Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Will Release More of Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails


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In an interview with ITV News, WikiLeaks co-founder, Julian Assange, announced WikiLeaks’ “plans to release further leaks of emails sent by Hillary Clinton from her private server.” According to Assange, the emails contain “very strong material” that could bring an indictment against Clinton, though that will unlikely be the outcome.


WikiLeaks has a very big year head.”


While Assange asserts that the large cache of accumulated information (around 32,000 emails from her private server) could theoretically bring about an indictment, he concluded in his interview:

Loretta Lynch [the attorney general appointed by Obama]…is not going to indict Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible that could happen, but the FBI could push for concessions from [a] new Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”


Among the emails to be released is one that allegedly shows that Clinton instructed her staff to remove the “classified” header from a classified document in order to send it through an unclassified fax. It has been revealed in the 78-page investigation by the inspector general of the state department that there were several other breaches that were previously unknown as well, “including the use of unsecured personal mobile devices to send and receive potentially classified information without State Department approval,” according to reports.

Assange has referred to Clinton as a “political hawk,” and added in his interview with ITV News that she is a problem for freedom of press due to her push to have WikiLeaks prosecuted.




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  1. That HRC continues to be above the law and our Department of Justice ignores their mandate to protect us from such flagrant criminals who laugh at ESPIONAGE by opening up our entire federal government to worldwide hackers by playing by her rules(a personal non-secure server located in her residence chock full of classified and even Above Top Secret Classified documents) is clearly not just a “mistake” you can apologize for. I am ashamed of the DOJ, President Obama and anyone else in our government who thinks this is acceptable behavior and that this person would make a good leader for the USA. To think an agency with a +$27billion annual budget cannot, or will not, do their job to protect the citizens of our country from a clearly morally bankrupt, power hungry individual who just wants to continue pandering to the rich through her war mongering cohorts is the height of Un-American at best and treasonous in my eyes. I can only hope that Bernie Sanders will continue to fight through the biased/rigged convention and be somewhere on the ballot for the General Election…then we can watch a nationwide fraudulent election perpetrated by our own government.

  2. Besides being corrupt and treasonous, Hillary is dgupid. She has an unsecure server, and she disent realise that she will be hacked and her incriminating emails accessed. Not only stupid, but incredibly bad judgement.


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