ISIS Releases Its Most Horrifying Propaganda Video Yet. Watch At Your Own Risk.


The Islamic State militant group has just  released a chilling video that shows a boy, thought to be around 10 years old, executing Russian spies. The frightening footage, released through ISIS’ Al-Hayat Media, depicts a child shooting two “agents recruited by Russian intelligence” in the head in a desert.

The video shows an Islamic State militant, accompanied by a child, reading a series of Quranic passages, before saying a few lines in Russian. “Allah has gifted the Islamic State’s security agency with the apprehension of these two spies,” he says, with subtitles in Arabic and English. He continues: “By Allah’s grace, they are now in the custody of the lion cubs of the Khilafah”. At that point, the child, armed with a handgun, steps forward and shoots the two kneeling captives in the back of the head.


One Isis-affiliate under the name Abu Marthad Al-Muhajir shared the video (which was later removed by YouTube) on Twitter warning those “who sent spies”

The 10-year-old boy had earlier appeared in the below propaganda video showing child soldiers in Kazakhstan being trained with AK47s. The video, released in November 2014, claimed: ‘Meet some of our newest brothers from the land of Kazakhstan. They responded to the crusader aggression with their hijrah and raced to prepare themselves and their children, knowing very well that their final return is to Allah’.


Islamic State fighters post photos of “mostly just tots posing before the increasingly iconic Al-Raya black flag,” writes Gawker’s Sam Biddle. “Most of these come from Twitter user Osman Iraqi, who maintains a feed consisting mostly of beheading video stills, Islamist cartoons and combat photos”.

Islamic State militants train children to be suicide bombers at training camps across Syria. Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, a Syrian activist who monitors Islamic State activity in Raqqa, told the Telegraph, “In Raqqa city, Islamic State fighters hold festivals for children as recruitment drives for the training camps. The camps are portrayed as “boy scouts clubs,” where parents are told their children will learn about Islam and study the Holy Quran. Once the children arrive at the Al-Sharea’I Camp, however, they are taught combat tactics, including suicide bombings, and brainwashed to support the group’s ideology. The children are at first trained to use Kalashnikov rifles and RPGs. They are then divided into separate groups: some are taken to be trained as suicide bombers and others as regular fighters. We believe there are between 200 and 300 children in each camp”.



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  1. you must know that alqaeda , islamicstate and other tough people , are not listed as muslims , please don’t hurt islam .
    islam is always hope contentment and peace for all people allover the world .

      • Who calls this Muslims has not any Plan of the real Muslims
        Allah dös nötig excuse this they arme all going to hell

        Und achja Peter wenn man keine Ahnung hat sollte man die fresse halten du hast keine Ahnung vom leben mein Freund du schreibst nur Schwachsinn und hoffst das dir jemand zuspricht Allahu Akbar du solltest die Namen der Muslime nicht an denen der diesen falschen Weg gehen runterziehen Subhanallah Peter hoffe das du t vom zakr(Blitz) getroffen wirst

    • You’d best change you religion. I don’t care what it is.
      “Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.” – James Arthur
      When the day comes, if you have to, lie. Lie your ass off. Convert, then return and repent. When the day comes, God save you all. Come up with a plan, now.

    • Peaceful or not, Islam as a religion is the fucking enabling factor for all this violence. Do you choose to ignore how these terrorists are saying it’s all in the name of “allah”?

      If you’re a peaceful Muslim, then great. I have many friends who are. But the fact is Islam can and does create extremists who sole heartedly believe that their actions are justified by their religion. This is beyond dangerous.

      You can apply the same comparison to drugs. Drugs kill people too, yet everyone would label drugs as a negative influence, right? Even though the majority of people who have used drugs haven’t killed themselves via and overdose.

      Point is, if something can enable the bringing of death which would be otherwise avoidable without it (drugs, religion), then it is a problem.

      Hence; Islam is a problem. Much like Christianity was when that religion was on a violent rampage.

      Remove the cause, solve the problem.

          • It wasn’t just the Christians who mass murdered in the crusades. the Christians and the Muslims called each other “infidels”. yet the Christians (army 1) AND the Muslims (army 2) were both created by Rome. rome wanted to seize Jerusalem so they “created” islam to seize it. once they did, rome thought the islamists would hand it over. it didn’t go that way. so rome sent its Christian army to seize it from the islams. the jews were (in a way) driven out ever since. then world war 1 happened and the czar’s of Russia were wiped out. then the communist party came to be (totally against religion but not anti-Semitic). then world war 2 happened were the Nazi’s attempted to annihilate the jews, but not the muslims. then after ww2 Israel was formed by the united states (although scriptures and prophecies state that the 2nd coming of Christ would do so, maybe that means something). but even though Israel is the nation for the jews, it’s surrounded by Islamic countries who seek to destroy it. soon, iran may form nuclear arms. then, its bye-bye to Israel. ww3 will be the eradication of islam (I think). just look at the news. see the FEMA camps. chaos paves the way to laws that would never have been allowed to be passed. the day is coming. make sure all americans age 18 and up sign up with the SSS. be ready.

    • Why promote this videos ? ANonHQ, don’t do that ,this is not necesery , i say
      delate video and make all the websites contain this to do same , or …
      world alredy know
      I know Muslim people ,Good people , worm and welcoming , family , normal life
      they don’t need to be marked by evil one .It is …like promote video of
      Witch Hunting ,burned alive . That is no way , we focus to mutch on this what is wrong , we don’t showing enough of good news , normal people life , web and media
      is loaded with death and war , we going by the path of war , and keep promoting
      this way. fight violence with violence… we so pathetic creatures
      If we continue that direction ,survive of homo-sapiens is just evolutionary mistake, and nature alvays correct mistakes .

  2. Okay, you don’t link the whole video and you fuzzy the bottom so we can’t see the shootings. There are longer videos that show the whole thing (with no fuzzies) and it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS THAT THE SHOOTING IS STAGED. I do believe they are training children in ‘Boy Scouts Like Camps’ to do very non-boy scouts like things >.> but I also believe every video is released in a PrOpOgAnDa like fashion.
    You can do better than this. Acknowledge that this is fear-mongering propaganda. Point out the percentage that is STAGED.

  3. They might not realize it now….but I can not wait until all the jihad idiots die off, and realize they were in fact doing the Devils work. Serving the dark lord. All of you have been lied to, and will pay for all the countless lives you have taken. If there is God or Allah. I guarantee he does not approve of killing innocent people. You will get hell’s fire as your reward for being stupid. This is coming from someone who has NEVER taken someone’s life. I know where I am going. Good luck with your loving Allah. Ha ha

      • By suggesting anyone should read scripture and apply it to any situation relating to real life you have proven that you are not only stupid but equally brainwashed as the rest of the mindless sheep who follow your shepherd.

        • Calling people and Christianity stupid and brainwashed? Ok please inform me when it became stupid to believe in a god and use his word in day to day situations that have help millions of people?

      • By suggesting anyone should read scripture and apply it to any situation relating to real life you have proven that you are not only stupid but equally brainwashed as the rest of the mindless sheep who follow your shepherd.

    • Sadly enough, Jihad in Arabs mean struggle. Struggle mentally and physically. But, that does not mean you killed people in count as jihad. Does it have any struggle in it? What they are doing is just murdering people and its not Jihad. I don’t know who teaching them about Jihad but I certainly don’t think it as Jihad. Btw, suicide is forbidden in Islam and won’t ever be count as Jihad. Plus, it does say in Quran that killed only when you need to protect yourself, your family and your country.

  4. You do not show the entire video and the bottom of the screen is fuzzed out so we can not see the shootings. I AM DISAPPOINTED. Mostly because this video is STAGED. It is FAKE.
    I do believe children are going away to “Boy Scouts-like Camps” that do not teach Boy Scouts-like things, but I also believe every video released is fear-mongering propaganda.
    You can do better than this. Don’t sell what they’re playing at. Acknowledge that it is fear-mongering propaganda and identify which videos are BLATANTLY FAKE.

  5. Hi Anonymous i just wanna say ..

    Gooo Fuck Your Self !

    You are Only good in Talking and bullshits .. and all of ur work is Fake !!

    Some Stupid RAT or Botnet and Say u Can Change z world ,, Fuck off man !

    Just Remember when we Got angry we Fucked ur CENTCOM And Soon u will see more!

    It’s mater of Time and ensha’a allah we will conquer Europe ..

    Viva #CyberCaliphate

  6. My God, I feel so sorry for these children who have to go through that lifestyle in their childhood, I mean, it really does disturb me to see these 10 years old or younger kids to be using guns to kill more innocent people. This is so sick ! ISIS, I hope you burn in hell for ruining the childhoods or what’s left of their childhoods of who used to be good innocent children .

  7. This is all part of the real issue. Fools sit back and debate religion, when the real issue happens to be the men behind the religions, or more so, the puppet masters who lead the weak-minded sheep to the pasture. Saying religion is the issue is the same as saying guns kill people…the religions leave loose interpretation for individuals to decipher for themselves, yet the basic concepts of good in evil are in there; and that can’t be nothing but a positive thing. Focus more on the wicked men that perpetuate their own selfish agendas as opposed to telling your fellow “common folk” that what they believe in is wrong. Stand against the instigators of these issues of terrorism, not the followers, they are as blind to their own ignorance as the majority of you seem to be. Extremist are extremist and the tool they use doesn’t make them so, but the circumstances of their life made them this way. After all, it is foolhardy to assume, and not at least try and understand the factors that pushed them. Blind hate is ignorance, and definitely hating a group of people, that our wonderfully “honest” government, tells us to hate is just stupidity.

  8. this video show you dumb and self confident the IS is with their life. They won’t stop until they reach their goal and that is one of the worst ideas they ever had…

  9. We cannot let the ideas of a faction of a group, become the ideologies of the entire religion. Islam, Christiany both have blood on their hands. Regardless of current headlines involving Muslim Extremists, it cannot be labeled to every Muslim person you meet or see. As a person brought up Roman Catholic, I found myself in the idea that Islam meant fanatical thinking, so to find this out, I called a mosque in my neighborhood and spoke at great length with members of Islam, and they showed me plenty of examples as to show the good in which media is seemly forgetting to mention about Islam, rather it is focusing on passages, taken out of context. The whole point is, is that ignorance is a great tool or weapon that one may use to blind an entire nation. Be a detective discover the truth that you may or may not have been blinded from seeing. Be smarter than ignorant teachers.

  10. It’s pretty clear that ISIS is no different than the bands of armed thugs who have been massacring in Africa and the Middle East for decades. They are not saviors of god.


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