ISIS Releases Handbook Urging Would-Be Western Jihadists To Disguise As Christians In Order To Carry Attacks On Western Soil


The self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has released a handbook containing instructions for would-be jihadists in Western Nations to carry out attacks similar to what happened in Paris on November 13 2015.

According to the UK’s Daily Express Newspaper, the book is titled ‘Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Wolf Mujahideen’. The book urges home-grown terrorists in Western Nations to carry out attacks as they are less likely to be noticed.

The 58-page terror manual has burning western-style buildings on the front cover. It directs its readers of the importance of surprise when launching an attack to cause maximum impact in the West. It also encourages Western Muslims to cause bloodshed in the West.

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The book has been widely circulated on the internet, especially on Social Media by the online team of the group. ISIS has been using the internet to distribute propaganda messages and recruitment of new jihadists from Western Nations for some time now. Anonymous has taken down many of their websites, and disrupted many of their online conversations. Anonymous is still launching a serious operation against the group.

The major shocking instruction in the book is the one that urges would-be Western jihadists to disguise themselves as Christians by cutting their beards, avoiding mosques, and wearing crosses to resemble Christians.

By behaving this way, according to the book, it will help would-be jihadists to blend with the Western way of life to avoid looking like a Muslim so as to stay below the radar of the security and the intelligence services.

The book instructs potential terrorists in Western Nations this way “If you can avoid having a beard, wearing qamis, using miswak and having a booklet of dhikr with you, it’s better. It is permissible for you to wear a necklace showing a Christian cross. As you know, Christians – or even atheist Westerners with Christian background – wear crosses on their necklaces”.

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A message accompanying the book also states that it has been translated from Arabic to English for those in the West who do not speak Arabic. This means the book was originally written in Arabic.

The introduction of the book underscores this point. It states that “No doubt that today, at the era of the lone wolves, brothers in the West need to know some important things about safety in order to ensure success in their operations. We thought a lot of non-Arabic speaking brothers would find it interesting and may apply it in their blessed operations”.

The book also explains how nightclubs which are full of loud music and people who are drunk, are the perfect places to discuss terror plans without being recorded or suspected by the security services.

A total of 130 people were murdered and around 300 injured in suicide and gun attacks at the Bataclan nightclub, Stade de France and at a series of bars and restaurants in the French capital, Paris on the night of November 13 2015.

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Western security and intelligence agencies are beginning to suspect that the ringleaders of the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Salah Abdeslam had access to the book, judging from the instructions in the book, and how they carried out the attacks.

It is said the two men had begun wearing western style dress, shunning mosques and living a party lifestyle before they carried out the attacks which sent a wave of fear throughout the Western World.

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