Israel Government Under Attack by Hackers

israel under attack

As per various reports, some Hezbollah affiliated hackers have managed to access the Israeli CCTV cameras within government buildings. The hackers behind this assault are identified as “Qadmon Hackers,” which is an Arabic word and means “we’re coming.” These hackers are supported by Hezbollah in cyber war as they are following the same mission against Israel.

These hackers have spoken with the media and submitted the screenshot of hacked CCTV cameras. The security cameras are believed to be form the Tel Aviv and Haifa region. The Hackers breached CCTV cameras on the 14th February, 2016.

These hackers have enough capabilities – and seems God enemies of Israel – which is why they also left message in an interview “We will reach you even if you are in your offices,” and also added that their goal is to destroy Israel.

The Qadmon Hackers appeared in 2013, and are famous for taking down important websites of Israel, and hacking Facebook profiles of Israeli citizens. These hackers are rumored to be supported by the Hezbollah, a paramilitary group originating from Lebanon, and considered by Israel as a terrorist organization.

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