Just America.


A very interesting short movie (length: 6 minutes) – you can call it better documentary – about the United States Of America. “It doesn’t show the positive side” is probably the friendliest way to describe it. But watch it yourself:

just america




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  1. i have been educating my self all day and last night about you guys and the world. i don’t know how i could be so blind to what is truly going on. i have been wrapped up in this all american fairy tail, acting as if i go up and push a button for a food pellet. well i have been broke free thanks to anonymous. i can finally see what lies i have been promised. im sure you get a lot of people who email this web page saying they are in it for the cause. i just wanted to let anonymous and the world know. if there is anything i can do, my email is on the top connected to this please email me. i also have been posting videos on my personal fb about Nov 5 2014 million mask march, i posted on a few news pages asking why it wont be televised but it soon gets deleted. so i have been spamming my page hoping my friends will like and share and they have. they need to televise this. to show we will not be quite, we will stand up for what is right. knowledge is power and it only takes one good idea to make history.

    thank you for waking me up.

    sincerely: anonymous

  2. Elections are fucking gay. They are bought and paid for because the Government want kickbacks from these companies and think tanks, as well as secret clubs such as Club Bilderberg.


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