ISIS Thanks The Media For Their Help In Spreading Fear and Fright


Rakka (dpo) – A deep gratitude can be felt in the latest video message of the terrorist organization IS. A spokesman therein praises European media for the successful cooperation in the spread of fear and fright in view of the recent events in Barcelona. Namely online media had excelled in livetickers and photos and videos of victims in an exemplary manner.

“Dear media, without your hysterical and partly unverified shocking reports, we would never be able to have so many people being afraid of us,” the speaker said literally. “Even if you do not even know what happened, you pick up any rumor or spread the photo of people who later turn out to be innocent. Thank you for that!”

A special thanks the IS fighter said to “The entire top of the page is reserved for us. Headline: ‘Terror in Barcelona! 13 dead! 100 injured! ‘ Thanks! Thank you very much! We could not have phrased this any better ourselves. In addition, a separate photo gallery with dead and injured people.”

It was only possible through the energetic assistance of the media that a whole continent, despite tremendous forces with more than 1.5 million soldiers, is trembling in front of a handful of terrorists whose self-proclaimed caliphate continues to further fall apart day by day. It is more likely though to be hit by lightning than to fall victim to a terrorist attack.
“Should we simply transfer a monthly amount, or do you continue on your own this way?”, the speaker concluded. In the future, the IS could actually imagine a more direct form of cooperation. For further questions, preformulated shock reports, beheading videos or an extensive press kit, media representatives may contact [email protected] directly.

If you still didn’t get: That is an sarcastic article.


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