Anonymous Leaks: Ferguson Case not Strong Enough, Cop Not Guilty


The Ferguson riots have been well publicized since August. Now it’s time for the Grand Jury to meet in mid-November and release its findings upon the investigation of evidence presented. It comes from the prosecutor’s office on a CNN interview, the investigation into Michael Brown’s death has been finalized.

It is at this point that Anonymous reveals that based on ‘leaks’ from sources that cannot be revealed for their safety reasons, that the police officer who shot Brown on August 9 2014, will not face indictment on any chargers related to the charges of murder. The case is reportedly not strong enough, with two autopsy reports supporting claims that Brown was shot during a ‘significant altercation at the car.’ It is also reported that a toxicology report showed THC was present in Brown’s blood and urine at the time.

The altercation at the car matches the statement that Darren Wilson provided to investigators to support his claim of the justification of force he used. However, witnesses claim that Brown was shot when he had his hands raised, as an indication of his surrender.

The information revealed to Anonymous are from two separate and unrelated sources from government employees. We can expect an announcement from the Grand Jury on their decision around or on November 10, 2014. “All local police chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest.”

It has also been revealed to Anonymous that the Missouri National Guard has been ordered to commence preparations for a possible re-instatement of the martial law that we witnessed during the Ferguson protests. Riot gear has been stockpiled ahead of the decision, according to a report by The Huffington Post.

Anonymous sources also claim that Wilson is using an alias and that his girlfriend is pregnant with their first child.

Brown’s family attorney revealed via a second independent autopsy that Brown had been shot at least six times, presenting a diagram produced to reflect the independent findings. [1]


[1] Jason Howerton (28 October 2014) “Anonymous Unveils Explosive ‘Leaks’ on Michael Brown Grand Jury and Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson: Report.” (Retrieved 1 November 2014)



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  1. Unfortunately this is exactly what everyone expected. Financed by the people to kill their own citizens then take off using a new identity and law enforcement to cover their tracks.. I wonder how wrong Chris Dorner really was when he claimed injustice in his jurisdiction to the point to where things were covered up.. Was that a clue to what is to come? Willing even to turn on their own? Wonder now why they want to have a seperate enforcement agency like the UN? They won’t give a shit if they shoot the citizens but our own military would have issues of having every soldier in lockstep against their own public. Morality issues. Be prepared.

  2. Black Men and Women in America are needing your help in spreading this message while helping to put it into practice. Here’s the issue at hand: Though we contribute over 1-trillion dollars a year to the U.S. Economy, the black race in America and all over the world has become a prime target of economic exploitation, massive incarceration to fuel the prison industrial complex, police brutality, unjustified murdering, continuous disenfranchisement among education, unequal employment and wages, unfair housing and discriminatory banking practices. These are just several among many other civilized atrocities that other racial groups use to hinder the advancement of black people.
    It doesn’t matter if you are involved in an interracial relationship or marriage. The importance of creating a healthy survival tactic and equally coexisting within the world are the issues we now face. And the time has come to use tools and resources to balance equality starting with the United States.
    Now is the time to change the tide of history and discover a final resolution that will help build a healthy and financially sound generation of the black race which can help solve a majority of our misfortunes while bringing forth a new level of brotherhood and solidarity that no form of government or legislative body can instill within us. In order for this common cause to ever occur, we must commit ourselves to making some small steps where our footprints will be recognized by local and federal governments, banks, major corporations and to other racial and ethnic groups who use these entities to cripple our existence upon this earth.
    Please copy and paste this message, making it an interlink across this country and the world that we can work as a race toward fulfilling the objectives below. If we do this properly, we will help change politics in Washington this November while moving forward in building political and economic power that will dramatically change this nation for many years to come. It will help our children and grandchildren break the Willie Lynch cycle completely. It will spread the message of Brotherhood among our families and neighbors. Let’s work together toward establishing a new culture and a new identity within the black race and our communities.
    Because we have such poor spending habits that hardly match our true well-being in the United States, our mission starts with these 10 simple steps which will help us begin the process of establishing economic and political influence:

    1. Encourage every black person in America to register and vote (18 and up) while encouraging young black men and women to advance in professions other than sports and entertainment.

    2. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to request a copy of all black-owned businesses in your city and monetarily support those businesses instead of Asian and white-owned establishments. Also, when visiting other American cities and states, contact those local Chamber of Commerces and request a copy of the black-owned businesses in those visiting areas and purchase their goods and services.

    3. Help develop a widely-circulated list of Asian and white-owned businesses who sell goods and services to blacks but do not hire blacks or give support or sponsorship to black communities.

    4. Stop purchasing gas and other products at Asian-owned convenient stores that are located in black communities. Petition and encourage black entrepreneurs to establish such establishments in our communities.

    5. Stop using traditional banks and finance companies but deposit money and use the financial products of credit unions while obtaining a list of all black-owned banks and financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad. It is highly important that we particularly use such institutions while holding such businesses accountable when not meeting a high standard of integrity.

    6. Use black-owned agencies who provide and underwrite insurance commodities regarding auto, home, life and other policies.

    7. Do not patronize black athletes, entertainers, and professionals who fail to support the causes of the black race and black-owned businesses, and who are widely used to endorse white-owned businesses as well as their goods and services.

    8. Contact your State Congressmen and representatives as well as your State Governor and City Mayor’s office to request information on how their agendas and representation are helping and protecting the best interests of black citizens, black-owned businesses and black communities.

    9. Seek out local and national protests where blacks are boycotting and render support to those causes while refraining from visiting and spending money in cities and towns where police corruption and injustices are targeted toward blacks.

    10. Help to create committees to develop community gardens and farms which will help to distribute goods to senior citizens and those less fortunate while refraining from purchasing expensive and unhealthy food products from major grocery outlets. This will also help to build rapport and meeting points where participants can pool together resources and focus on further strategies to channel money and interests away from Asian and white-owned businesses while saving as much money and resources as possible.

    Together we will make a difference and win this struggle. We will change the current course of history where the unlawful murdering and economic displacement of blacks will cease to exist. Proper accountability and justice will be demanded and given.

    REMEMBER: Your very own resources are being used to destroy you!!!

    Please pass this message along to every black individual through social media and other channels of communication. When copying and pasting, please apply your name at the top of each name added as the message reaches you so that all names will be included throughout the circulation.
    We must fight, we must struggle, and we must win! In Faith, Hope and Charity…

    • Sandefur can I take your statement and replace the word black with white or does that make me a racist? How about people follow the laws, stay out of trouble, develop manners and morals and work to better themselves regardless of the color of their skin.

      • Your comment pretty much states that black ppl dont obey the law. So I think u may be prejudiced toward other races personally. He was palms out hands up. That is a world wide insignia of peace or “surrender” as they worded it. I hope that hacker guy and all the ppl who recognize the injustice here make a lasting impression on the growing disapproval of these pigs thinking they can get away with murder behind that uniform and badge. Its disgusting

    • @Sandefur … you feel like descriminated right?… and what you think your doing and saying not to patronize asian products in the black community?… are you descriminating asians too?… how does it feels to you?


    • Because the solution to racism is more racism.
      I am neither American nor Black, but your post made my hair rise. At first I was thrilled to see such initiative, but it turned out to be a step in a dangerous direction.
      You will never obtain equality by strengthening your own community and boycutting anything but “your own kind”. This will merely strengthen your oppression and hate against you. What you are trying to obtain is a self instated segregation, turning your society as a whole further towards hate, ignorance and racism.
      You will never obliterate prejudice by isolating yourself. Only by facing people with prejudices and prove them wrong will you free yourself from being judged on sight. Mayhaps you will even learn a thing or two in the process.

      I partially agree with point 1 and 9 you made, though. Only they are too specific.
      My alternated versions:

      1. Encourage every person in America to register and vote while encouraging young men and women to advance in professions other than sports and entertainment.
      – Growing up in a democratic society doesn’t just mean to start voting at 18. It means educating your young, so that they aren’t confused about what it means to vote once they reach 18. It doesn’t mean to make more who agrees with you vote, it means to make those who disagree with you agree with you – or the other way around.

      9. Seek out local and national protests where oppression is taking place and render support to those causes while refraining from visiting and spending money in cities and towns where police corruption and injustices are known.
      – If you help others fight their oppressors, they will help you fight yours. If your protest are carried out only by the oppressed, the oppressors will be able to think “just them again”, while if your protests are carried out by a variety of people, it will be more difficult to neglect. Beside, you should never support corruption or injustice, regardless of whom is targeted.

      Do not fight the oppressors, fight the oppression.
      Do not fight the ones you disagree with, fight what they do.
      By fighting all Whites and Asians, you might push away some, who would have been your allies.

      • Until we are ONE in mind and in agreement that it is US and THEM, we will never be able to overcome the oppression. THEY, the 1%, keep the race, religion, economic class, and all other “differences” highlighted and pitted against each other. There is only ONE here. We are the HUMAN race. Wake up or perish. It really is that simple.

    • I agree with this set of “ideals” but they are written by someone possibly prejudice against whites and any other group. if we all did what this individual is telling only blacks to do then wouldnt we solve many world problems? Its not just a minority being exploited. its the whole citizenship being exploited. the idea that every single white person is out to get the blacks, or vice versa, is just a distortion fed to so many by the common media and those that wish to exploit the citizenship. divide and conquer is their philosophy if they can have two notable groups within the citizenship at war with each other then they can control the citizenship easier. Im done with detail, if you are capable of seeing the big picture then i need not say more.

    • This message is extremely racist. All conscious individuals consider racism abhorrent in all forms. While your heart is in the right place, this message is illogical and will create more hatred. It is up to black people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, create a positive cultural paradigm, and pursue equality by virtue and direct experience, not by calling for exclusion and racial introversion, and absolutely decry those among your number that sell you out or malign your image. This message is madness.

    • It doesn’t matter if the person is Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue…you are no better than the mainstream media race baiting…. I feel bad for you,

  3. your trying to get the truth out but yet your race baiting with this story just like Obama have you looked up the cops record of serves or his medical records from the day of the shooting that has been released the cops eye socket was crushed and bruised all over the left side of his face with the boys prints on the inside of the cops car/truck and on the holster and gun handle so if you want to race bait use a story you have all the truth about or post all the truth not just the part that makes the cop look bad

  4. the police are put there to protect mainly white business, so boycott all white establishment until they feel the pinch it worked in Selma, Alabama.

  5. While it is sad what is happening in Ferguson mi this will only be an excuse to pillage family owned businesses that are already feeling the brush of hardship there and protesters are coming from everywhere to induce civil unrest typical democratic bullshit we should come together instead of playing race card we will never learn we will be our own demise and that is what is the saddest thing of all

  6. What black people need to do is stop whinnig and start changing. Blacks need to stop acting like they are the only ones that get fingered. If they didn’t act like they do all “gangster” then nobody would say anything. But blacks (some) don’t eant to educate themselves. They want to make that quick buck no matter how. Blacks need to stop and think, “what can I do to change the peoples view on us?” Just like all other races who act “thuggish”, they need to change the way they speak and present thenselves. Blacks need to stop acting like the world is against them and take ownership of themselves. Educate your children, discipline them so when they grow up they are great members of society and not a pest in this world. Indians, mexicans, chinese they all were slaves as well. Black people need to take ownership of what thier children are as adults. Some blacks are well educated and have made a diffrence in thier lives and thier children lives. Change your way of thought, change your way of living. Change the image that those people(criminals, delinquints) have put on you.

  7. I still don’t get why its such a big deal. Its another death that’s all. And maybe i’m too callous but All this racism crap is lies fed to you to keep the citizenship divided. If we give in and fight ourselves then how would we fight against those that wish to control us (as if they didn’t already) Many that live deserve death… And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be so eager to deal out death(or other unfavorable things) in judgement.

  8. If you want Political change where you are you have to join the process. You have to get people registered to vote, you have to form groups identify candidates you can support. Volunteer your time for that candidate. Elections take allot of people power to canvas areas, answer phones get that candidates info out to the voters. Where do you need change politically? Mayor? city counsel? This last election most likely less than 18% voted. What would have happened if 60% of your community had voted on your candidates, your referendums or propositions and only 18% of the rest had? Until you take the steps to organize, to get your people voting, to find candidates who support your agenda so you can support them. Nothings going to change.

  9. Its the comments that make this about race, not the actions transpired. the year is 2014.

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  10. That s sooooo sad… shooting someone with there hands up.. six times..especially from a cop.
    I feel sorry for the families of THERE lost one.. n his girlfriend who s pregnant.. guilty as charge but God has his mysterious ways of punishment those who gets away n karma is a bitch… but dont worry he get his in due time. If not in jail but he will

  11. What if we organised our own day to reclaim our independence. Reset the government, banks, food agencies. What if we post a list of targets, then all of our frustrated energies could be directed towards a common goal. Crooked politicians,Wall Street Mongers, Rothchild members, Bushes, owners and operators of war profiteering companies like Halliburton… What if we just took them out!? Would it be Soo bad?


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