John Oliver DESTROYS Donald Trump’s Campaign In 22 Minutes. You Must Watch This.




The unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump has now won three states and recently even received an endorsement from Chris Christie.

Realizing that now’s the time to issue America the wake-up call it needs, John Oliver dedicated Sunday night’s edition of Last Week Tonight to the topic of Donald Trump.

Or, more accurately, Donald Drumpf. 

Oliver began the 22-minute roast of epic proportions by listing the selling points of the billionaire mogul’s campaign. He then shredded each of them, one by one.

Donald Trump is America’s back mole,” Oliver began. “It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it has gotten frighteningly bigger, it is no longer wise to ignore it.”

Supporters of Trump are then shown on camera, revealing their reasons for supporting the candidate. “He tells it like it is,” says one fan. “He’s independent,” says another.

It then becomes Oliver’s task to shred each fallacy, and he begins with obliterating the thought that Trump is a plain dealer.

As has been reported about in the past, Trump is actually a chronic liar. When Politifact rated the truthfulness of 77 statements made by the real-estate billionaire, it was fond that 75% of them were false to varying degrees. You can read more about that here

Some of the false statements made by the Republican candidate frontrunner are then delved into.

Credit: YouTube / Last Night

Credit: YouTube / Last Week Tonight

According to Oliver, the problem is that it never matters even if they tycoon is caught in a lie. “You can hold his feet to the fire, but he’ll just stand there on the stumps bragging about his fireproof foot skin,” he jokes.

But seriously, the inconsistencies spouted by the tycoon are no laughing matter. Is this really the man Americans want in the White House?

The epic rant takes a turn when Oliver reveals that Donald’s family once had a different last name: Drumpf.

“It turns out the name Trump was not always his family’s name, one biographer found that an prescient ancestor had changed it from Drumpf,” he says.

John then takes a shot at Trump for chastising Jon Stewart’s Jewish family for changing their name, as Trump’s family did the exact same thing.

Of course, this then prompts the show’s host to ask Americans to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain, as “Drumpf is much less magical. It’s the sound produced when a morbidly obese pigeon flies into the window of a foreclosed Old Navy.”



The Last Week Tonight team has actually set up an online store hawking products bearing the Trump clan’s onetime family name, Drumpf. The idea, obviously, is to take Trump down a notch by attacking the real-estate billionaire where it really hurts: his brand.

“The very name Trump is the cornerstone of his brand,” Oliver quips. “If only there were a way to uncouple that magical word from the man he really is.”

In summary, Trump is a liar and Oliver is great at calling out inconsistencies in a comedic fashion. The combination is not only entertaining, it’s informative. 

Hopefully, American voters will take something useful from the rant as they prepare the upcoming  election(s).

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  1. wow!!! What a nice disinformation campaigne youre doiing Oliver.

    i used to like you but it seem´s that you are getting payed by a groupe of NWO to take down the only men that could save america befor all the govement take over the world. Rubio is a golden boy payed by the elites and all media tycoon .
    anyhoo you suck and have no pull on Trump you will loose and the rest of america will win .
    keep your vote to Hillary Clinton witch is gettin oddited and should get jaill time . You suck Oliver you pencil pusher idiot get real facs you prick … and your Rubio just got 75 million from the coke brothers and you cant say a word about it ?? get real !!! your the morron that servers the elites juste to stay on tv . i wish you get hit by a buss !!!

    • Wow, you wrote so much yet said absolutely nothing.
      What was the point you were trying to make again? It wasn’t just hard to understand because of your 5.000 spelling/grammar mistakes, I literally can’t put a finger on the part in which you make a single coherent argument to support Trump as a legitimate candidate.
      Redneck much?

  2. I rather have Trump for president than warmongering Hillary Clinton there …

    It seems that anon is not here to stop wars and to protect the freedom of the people… instead they bash the only guy who said … “Police of the world?? We get nothing in return” idea… this can be understood as USA stopping to create wars everywhere … but I guess it is better to have that false pretense of Hillary for peace in the world …

    • “This can be understood as USA stopping to create wars everywhere”
      So you believe there won’t be no more wars when Trump/Drumpf gets what he wants and can torture/kill family of terrorists? It won’t create more terror you think? Terror has boomed since the war on terror so I don’t think you should understand it as USA stopping to create wars everywhere…

  3. I dont know Americans think that much in wealth i mean, i maby live in a third world country, and my president was “poor”. But i know how to recognize an idiot when i see it, and that is a thing that money can’t change…

  4. I rather have Hillary Clinton for president than that facist, racist,weird looking old man trump.thinking that they are real Americans when the truth is that Indians are the real deal not all these white people that migrate to America back in the days, so don’t forget where you’re ancestors came from IDIOTS 🙂

  5. And I am sure he could tear apart Hilary’s in less than 22 minutes, but that’s not the liberal way or the liberal agenda. You idiot liberal sheeple should be ashamed of yourselves. There is not ONE electable candidate in this election. But you believe the media when they spoon feed you Hilary. Wake the fuck up..

  6. US deserves a Trump in charge, because when he is finally finished fucking up everything he possibly can, you people will have so much shit to shovel at home you WILL STOP FUCKING INTERFERING WITH THE WORLD!

    P.S. Fuck you, US.

  7. This reminds me of the situation that landed us the South African president. Looking at all the signals, Trump is more likely to win. When he does, remember, we in South Africa have Zuma and try follow what he has done to the country in his term


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