Hail Hydra: Why Can’t Anyone Seem To Cut Off ISIS’s Supplies Permanently?



“Elite” British Troops Dressed Like ISIS

Surprise surprise, it seems the UK has been supplying ISIS with well-trained veteran soldiers all along. Ostentatiously, these men were there to mount hit-and-run raids while dressed as ISIS fighters, tasked with destroying IS equipment and munitions and targeting ISIS leaders… but come now, do you REALLY think ISIS is stupid enough to trust a complete stranger with a British accent just because he’s wearing the required black robe? To be fair, that seems to qualify the typical ISIS spokesman.

This ain’t Hollywood, and the simplest explanation for having British troops dressed as ISIS would be to support ISIS. Russia seems to SOMEHOW be bombing ISIS munitions just fine… hundreds of times, before they get a chance to move their stuff.

Was it magic, or is it easier to hit targets if you didn’t have men telling ISIS where and when you’re coming to strike. Last I heard supersonic jets traveled much faster than a pair of basketball shoes, and they would’ve been hit had they not received warning far in advance.

The presence of these men, who are receiving their orders from the US, might very well explain why US airstrikes have been “surprisingly” ineffective for the last year. Further, they could very well be the missing link between ISIS and knowledge of where US tanks/ humvees are in Iraq… and when airdrops are coming down.

On a side note, as Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said recently “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right?” Not only is he absolutely correct in this regard, but for the UK to embed troops there who behave and dress like ISIS, one wonders where this conflict would go when it turned out that British troops were killed by Russian strikes?

Would the mainstream media side with Russia if it was revealed that the UK was supporting- I mean “spying” on ISIS/ “moderate” Al Qaeda, or would they simply demonize Russia for killing a British soldier with two kids and a loving wife who risked his life to support- I mean “spy” on ISIS.

It would be pretty ridiculous if the reason why Russia could not bomb ISIS… was because ISIS consisted of British troops, no?

ISIS’s Indestructable Supply Lines

This sort of shenanigan highlights another important question: how on Earth does ISIS receive supplies of food, guns and even soldiers? Surely it can’t only be relying on US airdrops…

The argument goes that ISIS simply gets its supplies by trading oil for it all- but if THAT were the case, surely somebody with air power could locate its convoys and bomb em right? Also, these are well-known oil wells, surely somebody could bomb those too, right??

ISIS’s main supply line runs through the North and into NATO member Turkey’s territory, and southwest into US allies Jordan and Saudi Arabia’s territory.

Assad can’t act against these supply convoys because his jets will just get shot down by Turkish air defense. And reports of imaginary Russian MIGs (it has no MIGs in Syria)/ drones/ flying unicorns being shot down by Turkey (as well as blatant threats) is warning enough for Russia to stay away.

It would be easy for NATO to help these countries man their “porous” border, and if they really wanted to end ISIS they would, but NATO does nothing… for obvious reasons, while characterizing Russian and Syrian attempts at doing so as incursions. Instead, these porous areas are called “buffer zones”, in accordance with a Brookings Institute paper that suggested that such areas be used for training and equipping “moderates” (while, imho, also “accidentally” facilitating the supply of ISIS).

And regarding those oil wells– the US has already admitted that they only hit small ones, avoiding larger ones “because we care so much about civilians”< COUGH> Doctors Without Borders War Crime <COUGH>  8 wedding bombings <COUGH>.


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