John McCain Admits On Fox News He’s “Intimate” with ISIS


By Nick Bernabe (TheAntiMedia)

Lead war monger and Senator John McCain has confirmed Live On Fox News what many people had suspected, he met with ISIS in Syria and is in direct contact with them.  He even goes so far as to admit that he “knows these people intimately, I talk to them all the time.” unlike Senator Rand Paul. That should have people rethinking about the US involvement in fighting ISIS in Syria.

The ‘moderate’ opposition to ISIS in Syria just signed a non-aggression pact with them, meaning that they will now fight together to topple Assad. So unless America and our war hungry allies are planning on completely manufacturing new rebels from Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, we have no friends in the region.


However McCain, having met intimately with ISIS in his trip to Syria, thinks we should send them arms anyway. He says that reports about Rebels joining forces with ISIS to fight Assad are not true because he met them and is in contact with them on a regular basis. Why in the hell would John McCain be in contact with ISIS?

18 U.S.C. 2339B of the US Patriot Act prohibits,

“providing material support or resources” to an organization the Secretary of State has designated as a “foreign terrorist organization.” The material support ban was first passed as part of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA). The provision’s purpose is to deny terrorist groups the ingredients necessary for planning and carrying out attacks. Congress was concerned that terrorist organizations with charitable or humanitarian arms were raising funds within the United States that could then be used to further their terrorist activities. The provision outlawed any support to these groups, irrespective of whether that support was intended for humanitarian purposes.

By this measure, John McCain and other members of the government have violated the Patriot Act and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

This is a completely Orwellian state of mind to be in. Unless that is, if the truth of the matter is that this whole conflict in Syria is not truly about ISIS, and really about toppling the Assad regime. Then it would make sense.

The truth is that Senator McCain helped the US government create ISIS in the last two years in order to topple the government of Syria. America created ISIS and is now prepared to fight ISIS. This is perpetual war. This is Madness.

Then McCain had the nerve to ice the cake by comparing going to war in Iraq and Syria to Vietnam; but he’s actually right about that. Iraq has been this generation’s Vietnam, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse if these blood thirsty pundits and politicians have their way.

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President Obama says there are no boots on the ground. What are the 2000+ soldiers and 10,000+ security contractors wearing then? Sandals? Tennis shoes?

The actions taken in Iraq since the renewed bombing began have already cost the US half a billion dollars. Operations are expected to last years and will likely lead to ‘mission creep’, as McCain predicts and embraces. This means we will likely get pulled fully back into Iraq and possibly Syria if Congress doesn’t rethink their march to war.

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  1. No. No. No. Nice try.
    I heard that interview in its entirety. …not once did he say he is in contact with ISIS nor did he say he is intimate with ISIS.

    What I believe what he was referrin to, was that he is in contact with the opposition. Not isis!

    Don’t put words into anyone’s mouth! That is exactly what you did.

    What McCain said was ” I am in contact with these people all the time”. What makes you think he wasn’t referring to the opposition of Assad?? How can you blatantly lie and say he said he was in contact with ISIS.
    He never uttered those words!!!

    By the way, fuck McCain, but you still can’t put words in his mouth. Stop with this bullshit propaganda, please!!! This article is complete bullshit.

    • He is still undermining the President of the United States foreign policy. McCain is undermining the State Department, the Defense Department and should be considered a traitor. I am a twenty year veteran of the U.S. Military – and McCain isn’t a maverick he is a fucking train wreck.

    • The opposition is ISIS. Are you really that ignorant? Do you think the “moderate rebels” aren’t really just telling us what we want to hear while taking our money and arms and fighting US.

      • Who the hell do you think is doing the REAL fighting on the ground against ISIS??? The tooth fairy??
        The FSA (the opposition ) are dying every day and getting slaughtered by the dozens fighting these monsters!

    • I keep seeing bullshit articles like this, most of them having been twisted by Russia Today( putins propoganda machine)at some point. Like the Crap about how the French govt. carried out the latest Paris attacks.
      Not that I’ve got much time for McCain but in context his message was clear that he is in contact with the free Syrian army(FSA) not Isis.
      Yes the US gave weapons to the Iraqi army and they ran and left them behind.
      Yes they armed the FSA and in some areas the FSA and Isis have teamed up to fight asad.
      But to accuse USA of directly funding Isis is shit stirring a situation that costs lives every day.
      Grow the fuck up, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • direct or indirect funding of these idiots is wrong – totally – and yes,…again, we, AMERICA fights an opposition that has grabbed our weapons. Can we ALL not live in Peace and stop this foolishness of war and even arguing on comment boards. God save us, please.

      • Absolutely true. The real and present danger is putin and its kgb gang. They formed isis. I know from the writings of Ion Mihai Pacepa what putin and his kgb murderous gang and enemies of humanity are at and are capable of.

    • No, he didn’t say that he is in contact with ISIS, directly, but he said that he is in contact with the Syrian rebels. Who joined forces with ISIS to topple Assad. He knows them intimately, he talks to them all the time. “Them” referring to the ISIS allies!

    • Fucking Americans thrives on Wars to sell Weapons, they don’t care who dies in the process, they will go arm and arm WITH THE DEVIL to sell their souls. McCain created ISIS with the help of his allies ISRAEL. HE will rotten in HELL. why do you think the fuel “Gas” so cheap in the states and cost more to buy in Arabia? it is all STOLEN from IRAQ and SYRIA…MILLIONS OF crude Barrels get pumped into the states for free and the fucking Arabs buy weapons from the states for billions of dollars to support ISIS. why.. to protect the state of Israel…

    • Just like Hillary, just like allot of these boobs, they think one thing and say another. I’m sure he meant to say that he was intimate with the opposition, meaning the resistance to Assad and not Isis, but he said he was intimate with Isis. It points out their failings. They mean ‘apples’ but their talking pomegranates and don’t seem to know the difference. Their cognitions are off track, they’re old. Time to rest in the field of retirement. When he didn’t shake the presidents hand, I think he forgot to raise his hand to do so, so he’s acting out of it on top of everything else. It’s time for new blood, American blood. Maybe even white supremacist blood. Look we gave the great black hope a chance and he sold us down the river. They are not ready yet. So many have done so much already, none have really stepped up to be leaders. Obama is just a puppet for some elite plan. His day will come when the puppeteer is exposed. Hillary is feisty, but that grazing land is calling her as well. Time to go be Grandma. We need someone with true vision. Islam is not that vision. Could she sit upon her throne in the sky and see every other woman in bondage to a man? Not Hillary. Is she that cold? Uncaring, hates women that much to see great grandchildren to be slaves for an ignorant sect. We need someone who will reward women for having, keeping, and growing the future of civilized humanity. If child rearing is that bad, then keep the children and state raise them to be leaders and doers. Populate Mars, the Moon, and even make a separate Eutopia. Here somewhere so they can grow and not be like us, squabbling over stupid stuff and advance man, not take it back to the dark ages to repeat again the failings of the past.

  2. This story is from a meeting that happened in May 2013 with the general of the free Syrian army. It has been debunked a long time ago

  3. AnonHQ, more and more, you’re biasing the news for your own ends. Anonymous is meant to be a group that values truth above all the rest. I’m beginning to think you’re just some twitter warrior sitting behind a computer getting rich of the Anon name.

    Stop biasing the news and start being open, or the various sections of anonymous may just turn on you…

  4. McCain should of been locked up following his love affair with Charles Keating. McCai isn’t mentally competent to hold office at his advance age. McCain has a world war in mine that’s all.

  5. The end result is the same. Oh, we didn’t train and give weapons equipment and supplies to ISIS. They were called the FSA mercenaries when we dealt with them.


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