Bank of America Is Under Attack By Hackers


Customers of bank of America are under attack. Hackers have created a website that mirrors  Bank of America’s, and sends this fake website link to the various customers of bank of America through emails or social media accounts. Once the victim logs onto the malicious link, he is directed to a fake website which is controlled by hackers. When the victim logs onto the fake website, the victim will see following text on the website:

We need to verify your account information for your online banking to be re-activated and conceive the victim to click on the download button .when you click on the download button to receive your verification file, victim will be redirected to another website where victim will be filling up the form with their complete personal information such as online login details,email address and password,date of birth and other personal details.victim must also answer 3 security questions .

Here is the phishing link



Don’t worry, as the above phishing link has been blocked, but bank customers should be still cautious as hackers might be able to use other phishing links to target customers.

If you are victim of this scam, then contact your bank as soon as possible. Banks can block unauthorized transactions, then victims should change their password and email address and apply more layers of security by enabling a 2-step verification(if possible). Don’t think hackers only target bank of America, tomorrow they might target any other bank with the help of this phishing technique.

More about phishing:

You might be aware of phishing techniques. Through phishing techniques, hackers or phishers gain access to victim’s login credentials or other sensitive data. Phishing is the most well-known method of hacking into social media accounts and bank accounts. Banks are often been target of phishers. The information you filled in the phishing link’s form is directly passed to the hacker. Bank customers or users should  always click on trusted links and don’t think that your anti-virus will identify every phishing link, nowadays hackers are clever enough to bypass even these securities.

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  1. Those ”hackers” are stupid. Most people detect those fake sides on it’ s god damn download buttons. I’ m havin so much ideas for such shit, but I’ m just a C# programer


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