yourself to them and you will find a way to smile in the precious pain that lets you known life is worthwhile. My passion is hand rubbed tiger stripped mahogany with danish teak oil hand rubbed finish. The 4 winds will blow lifes breath back into thoes dry bones knocking and clicking back together. Read Ezk. 37 for the key

  25. Dude… The Matrix. At least that’s the connection I make… the concepts and theories of the films can totally relate to todays society. I love those films! Fight Club is awesome too but I don’t know much about any of the actors personal life journeys. Anybodys life story is interesting enough in a way that one can relate to it at one point or another. Props to Keanu for his compassionate nature for sure!

  26. It’s not a competition here, the amount of loss to a person is incalculable to them, whether it is one person, a whole family, a whole community. Your loss is your own. Yes Keanua should have it all by society’s current day Slebs addiction but hey, he doesn’t, big surprise. People with money are different ONLY because they have money, they cannot protect themselves or others from the ultimate loss that awaits everyone. The Sleb list of the dead, diseased, bereft, lonely, grief stricken is very long, just like all other humans. If money, prestige goodlooks and fame could protect them then why doesn’t it? That being said if Keanu was a pig ugly human with the same loss then very few women on here would look at him and say oh I love him for his suffering. B.S ladies! And hey, incidentally, the sleb gushing of women on here is pretty yukky. Wrong site for that and I speak as a woman!

  27. Keeping your chin up and trying to be inspirational, after going through all the bad things life can throw at you and then some.

  28. Tremendously inspiring. I think he made a few thousand more friends today – even if he has yet to discover them. Regarding his cancer work -I hope he discovers the Doctor who has saved many lives -even in stage-4 cancer and has been battling government for over 2 decades in his trek to revolutionize cancer treatment: DR. STANISLAW BURZYNSKI
    Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. graduated with honors from Medical Academy in Lublin, Poland and received his M.D. degree in 1967. Subsequently, in 1968 he earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry. He did his internship and residency from 1967 to 1970. From October 1970 to 1977 he was employed by Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, initially as a Research Associate and later as Assistant Professor.

    While at Baylor, Dr. Burzynski’s research was sponsored and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute. Doctors associated with M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center also cooperated in this research.

    On July 1, 1977, Dr. Burzynski resigned from Baylor College of Medicine and established Burzynski Research Laboratories. Over a number of years the company expanded to Burzynski Research Institute, Burzynski Clinic, and Pharmaceutical Plant. Dr. Burzynski serves as the President, Chairman of the Board of the Institute, and is the owner of the clinic and pharmaceutical plant.

    Dr. Burzynski is the discoverer of antineoplastons, which are components of a complex biochemical defense system against cancer. He is also the discoverer of new treatments for cancer, viral infections including AIDS, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, neurofibromatosis, and restenosis. Among his contributions are 242 patents, and over 300 scientific publications. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, recipient of over 20 international awards…

  29. Ive followed keanu for years and he has been a wonderful actor and a kind and generous person so theres nothing you can say that would change my opinion or feelings for him hes been through hell and back and hes wonderful

  30. Maybe the author didn’t want any accolades for the article and just wanted to present the story. Maybe just a true friend of Keanu’s wanting everyone to know this about him without the notoriety associated with getting the scoop and being subjected to further questions. This is heartbreaking but not uncommon for many of us. What’s really sad is how it’s proof that money doesn’t buy everything as money can’t cure his sister, couldn’t save River or his friend who lost the baby then her own life. The article doesn’t say if Keanu was the father. I remember recently having a conversation at a party about celebs who stay out of the media & Keanu came up as one of them. I am 48 and in the process of writing a book about one subject in my life that resulted in devastating loss and that’s just one subject. Reflecting back when my Dad moved away when I was 14 all the failed relationships, friends out of my life, countless amounts of times I was used by people who I thought were friends and on and on. Having wealth may have helped ease the pain with much of it but I bet 3 out 5 people you talk to have equal if not worse tragedies in their lives but since we are not famous no one cares. I certainly understand the alienation he feels and hope he finds some solace in his talent and career. I also hope his father is alive and financially struggling really bad as he is not worthy of a dime of his son’s help.

  31. Well….the story is nice and i guess a great part of anon is based on getting the truth out, but truly!! this is not the truth the world desperately needs knowledge of..on another note..i did watch “the hour of our time” on you tube and would love to know how much truth is in that..surely one of you great truth tellers can dig something up 😉

  32. These comments… so much hate on this article you’d think anonymous actually did something other than annoy the fuck outta people… with b.s. articles about shit that will “change the world”… go land sony’s plane for em… ya odb

  33. Why spend your time trolling here when you could be doing something productive with your life, like ending it. I thought the article was interesting. If you didn’t want to enter your name and email, you shouldnt have. This is what happens when you give smart phones and computers to dumb people. Open your mind or shut your fucking mouth. Kindly yours, your mother. P.s. I’m case the dumbasses didn’t get it, my first sentence references you killing yourselves. Long live Anonymous.

  34. I have a new respect for Anonymous and the message they are trying to spread. I see many posts on facebook from Anonymous. Most of these posts are spot on with my views and opinions. As for Keanu Reeves I’ve heard many positive things about him. One fact that I remember is he donated much of his pay from Matrix to the special effects team that made the movie effects so amazing.

    ~ Peace!

  35. Grow up and put your big boy pants on. Everyone has to deal with death and heart break. It f@#k life, deal with it and move on.

    • Dave:Just wanted to say you, sir, are an utterly disgraceful human being and if you were anywhere near me right now, I’d choke the last breath from your throat with my bare hands while gracefully singing lalala.

    • I see dave uve never lost anything or anyone important to you but wait trust me you will and then talk to me about dealing with it and moving on…you ingnnant imature little prick

    • You’re a fucking asshole. Obviously you’ve never suffered huge and traumatic loss. Get a life ya lil bitch waffle…

  36. Take my hat off to you Mr.Reeves, you have the guts to put your grief out there without fear of people judging you, by the looks of this they already have, I don’t know you but I think your actions are honourable to say the least. I feel for the grief your going through every day, God bless and keep moving forward.

  37. Nice article, very sad for him that he is afraid to care because he’s felt so much loss. Loss does change you, it makes you a little less to be open hopefully something will give for him. Cause staying within yourself leads to no where.

  38. I like the guy. But he has had no more grief and heartache than many people I know.
    The article came across like he is the only person to ever suffer. I feel for his loss, but he at least had tons of money to help him through his misery

  39. This is an inspirational story. Too many hate filled people in this world (some definitely here)with no empathy or charity in their hearts. No one said he is the only one to suffer loss. It is just an example of keeping the love and spirit of giving in your heart instead of letting what you have gone thru making you bitter and hateful

  40. Money does not bring back those who have died. He clearly wants to bring less suffering and pain to the world by donating his money to those who can utilize it positively.

  41. While this is an inspirational story of a famous man, who quite rightly is attempting to be a good person. It is by no means unusual to a great many people who also have lives which entail death of people they love and other such issues. The fact that a person who earns a lot of money can afford to put money into charity is fantastic, however that should not detract from a person on the street putting £1 into a box if that is all they can afford. Many of these charities are just fronts for business people to gain from. In the form of cancer funding etc, they are able to fund themselves through a lot of charitable aid and then when they do come up with various medications they are sold on to pharmaceutical companies to mark up to extraordinary amounts which are unobtainable to the ordinary folk who have been so generous over the years. It is all a scam in many forms. Good for him that is is a role model for our generation though. Well done.

  42. I find this article very interesting and touching. Really inspiring. Makes me want to step up in my life. Thanks!! 🙂

  43. People act as if money is the ultimate elixir to one’s own sadness. He has lost pretty much everyone he loves. What’s happiness if there’s no one to share it with?

  44. It isn’t about money, why do so many people say that? Losing a child or any loved one is not made easier by any amount of money. I’ve lost four babies, several family members, three friends to suicide and my beloved grandpa and I don’t care if I had my bank account or Oprah’s it would hurt the same. Clearly he has been through some stuff (yes like everyone else) but everyone’s coping mechanisms are different, they are limited to what they know. Why is everyone so quick to judge and spew hate? It’s so sad.

  45. Guys, I cant understand why you show yourself so distrustful. I dont know keanu reeves and actually is the first time I read something about his story, but even if this is true or false, why would you go hitting that hard against anonymous? Maybe this is not about truth, and it is about an example, for all of us. A lot of people is having a really tough time and no one even knows about it. Even if this is false or an appreciation it is meant to be an awareness for all of us to be more compassive. Cause everyone has to fight for justice.

  46. Why are people such jerks. Yes everyone has loss, but only a strong person has the guts to share it with the world. I think this should remind people that we are all the same no matter what our job or “status”.

  47. So many odd comments here. And indicative of the lack of compassion our society seems so comfortable with. Or is it the anonymity of the the internet?

    Listen, leukemia in the family or oneself alone is enough to elicit a kind, supportive word or two.

  48. Namaste brother, may peace await you on your journey. Sometimes the middle path does not greet us, like you we suffer for the greater good.

    • Right? I was trying to figure out where the rest of the article was.

      Poor Keanu has been through more than any one person should have to endure. 🙁

  49. Yo lo estimo mucho a Keanu Revees, pero me parece justo que si dan reportes de su vida sean ciertas! Keanu, que Dios te bendiga, ojalá te pudiera conocer.

  50. Even tho I don’t knew him as a everyday guy pretty good actor next day well always b the biggest step and if need to feel warmth with noone wanting anything from you I knew a pretty cool after school club

  51. Now imagine dealing with that when you’re poor and have no support system.

    Everybody has lost a friend and a relative or lover and had a brush with death themselves or has “daddy issues”. *Everyone*. It’s a *bit* easier when you’re wealthy beyond comprehension and have unlimited resources. Pardon me if I’m not overly sympathetic to a multi-millionaire who’s suffered the same tragedies as the rest of us. The guy hasn’t had to struggle to make a living since he was a teenager – and makes more money by grinning for a split second in front of a camera than most people in this thread do in a three years – if they’re lucky.

    Nice PR piece.

    • I can’t help but agree to that; however, compassion shouldn’t depend on earnings. He is human. We working class have experienced worse, and overcome….. And he will too

    • Man you gotta be some kind of morons to think that he has never struggled. Who cares about money when you loose the people you love. I will never be as wealthy as he is and probably never earns as much as he gave. But I am way richer than he is with having all the important people in my life. He has the gots to open his heart don’t kick a man when he is down for heaven sake. This is called compassion.

    • Really…what a dick!! Having money has nothing to do with grief. He has lost a child, the worst type of grief imaginable not to mention the layers of other significant losses on top of that! This is heartbreaking for Keanu and no amount of money, support, resources etc could ever restore to his heart what has been lost. Let’s hope you never have to walk in his shoes, I’m sure your opinion would be different

  52. With success comes tragedy. It seems to be a dark cloud which follows most celebrities. It is said that those who join “illuminati ” must make a blood sacrifice.

  53. The grief of losing someone you love is horrendous. As a father who has had his daughter alienated against him, that feeling is the same as grief. Parents who do not grant access to the child, parents who twist the truth and lie about what a father is doing or where he is as a means of control, are committing the worst kind of psychological child abuse. Every day I spend without my daughter is as though she died, I cannot call her, I cannot write to her and tell her what is going on. I was excluded from her birthday plans, May Day, Father’s Day, Easter… She has untouched Christmas presents in her room and a wardrobe full of clothes that she has probably grown out of by now…. Depression is a bastard and no amount of medication will ever bring her back. Having people by your side who understand you and can/ will talk to you is comforting, but you are ultimately alone with the thoughts of how you could’ve done things differently just not to be in the mood you’re in right now.

  54. Don’t know may other humble actors that give without bragging about how wonderful and giving they are. Wait, don’t know any. The fact that he has never come out and said, “I give this much to this charity, and this much to this cause”, tells you he is doing it from his heart. I feel like things will get better for him. Also, it is sad all that has happened to him, but he is not alone. Most people by his age have had a lot of heartache and loss. Keep your faith in God, Keanu.

  55. I was feeling sorry for a minute until something hit me…

    ” In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme, a young actress. In 1999, Syme gave birth to a stillborn daughter. 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident. ”

    Hmm…Could it be that the baby was sacrifice once conceived and Keanu knew of it just to gain riches and Jennefer Syme later on found out about it and they killed her.So keanu can make it big with his hit movie The Matrix that following year in 1999.

    I believe that it was an initiation into the illuminati and they needed blood sacrifice.

  56. I do agree with Marks comments to some extent, but compassion for another human being should not be based on income. I have experienced worse and I am poor with next to zero family support….. He is human! And I read once somewhere years ago he still writes letters instead of e-mails and texts, and River Pheonix was a truly genuine person who held the same moral standards. He is alone, and that sucks no matter how rich you are….now move on like the rest of us Keannu.

  57. You’re a beautiful man Keanu, and any woman would be lucky to be by your side, and love you until all your pain is gone.

  58. I will pray for you. Your a lost soul, turn to God in your hour of need. He will be your Rock, your Savour. The Devil NEVER sleeps. He loves misery, and seeks you when your down. Don’t let him win. Turn to God, and use God as your shield. You must repent! God is good, all you need is faith. I too was lost, many, many years ago. I use to think I had a curse or something, because I had nothing but bad luck back then. But then, I found God. And no matter what happens, I pray to God and at times, when things get ad, I put it all in God’s hands. I will be praying for you. But please, give His a chance. You won’t regret it. I really sounds like you need His on your life. Please don’t wait any longer. Get on your knees now, and ask him to come into your life! Hope you have a blessful life. Praying for you!

  59. Keanu Reeves has one of the most valuable personality types there is.
    If you have no sympathy or feel empathy for this guy, and think he deserves all good coming to him, then you are probably the one in trouble with universe and everything in it.
    He is a buddhist, and as I know he played the main role in matrix trilogy, a trilogy depicting the gnostic realms of perception.
    So he clearly also have some insights into different mystery schools, aswell.

    Remember also, if you curse someone by the use of the One True God, you are paying your tribute to the demiurg, the lesser one, and not the Greater Light, being the true life.

    • “One True God”

      “Greater Light”

      You’re regarding YHVH I hope – the True Architect. Otherwise, you’re mistaken.

      Typhon reigns supreme, an infinite age of pisces, the mob is most high.


  60. My heart goes out to Keanu, money doesn’t bring you happiness, it can only make your life a little more comfortable but will never bring back a good friend or the love and laughter of someone you love, let alone a baby girl. Yes, we all go through headache, especially if you live to be 50. But most of us go through our pain in private and not have to have the world passing judgement on this or that. I just hope that one day he will find the light of someone to bring him some joy and happiness and hopefully friendship and love again. Keep on keeping on Keanu!

  61. I think he is an awesome guy, and we all deal w/ heartbreak in our own way == get a rescue dog, they always help and always realize you saved their lives and want nothing more than to love you.

  62. Its costs to donate bone marrow!! I have always felt I could help someone but I can’t afford to donate. If anyone knows a way around this let me know.

  63. Inspirational. Of course many have had a difficult life but its always good to see that people manage to come out of it relatively in tact.

  64. my own life is much the same. i have lost my whole family plus most of my uncles aunties and cousins. i havent been able to bury any of them because they arent reconised as missing. i look at the same faces everytime i see them all i can do is nod and smile and make casual conversatio. it too difficult for a litttle guy like me to question the reasons why they still exist but its for a good fight i think the people involed commit there lives to finding the evil in my life and put a stop to it but some killers go on for generations. its in some ppeoples blood to kill we just have to take a step back not retaliate so life can continue
    but i hope they have the same experiances ive had when they go through the same trial as i have it has only made me more wary on who i befriend as they may go the same way as my family and friends with there silicon smiles

  65. Those of you who have written negatively about this article or to those who made a caring and unselfish comment, were you not born with a heart? Or, weren’t you taught, if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all? Mr. Reeves isn’t looking for attention or anything else for that matter. This man is has had a lot of pain in his life, pain that you and I will never feel, because we’re not him. And to judge him in such a way that you have, may God have mercy on you while you’re still living. Mr.Reeves and I share the same age and I had the majority of my pain in one year. That was almost nine years ago. It all feels like it just happened yesterday. I will never compare my pain to anyone else’s. Have you people that are mean never been hurt before? By desertion, break up, Love or even death? If you never felt pain then you really never Loved completely and unconditionally!!!!! Please be nice to those who are hurting, because tomorrow it may be you and I promise you, you will never want someone to treat you like what I’m hearing in these comments. This IS NOT for all the comments, but you know who you are. And since this not about me, be true to yourself Mr. Reeves and keep loving unconditionally to those who yYOU want in your life. Even with the pain to feel each day, just remember all the love that was and IS, in your life! Thank you for sharing your story.

  66. wow i wish i had his problems. try going through that and more but living week to week worrying about paying bills or getting food to eat. sorry, but we all go through things like that and more.

  67. Keanu, if you ever read this, I hope you know how much Jesus loves you. In his life, especially during his Passion, he suffered unspeakable loneliness and grief, especially in the Garden of Gethsemane just before his crucifixion. Though you probably can’t see it now, suffering in this life can bring you very close to God. Sometimes you have to lose everything in order to find out exactly who you are and to find clarity in terms of knowing God’s Will for your life. Consenting to his will is not always easy, but in doing so you are buried deep within his wounds. Suffering does have great meaning and purpose. It is not in vain. I truly hope that one day you discover the great love that God has for you and how incredibly valuable you are to Him. In the meantime, please walk through this Dark Valley fearing no evil, because you’re not alone. May God bless you, Keanu.

  68. All of us have bad and good times. He had not all bad.
    Everyone must fight. Unfortunately life is like that. Some have always or almost always happiness some have to fight. Heads up. Gibts people who are without legs or without hands and not lose courage. The fight.
    That’s life…….


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