Is NASA Hiding Alien Life? Live Footage Cutted When UFO Appeared


NASA is accused of cutting its live video feed from the International Space Station when a UFO appears. Toby Lundh recently spotted a strange grey UFO outside the space station; NASA promptly cut the live feed for 10 to 15 seconds. The small mysterious grey object was seen hovering over the horizon before the screens went blank. The event took place on January 15 and caused quite a stir.

Lundh said that there are always some UFOs showing up, and NASA always cuts the feed when a UFO gets close to the station. He added that NASA has removed the recording from its archives as part of efforts to conceal alleged communication between astronauts and UFOs.

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Lundh’s claim of conspiracy echoes with NASA’s history of covering up. A UFO was spotted in archive footage of Apollo 7. The unidentified flying object was clearly seen in one of the frames from the mission. But the astronauts decided they had to hide the truth from the public so they took out the duct tape and blocked the ‘offending’ object from view.


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  1. No Kidding, I really wish they would just come out already and say “Yes we get visted regularly from Extra terrestrial life…”

    There won’t be any mass panic, and I think we need to be told, it might be enough to steer us into the right direction as a species…before it’s to late.

  2. yea there are alienz out there and nothing can get photoshopped or edited, its all so true…. How about focusing on our own life and make sure this world is a better place instead of focusing on stuff we have nothing to do with!?? Seriously stop posting bshit and be ” down to earth “…

  3. i’m so tired of coverups and all this hiding. there is so much evidence available. i can’t believe we still live this day with all the technology and possibilities without disclosure. it’s getting ridiculous.

  4. Bcz NASA need Ly to make live their ppl even though d majority of sicintists are from oylther country or can say in other words american politics ( u knw Wat I mean)

  5. Like the UFO parts that Anon publishes these days, was always a believer, but i have become way too skeptical these days (years)
    Somehow when Anon shows us stuff it somehow is more believable .

  6. It’s probably a classified satellite that they don’t want people being able to view. They don’t want everyone knowing the orbit or getting a good look at it for weaknesses or to see what it has for fire power. That seems a lot more logical to me.

    • What Adam writes makes the most sense. Spy satellites are the AF’s Top Secret–that and their non-existent base in south-central Nevada.

  7. All I had to do was read the title. “Live footage cutted”. Not to be a spelling or grammar nazi but.. In the biggest boldest font on the whole page? lol

    Everybody here’s like “I knew it!”, solid evidence abounds. lol Militarized satellite! Come on out of your basements people. You can take off the foil hats now.

    I saw some pretty legit stuff Anon published before.. Now all I see is stupid conspiracy shit, aliens, etc. Guess I’m done here before it inevitably turns into lizard shapeshifting master race nonsense and religion.

    Seems more like tabloid stories to bring people to the pages for ad revenue to me. Oh no! I know too much! lol

    • Says ‘UFO’ and makes us question what’s being hidden.
      UFO=Unidentified Flying Object.

      A weather balloon, unknown species of bird or a puppy being shot through a cannon could all be classified in the same category 😉

  8. NASA is not the CIA if two people knew about an alien space craft you’d hear about it. Why would Aliens with their, to us, almost magic like tech. not be either right in your face HELLO or totally hidden. What, they smoke to much weed so they are kind of lazily hiding? Come on. Besides if they are here they are super advanced so don’t worry about it they will either let themselves be known or not.

  9. This is BS. If aliens existed and they’re
    So advanced, we wouldn’t be able to conceal them. It’s probably just debris.

  10. NASA’s original purpose was to confiscate any material from rocks that have fallen out of space to supposed UFO’s.

    i just wanted to point this out.

  11. Video’s can not be trusted,the people who post them can not be trusted,just as NASA can not be trusted.They all have their own agenda’s,as do I.Basically a fine example of how the “Information age” has in fact destroyed any possibility of discovering the ‘Truth’ about anything.

  12. no one can predict nothin but theres enough prove that they do exist and if they wanted to harm us then they would had done it already,Everything has a cause maybe they’ll come in 10 years from now but all of us were made for a reason.Nasa is hiding things from us they dont want us to know maybe because they dont want to scare us well that’s my opinion


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