Iraqi Group Sues the United States Government for War Crimes Committed Against Iraq War Since 2003

War Crimes

A bill was recently passed in the United States allowing the families of the September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, but this bill has backfired. An independent group in Iraq is getting ready to sue the United States government for the 2003 attacks, which demolished President Saddam’s government, along with ruining the lives of millions of people, bringing forth a major religious and civil conflict in that region.

War Crimes
An American/Iraqi pinning out Saddam Hussain from his capture from Tikrit.

The group call themselves The Arab Project and say that they want their government to create an independent body, which is composed of lawyers and other professionals. This body will help their people obtain justice; and provide a platform for the American government to pay for their crimes, for which the Iraqi people are suffering to this day.

According to the group, an agreement that was made a few years prior, between the United States and Iraq, barred the Iraqi people or their government from suing the United States and the British who fought in the country (in the Iraqi courts). If anyone wanted to sue them, they would do so in the courts in the United States only.

War Crimes
Image Source: Google Image – A picture showing American soldiers in the battle against guerrilla forces.

The Arab Project is setting up a website, which will allow the nationals of the country to gather applications and requests for obtaining settlements for the war crimes committed by the American soldiers. Once collected, the group will take these applications to the courts in the United States.

However, the bill which allows the Arab Project to take action, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), was vetoed by President Obama days after it landed on his desk. However, in a fight against reviving JASTA between the White House and the United States Congress, the Congress won.

War Crimes
An Iraqi army soldier from the 42nd Brigade, 11th Iraqi Army Division takes cover and points to where his men need to go during a firefight against armed militiamen in the Sadr City district of Baghdad.

Why was the bill pushed again? Because many American families who were subjects of the September 11 attacks, wanted to sue the Saudi Arabian government for their involvement – setting a precedent.

In addition, the reason why President Obama vetoed JASTA in the first place, was that he warned how this bill will allow other countries to sue the American government for war crimes and acts of terrorism, as this bill tore away sovereign impunity – something the U.S. government has enjoyed for decades. In simple words, the United States government – which was once answerable to no one (a doctrine called Sovereign Immunity), is now answerable to everyone.

War Crimes
The members of The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

According to many experts, countries affected by American actives in fighting the ‘war on terror’ such as Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, can now question the United States on their reasoning to kill thousands of innocent people and causing chaos on their soil. Countries that are receiving aid in the form of military help, such as Israel and Palestine, can also sue the United States, making the situation very volatile, indeed.

Studies suggest that for the past thirteen years, more than five hundred thousand Iraqis have been subject to violation, torture and murder, as a direct result of the American invasion – while some studies show the numbers to be as high as a million or more. Where more than 65 percent of those subjected to torture or killings were innocent civilians during the U.S. invasion, countless more fled the nation as refugees.

Source: Free Thought Project

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  1. As an American citizen, I am deeply ashamed of U.S. involvement, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, in the 9/11 “hoax” that led to this fake-ass War on Terror. Anyone who questions the official 9/11 investigation, or looks beyond our corporate news media for answers, will quickly realize we’ve been lied to. Most Anons already know this, but the rest of the world is finally waking up to the truth. TROLLS: don’t waste your time responding to this post. You won’t get an answer, because you don’t deserve one.

    • If your implying the U.S. Gov was implicit in bringing down the towers I have to question that. I don’t buy it. I do however think Cheney and Bush wanted a war. There is too much evidence to ignore. I have deep suspicions that both Bush and Cheney knew the towers were a target and ignored those warnings. 1st the U.S backed bin Laden and the day of the attack flew his entire family out of the U.S. secretly. Bush seemed to always be looking in the wrong place for a 6’6″ tall man toting an oxygen tank and when he was captured and supposedly killed his body was dumped at sea. We will never know if that was actually him. Everyone in the Bush Admin made a fortune off the war, especially Cheney.
      I know that the movers and shakers in our Gov are very capable of pulling off something like this and I have no reason to believe they didn’t have their hands in it up to their elbows.
      Just my 2 cents.

  2. Martín is spot on.
    May this be the beginning of a new era. One where the biggest tyrants in the world are finally held accountable for their evil lies and destruction.


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