KKK Torments Woman On Twitter, Anonymous Brings Their Websites Down


Heard of Conover Kennard? She is a former model known for criticizing the Ku Klux Klan in the US and Canada for their hate speech against black and other minorities. For her opinion, she has often been targeted on social media; however, this time Anonymous hactivists stood in defense of her when a member of the KKK named Thomas Klan started harassing her on Twitter.

Kennard’s friend , an Anonymous member, started a massive DDoS attack and shut down KKK and its affiliated white pride websites. The targeted websites were related to Westboro Baptist Church and Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK, who threatened the hacktivists collective after the murder of Michael Brown last year.

In November 2014, anonymous published credit card numbers and other personal information belonging to Frank Ancona, the self-described Imperial Wizard of the Missouri-based Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, amidst a grudge between the groups fueled by protests in Ferguson.


The group in October 2014 compromised a Twitter account formerly associated with the KKK and used the same handle @KuKluxKlanUSA to reveal two documents containing data to be Ancona’s home address, Social Security number, credit card details, social media profiles, tax records and information on his family.


During the Ferguson riots in Saint Louis, Anonymous attacked and took down numerous KKK websites because of the group’s support for the US police forces (and subsequent criticism of the black population).

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  1. It would be nice if credit for the article would go to Addicting Info and even Softpedia, not the copy-pasting bloggers of HackRead.

  2. I can’t say I entirely agree with some of the statements in the initial #OPKKK letter. Does the Klan have blood on their hands? Sure. 50 years ago. Maybe more recently, I do not know for sure. But you cannot say you stand for freedom in one breath, but then say that one particular group’s freedom of speech is null and void due to past crimes in the next. Do they preach hate? Yes. Are they a bunch of ignorant backwoods hillbilly fucks? Absolutely. Do the crimes performed by individual members of an organization half a century ago take away the rights of speech for members today? Fuck no. Freedom of speech is a double edged sword, and if you support it, you have to support it for everybody, even fucking NAMBLA. *yuck*.

    • Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Freedom of speech means that the government cannot violate an individual’s right to say what they want, by passing laws preventing them from doing so, or prosecuting them for doing so. There are limitations to that, as well. For example, it is not lawful to incite a crowd to panic. The First Amendment DOES not protect people from what others are within the law to do to them for their stupid words. It’s irritating when others use the “First Amendment” argument without fully understanding exactly what it means, in order to justify hate and disrespect towards others.

      • Newsflash: Illegally hacking somebody’s website because you don’t like what they said is not “consequences” – criminals are not authorized to be handing out “speech-consequences” and are not the arbiters of what is and isn’t allowed to be said.

        • Some “criminals” are actually heros. The French resistance during WW2 is one of many examples of this. It seems far more useful to look at the intent of a group instead of looking at how it is labled.

    • Yes I agree the klan us a bunch of backwoods hillbillies. Kinda stupid, their fathers and grandfather’s were slave owners. The slaves made money for the farmers, to lazy to do the work themselves (the farmers). Once free the children became angry. Why? It’s all stupid really. The klan makes no sense to me at all.

      • Just wanted to note a few auto-correct fails:
        slaves = employees
        farmers = corporations

        (Just pointing out that a lot of blacks worked on farms as free men/women, too. Since work was not available to black people, so they worked as farmers on plantations to earn money. Just a small slap of history for your mind.)

    • Naaawz. The KKK is a paramilitary group that got trolled by a paraintelligence group. Haters are gonna hate. Players are gonna play.
      Personally, I can’t think of a nicer group of people for this to happen to.

  3. Every year KKK comes to our town to hold a rally, and every year met with violence against them via thrown bottles, rocks, and other lethal items. For some unknown reason their hate group is legal in this state and probably others. They believe they are the powerful enough to bring down the constitutional rights of other minorities. How is it they are allowed to exist in this day and age, why do they want to go to towns and rally, just to get hurt, maimed, and bloody. One year in Ann Arbor MI, Home of the UofM, I personally saw them and their hate speech get severely violent reactions from the masses and many KKK’s ended in the hospital with severe injuries. It was so crazy the cops were there standing by me, across the way of the action, they had to call in the riot team, and that takes a bit of time. I am handicapped so I was rooting for the students, as hundred if not thousands beat down KKK.

    I don’t see how they are not considered a terrorist group and imprisoned. Hell, they are putting nonviolent criminals away for longer than most child sexual abuse crimes even. But there walks terrorist, having rallies, and gang affiliates, terrorists for their membership drive’s.

    • I’m white and in my opinion they need you gun you down. I don’t care who, but you’re a shame for all white people in the world with your comment. Ok, I do not like people from Syria who come into our countries etc. But a comment like yours isn’t needed is it?

    • I hope you have a daughter and she falls in love with a filthy nigger like me you fukin hillbilly fuck!! That will hurt won’t it mate! It’s scary how people like you are still around! Is education were your from that poor?

    • Seriously?
      I’m also ‘white’ and agree with Kai up there that you’re kinda fucking up how people look at ‘white’ (quote marks because it only refers to skin color and is kind of pointless) people. I don’t care if you had a bad experience with someone of a different skin color, you can have your fucking opinion but do yourself a favor and don’t spread it publicly.

    • It will be a shock to you when you realize that your mother, father and children are all niggers, so what does that make you,,,,,, a nigger also, bitch,

    • awk well they feel the same about you, just cause your white doesent make you any better than a black person, if you think that then your vain, racist and up yerself.

  4. Good job. Dear admin of AnonHQ ! adding subscribe option in site is their making trouble ?? As a people voice request our will be, we would like to receive the truth(news) as soon as possible. like the updates on facebook and twitter at the spot, we need to here the news quickly πŸ™‚

  5. KKK are sub humans, self loathing, megalomaniacs that needs to have all their lives upside down. You have the US Government declaring war against terrorism what about those home grown terrorists like the KKK? instead they have some kkk members holding government positions. You need to destroy their lives before they destroy others, committing evil against a greater evil. For these terrorist like the KKK and others: the end justify the means. That means steal their money and giving it to donations, egg their houses, etc. You have their addresses its time to take action.

  6. Grow the fuk up.. your not living in the colonial times . There isn’t a place in the world that has full blood anything ..we’re all of mixed blood ..Neanderthal people stop hating the clovis ..you are all born from the rock ..and not the one in your head..the only way you could be of pure blood is to have sex with your sister .. it’s not a European run Planet anymore your gonna die regardless so is there really time to hate for being human..NOBODY ASKED TO BE FUCKING BORN ASSHOLE

  7. Hate breeds Hate. I may not agree with their views or other groups that share similar views that include, Blm,Black Panthers, Nazi and Neo Nazi groups all the way down to domestic and foreign gangs. There will never be an End to hate and racism everyone needs a scapegoat All lives matter and the taught and programmed views are no different. World peace or a better world could be possible but no one wants to end it feeding on the Chaos simply an excuse to spread more hate.although there is one group that is trying to make a real difference there are still many spreading another poison every empire falls and a new one takes its place although this may seem useless or meaningless there is a much bigger picture being painted. Good luck anonymous I hope your reasons are as true and noble as they appear. But we have to start somewhere.


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