Ex-Marine and Activist Explains the Middle Eastern Agenda



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American activist, ex-United States Marine and Gulf War veteran, Kenneth O’Keefe, has a long and accomplished history as a marine conservationist and Human Rights activist. O’Keefe has also turned whistleblower of sorts, stepping forward to tell the truth about various U.S. deceptions, including the U.S. and Israeli agenda in the Middle East, as outlined in the video below.



According to O’Keefe, the document, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,” written by Oded Yinon and published in 1982 by the Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc., outlines Israel’s strategy in the Middle East, which has been aided by the U.S. through a plan known as “The Greater Israel Project,” the ultimate goal is for Israel to take over the majority of the Middle East, with (of course) a focus on fossil fuels in the region, as stated in Yinon’s report.

Israel’s goal was, and as we can see today, is still to destabilize various other countries in the region by turning different factions of society against one another. O’Keefe claims that if you look at the policies that have been carried out in different Middle Eastern states, such as Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, you can see that there are those who have been cooperating with this agenda, while there are others who are against it – the latter of which are those who are villainized.

The United States is particularly cozy not only with Israel, but Saudi Arabia, which O’Keefe describes as “the most grotesque monstrosity of a nation.” Evidence that Saudi Arabia is one of the United State’s closest friends and allies comes with the last arms deal between the nations worth $60 billion – and for the 9/11 Truthers out there – it comes with the newly released “28 pages” that implicate officials within the Saudi Arabian government as having aided the 9/11 hijackers.

Those within the U.S. government and mainstream media are now claiming the 28-pages show that Saudi Arabia was trying to “thwart American attempts to combat Al Qaeda in the years before the attack,” never mind that both Al Qaeda and ISIS were created by the CIA in the first place. After reading Yinon’s 1982 report and listening to O’Keefe’s version of events, is it really surprising that Saudi Arabia is now trying to blame Iran for the attacks on 9/11, or that the U.S. government is trying to come up with a weak alibi?

It’s relevant to remind our readers once again that for a long period of time, the United States not only claimed not to know who aided or funded the 9/11 hijackers, but that the matter was “of little practical significance.” That’s kind of a strange stance for a nation OCD about security, they’re collecting their own citizen’s di*k-pics, according to Edward Snowden.

O’Keefe claims there is good reason why neither Al Qaeda or ISIS has ever attacked Israel on any meaningful level; further evidence of the Israel and U.S. agenda in the Middle East, as well as the complicity of other states in the region, can been seen by the hundreds of oil tankards leaving ISIS controlled territories each day to Turkey, which in turn ships that oil off to Israel. ISIS will attack pretty much anyone else though, especially Muslims.

The bottom line, according to O’Keefe, is that these terrorist groups are funded by Saudi Arabia, and were purposefully created to further the Israel/U.S. agenda—it was not a mistake. O’Keefe states:


When we look at the actual policy and the relationship we have to Al Qaeda and ISIS, we will find (if we’re serious) that we are in fact Al Qaeda, and we are ISIS. We have created these Frankensteins to justify these insane policies, and you look at our best-friend and ally, Saudi Arabia; anyone who thinks that is not the main funder of so-called ISIS and Al Qaeda is absolutely ignorant.”


Syria has been targeted, basically because its president, Bashar al-Assad, refuses to be a puppet. In his video, O’Keefe brings attention to a statement made by al-Assad when asked whether or not he believes Western figures question his legitimacy:


This intervention in Syrian matters; I don’t care about it to be frank. I never cared about it, as long as there are public support from the Syrian people. That’s my legitimacy. The legitimacy comes from things like that, but why—I will tell you why, because the West is used to having puppets. Not independent leaders, or officials, or any other country, and that’s the problem with Putin; they demonize Putin because he can say ‘no,’ and he wants to be independent, because the West, and especially the United States, don’t accept partners. They only accept followers. Even Europe is not a partner of the United States. That’s to be very frank with you. So this is their problem with Syria. They need someone to keep saying ‘yes.’ A yes-man, a puppet, a marionette, and so on.”


We’ve known for years that the situation in the Middle East is a farce. It was started under false pretense, and continues under false pretense, all in an effort to claim and maintain U.S. and Israeli power.



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